Khanh Van and Ngoc Chau lost the title of Miss Universe VN and were replaced by Miss Cosmo VN

Bảo NamJun 11, 2024 at 18:30

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On the afternoon of June 11, the press conference to launch the Miss Cosmo 2024 contest was officially held in Ho Chi Minh City. This year's Miss Cosmo is the first season, with the participation of more than 70 beauties representing 70 countries and territories around the world.

In today's opening event, in addition to the appearance of the famous "legends" of Vbiz, the red carpet also witnessed the landing of contestants from internationally, everyone dressed up "tight" and competing for beauty. tight.

In particular, Miss Khanh Van chose a low-cut design to o.ff her slim waist and long legs. Ngoc Chau is no slouch when it comes to wearing bold outfits that cleverly o.ff her h.ot curves. Besides, the Flowers and runner-ups such as Le Hang, Kim Duyen, Thao Nhi Le, Thuy Tien... also showed off their radiant beauty on the red carpet.

Khanh Van and Ngoc Chau lost the title of Miss Universe VN and were replaced by Miss Cosmo VN - Photo 1

However, besides the beauties' displays of "tight" dresses, beauty fans also discussed the title introduction at the event. Accordingly, when the MC introduced Khanh Van, Ngoc Chau, Thao Nhi Le or Thuy Tien, the title before the name was changed to the phrase "Miss Cosmo Vietnam", even though these beauties were all crowned at the Miss Universe Vietnam contest. year by year.

Khanh Van and Ngoc Chau lost the title of Miss Universe VN and were replaced by Miss Cosmo VN - Photo 2

Even runner-up Le Hang, who was crowned Miss Universe Vietnam 2015, was introduced by the MC as the runner-up of Miss Cosmo Vietnam when she stepped onto the red carpet. Despite the change in the way the names are called, the beauties still maintain professionalism and interact with each other with smiles.

Khanh Van and Ngoc Chau lost the title of Miss Universe VN and were replaced by Miss Cosmo VN - Photo 3

Khanh Van and Ngoc Chau lost the title of Miss Universe VN and were replaced by Miss Cosmo VN - Photo 4

At the press conference, the presence of representatives from many countries at this year's Miss Cosmo contest, including the Philippines, South Africa, Indonesia, and Malaysia, also attracted attention. These beauties also had moments to shine and score points with their top looks when posing on the red carpet.

During the press conference, CEO Bao Hoang also spoke up to answer a series of issues related to copyright issues between the Miss Cosmo and Cosmos International contests. He confirmed that these are two different names. At the same time, the organizers have also put a lot of effort into the "new brand" and do not want to create a competition similar to the previous playground.

Khanh Van and Ngoc Chau lost the title of Miss Universe VN and were replaced by Miss Cosmo VN - Photo 5

"From discussions on social networks, it shows that we are being dragged into unnecessary copyright stories.

Miss Cosmo and Miss Cosmos International are two completely different names. We have no intention of copying the international competition, like other competitions have had."

"We put a lot of enthusiasm and investment into creating our brand. If we didn't have that dedication, we wouldn't have the recognition of more than 70 countries and territories that send contestants to Miss Cosmo.

Our motto is to always avoid unnecessary noise, we want to focus on organizing the best competition" - Mr. Tran Viet Bao Hoang added.

Khanh Van and Ngoc Chau lost the title of Miss Universe VN and were replaced by Miss Cosmo VN - Photo 6

Mr. Hoang added that the first Miss Cosmo season will have the activities Cosmo Hello From Vietnam (showcase of Vietnamese national cultural costumes), Best Of Vietnam Festival (experience festivals in three regions), Best Of The World Festival (experience forms of art, music, cuisine from all continents) will take place in Hanoi, Ninh Binh, Bao Loc - Da Lat (Lam Dong), Long An and Ho Chi Minh City.

With the message "Beauty enhances influence", Miss Cosmo 2024 seeks and honors beauties with beauty, intelligence, bravery, positive influence, and inspiration to the community.

Khanh Van and Ngoc Chau lost the title of Miss Universe VN and were replaced by Miss Cosmo VN - Photo 7

Previously, Miss Cosmos International Inc. - a beauty contest organizer in the US - sent an email to press agencies informing that the Miss Cosmo contest founded by Unimedia has a name similar to their Miss Cosmos International.

This unit believes that Unimedia's actions "disrupt and tarnish the international beauty pageant industry, while deceiving the public and usurping the reputation of the Miss Cosmos International contest".

Khanh Van and Ngoc Chau lost the title of Miss Universe VN and were replaced by Miss Cosmo VN - Photo 8

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