Miss Universe 2023: Host cheated, Thailand shines like a big star, Bui Quynh Hoa laments

KengNov 14, 2023 at 11:31

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After more than 10 days of participation, the beauties are preparing to enter the important competition nights of Miss Universe 2023. The journey of "bringing the bell to f.ight in a foreign land" of 82 girls will be even more brilliant thanks to their wholehearted support. of beauty fans around the world.

Recently, the moment Anntonia Porsild - a beauty from Thailand was cheered by a large audience in El Salvador - attracted the attention of many beauty fans. Even though she competed far from home, the queen was fortunate to receive enthusiastic support from fans in El Salvador.

Miss Universe 2023: Host cheated, Thailand shines like a big star, Bui Quynh Hoa laments - Photo 1

The queen born in 1996 stood on the balcony of the National Palace waving to the audience lining up below and calling her name. With her hair tied in a high bun and wearing a simple black dress, Anntonia Porsild still "lights up" the whole photo frame.

Witnessing the love of the audience in El Salvador, the Thai beauty was extremely happy. This enthusiastic support will help the queen maintain her spirit before entering the closed interview room with the judges, and the upcoming Semi-Finals and Finals.

Miss Universe 2023: Host cheated, Thailand shines like a big star, Bui Quynh Hoa laments - Photo 2

In recent days, many beauty fans expected Anntonia Porsild to have a high ranking at Miss Universe. Some beauty pages even predict that the queen will be crowned Miss Universe 2023.

Coming to the second largest beauty "arena" on the planet, Thai beauties invest very carefully in their dresses as well as makeup layout, radiant appearance and experience in "fighting" hard in beauty contests. .

Miss Universe 2023: Host cheated, Thailand shines like a big star, Bui Quynh Hoa laments - Photo 3

Even though it was not at home, Anntonia Porsild was cheered and surrounded by many audiences in El Salvador every time she appeared at events. Although she is a contestant, with her attractive beauty and love from fans, the queen looks like a "big star" at this year's Miss Universe.

If the Thai representative is supported, on the contrary, the host country representative makes beauty fans angry and accuses of cheating.

Accordingly, recently, the Instagram account that regularly updates information about beauty contests, @arquitectodemisses, posted an article denouncing Miss Universe El Salvador for asking her personal stylist to assist her at the contest.

Miss Universe 2023: Host cheated, Thailand shines like a big star, Bui Quynh Hoa laments - Photo 4

Miss Universe requires that representatives must do their own hair and makeup and will be supported by a team from the contest sponsor when needed. The beauties are not allowed to bring family members or crew from outside to ensure fairness among the contestants.

However, according to the clip being shared on beauty forums, many beauty fans believe that Isabella Garcia-Manzo's personal stylist came to support her while the competition was taking place. This action is considered to be against the competition's regulations and "cheating".

Miss Universe 2023: Host cheated, Thailand shines like a big star, Bui Quynh Hoa laments - Photo 5

Below the post, many beauty fans abroad expressed their dissatisfaction with the actions of the host representative. Some netizens even tagged the accounts of Miss Universe organizers and Ms. Anne - the contest owner so they can look into this case.

Currently, Isabella Garcia-Manzo's side has not commented on this issue.

It is known that the Miss Universe 2023 final round will take place from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. on November 19 (Vietnam time) at the José Adolfo Pineda Gymnasium in the capital San Salvador, El Salvador.

Miss Universe 2023: Host cheated, Thailand shines like a big star, Bui Quynh Hoa laments - Photo 6

Miss Universe 2023 marks the first participation of a representative from Pakistan, the return of a number of representatives from Denmark, Egypt, Guyana, Hungary, Ireland, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Mongolia, Norway and Zimbabwe after many years. absent. More specifically, for the first time in 66 years, the Miss Universe Organization allows married women and women with children to compete. Two countries, Colombia and Guatemala, chose to represent beauties who have given birth and have families in attendance. Meanwhile, beauties from the Netherlands and Portugal will be the second and third transgender women to compete at Miss Universe, after Ángela Ponce of Spain in 2018.

Representing Vietnam at Miss Universe this year is Bui Quynh Hoa. Currently, the queen and the remaining 84 girls are diligently practicing to enter important competitions.

Miss Universe 2023: Host cheated, Thailand shines like a big star, Bui Quynh Hoa laments - Photo 7

Recently, the queen updated her situation at the competition. Specifically, Quynh Hoa said she is feeling very pressured on this journey. At the same time, the queen could not sleep but still tried her best for the competition.

Miss Universe 2023: Host cheated, Thailand shines like a big star, Bui Quynh Hoa laments - Photo 8

In addition, the Missosology website has also released a ranking for the Miss Universe 2023 contest. This is also the 4th ranking published by this website. Notably, the Vietnamese representative Bui Quynh Hoa is still present and is predicted to rank 18th. This is also a pretty good sign for her at the competition.

Miss Universe 2023: Host cheated, Thailand shines like a big star, Bui Quynh Hoa laments - Photo 9

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