1st runner-up Miss Universe's salary skyrocketed to 14 billion, a former Miss World gave up her title to compete.

Bảo NamNov 30, 2023 at 07:26

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On the evening of November 26, Thai beauty Anntonia Porsild - 1st runner-up of Miss Universe 2023 returned to her hometown in a warm welcome from the audience in her home country. She is called "Thai beauty legend" by the people of the land of the Golden Temple.

After decades of waiting, Thai audiences burst into tears when Anntonia helped the country achieve 1st runner-up status. Before that, she made millions of beauty-loving hearts regret when she lost the crown to her representative. Nicaragua.

1st runner-up Miss Universes salary skyrocketed to 14 billion, a former Miss World gave up her title to compete. - Photo 1

If the title of Miss Supranational 2019 cannot help the 27-year-old beauty's name turn to a new page, the title of 1st runner-up Universe will certainly make her a star in Thailand. According to the latest revelation recently shared by Anntonia Porsild on Thai television, the amount of m.oney she earned after returning to her hometown amounted to 14 billion (VND).

1st runner-up Miss Universes salary skyrocketed to 14 billion, a former Miss World gave up her title to compete. - Photo 2

Many opinions say that that huge amount of m.oney is for the 1st runner-up position and if Anntonia Porsild is crowned Miss Universe 2023, the salary will certainly be even more terrible. This proves that the "beauty industry" is still favored in Thailand. And the Universal dream is always the destination that every g.irl wants to aim for.

Upcoming, on December 1, Anntonia will have a meeting with the Thai Royal Family. Here, she will receive a gift from the princess. Besides, she will also take photos with the princess to promote a big brand in Thailand. Anntonia Porsild will also be wearing a set of emerald and diamond jewelry designed by the princess herself.

1st runner-up Miss Universes salary skyrocketed to 14 billion, a former Miss World gave up her title to compete. - Photo 3

It can be said that just one night after achieving high results at Miss Universe, some girls' lives changed. That's why many beauties are willing to give up their titles to participate in the contest. However, not every queen is supported. Recently, a queen received a 'bitter end' when searching for a ticket to attend Miss Universe 2024.

Accordingly, the information that Genesis Davila - former Miss World Puerto Rico 2014 - is preparing to return to the beauty race is receiving special attention from a large audience.

1st runner-up Miss Universes salary skyrocketed to 14 billion, a former Miss World gave up her title to compete. - Photo 4

On her personal social networking site, the 9x beauty continuously posts images of her desire to compete in Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2024 to compete for a ticket to the second most prestigious and oldest beauty contest on the planet - Miss Universe ( Miss Universe). Because Miss Universe has untied her age, her dream of fighting is once again burning.

1st runner-up Miss Universes salary skyrocketed to 14 billion, a former Miss World gave up her title to compete. - Photo 5

But instead of being supported, Genesis Davila was strongly opposed because of the scandals that the queen had previously encountered. Specifically, she was dethroned as Miss Florida USA 2017 due to using outside support for hair and makeup.

Not to mention, the 9x long-legged model also criticized Miss Universe 2021 - Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu heavily when the queen gained uncontrolled weight due to Celiac disease (intestinal disease caused by gluten intolerance): "Exactly so! She's pregnant! Here's the thing. I've seen girls dethroned over this issue to a greater or lesser extent. But they (Miss Universe organization) want to turn a blind eye and ignore everything. You vi If you break the rules, you won't get a reward! That's it."

1st runner-up Miss Universes salary skyrocketed to 14 billion, a former Miss World gave up her title to compete. - Photo 6

Genesis Davila was born in 1990, has a charming b.ody and an impressive height of 1m83.

At the same time, she is also a beauty who holds many noble titles such as: 1st runner-up Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2013, representing Puerto Rico in Miss Intercontinental 2012 and continuing to win the title of 1st runner-up, Miss World Puerto Rico 2014 and participated in Miss World the same year.

1st runner-up Miss Universes salary skyrocketed to 14 billion, a former Miss World gave up her title to compete. - Photo 7

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