Miss Universe Thailand was praised by the US President's wife, is the Miss Universe crown firmly in her hands?

Hoàng PhúcSep 25, 2023 at 11:52

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On September 21, beauty site Sash Factor published an article saying that Jill Biden - the first lady of the US President - praised the reigning Miss Universe Thailand 2023 Anntonia Porsild.

Accordingly, at the reception for the wives of leaders of countries attending the 78th United Nations General Assembly in New York, Mrs. Jill Biden had the opportunity to meet and talk with Mrs. Pakpilai Thavisin - wife of the Prime Minister of Thailand. Srettha Thavisin.

Miss Universe Thailand was praised by the US Presidents wife, is the Miss Universe crown firmly in her hands? - Photo 1

During the conversation, Ms. Jill Biden said she was very impressed with Anntonia Porsild's catwalk and beauty, especially her swimsuit performance.

After being posted, the article received the attention of Thai and international beauty fans. Many fans of the land of the golden pagoda expressed their pride when their beauty queen received the attention of America's first lady.

Miss Universe Thailand was praised by the US Presidents wife, is the Miss Universe crown firmly in her hands? - Photo 2

After being crowned Miss Universe Thailand 2023, Anntonia Porsild kept the heat and attention from the public. Her personal page also increased in number of followers, currently reaching nearly 1 million followers.

Anntonia Porsild is considered one of the most admired Miss Universe Thailand in recent years. She is predicted to be a bright candidate for the Miss Universe 2023 crown held in El Salvador in November.

Miss Universe Thailand was praised by the US Presidents wife, is the Miss Universe crown firmly in her hands? - Photo 3

Anntonia Porsild was born in 1997, of Danish-Thai descent with a beautiful face, high nose bridge and big, round, attractive eyes. The beauty is 1.73 m tall and has a h.ot body.

Besides being a model, Anntonia Porsild studied Advertising and Public Relations in Bangkok. The beauty loves traveling, playing sports and is able to dance and sing. She also actively participates in many extracurricular activities at university.

Anntonia Porsild represented Thailand at Miss Supranational 2019 and was crowned the top winner. Before that, she was familiar to the Thai public as a fashion model. The beauty once attracted attention when she entered the Top 10 The Face Thailand 2014.

Miss Universe Thailand was praised by the US Presidents wife, is the Miss Universe crown firmly in her hands? - Photo 4

Anntonia Porsild's decision to give up the title of Miss Supranational 2019 to attend Miss Universe Thailand 2023 has caused a lot of controversy.

Mr. Gerhard von Lipinski - president of the Mr. & Miss Supranational contest posted a meaningful status on his personal page, supposedly expressing his dissatisfaction with her decision.

Immediately after that, the organizers of Miss Supranational - Miss Supranational introduced new regulations. Accordingly, the winner of the Miss Supranational contest must sign a 1-year contract and extend it after a 2-year term. The winner cannot participate in any other national or international beauty contest. If they violate, they must compensate the organizers with an amount of 100,000 USD (about more than 2.3 billion VND).

Miss Universe Thailand was praised by the US Presidents wife, is the Miss Universe crown firmly in her hands? - Photo 5

It can be seen that currently, countries are actively looking for representatives to send to the most fierce competition on the planet. Recently, Nepal has also found a representative at this year's Miss Universe. However, during the final count, a rare incident occurred. Miss Universe runner-up Nepal caused controversy because she did not understand her mother tongue during the competition.

Specifically, recently the final night of Miss Universe Nepal 2023 took place. In the end, plus-sized beauty Jane Dipika Garrett was crowned the top winner and won the right to participate in the Miss Universe 2023 contest held in El Salvador later this year.

Miss Universe Thailand was praised by the US Presidents wife, is the Miss Universe crown firmly in her hands? - Photo 6

After the final night, the video recording the conduct competition of 3rd runner-up - beauty Shitashma Pokharel caused controversy on beauty forums.

Shitashma Pokharel received a question from a female judge about gender equality. The female judge used the Nepali language to ask Shitashma Pokharel questions, but the beauty appeared confused because she did not understand.

Shitashma Pokharel then turned to the MC for help and asked the female judge to ask her the question again in English, surprising many people. Then Shitashma Pokharel answered his question in English.

The incident has caused mixed opinions. Many people believe that Shitashma Pokharel works mainly in the US and has just returned home for a beauty contest, so she may not be fluent in her mother tongue.

However, many viewers expressed dissatisfaction with Shitashma Pokharel. They believe that she cannot represent Nepali beauty if she cannot hear and speak in her native language. The fact that Shitashma Pokharel did not have a well-behaved answer but still won 3rd runner-up also made many people angry.

New Miss Universe Nepal 2023 Jane Dipika Garrett also became the focus after the final night. She made history when she became the first plus-size beauty to win a national title.

Miss Universe Thailand was praised by the US Presidents wife, is the Miss Universe crown firmly in her hands? - Photo 7

Jane Dipika Garrett is 22 years old, a nurse and business developer from Kathmandu. Participating in the Miss Universe Nepal 2023 contest, Jane Dipika wants to convey the message that self-love and appearance are not barriers to success for women.

Miss Universe Thailand was praised by the US Presidents wife, is the Miss Universe crown firmly in her hands? - Photo 8

Jane Dipika is the second plus-size beauty to attract attention at the Miss Universe playground. In 2021, Thailand representative Anchilee Scott-Kemmis also attracted attention with the story of her plus-size beauty. In the end, Anchilee Scott-Kemmis failed to win and faced criticism from the home audience, causing the beauty to collapse.

Miss Universe Thailand was praised by the US Presidents wife, is the Miss Universe crown firmly in her hands? - Photo 9

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