Miss Cosmo: Vietnam held from North to South, the new beauty queen received 100 thousand USD

Đức TríJun 12, 2024 at 06:49

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At the press conference of the Miss Cosmo 2024 contest, the head of the organizers made a super shocking announcement to beauty fans, saying that the winner of this international contest will receive a bonus of up to 100 thousand USD, in addition to other services. deal worth 1 million USD.

The Miss Cosmo 2024 international contest - the first beauty competition organized by Miss Universe Vietnam, is gradually hotter than ever. Vietnamese fans have also been extremely busy recently, as the contest's home page has also continuously updated the representatives who will compete, and at the same time announced the copyright holders in each country.

Miss Cosmo: Vietnam held from North to South, the new beauty queen received 100 thousand USD - Photo 1

On the afternoon of June 11, the official press conference of Miss Cosmo was held. At this media meeting, Mr. Tran Viet Bao Hoang - CEO of Miss Cosmo also had clear shares about the format and r.ewards. and the expected location where the competition passes through. Accordingly, even though it was the first year the contest was held, Miss Cosmo made Vietnamese fans proud internationally, when everything was invested meticulously, professionally and extremely majestically.

Miss Cosmo: Vietnam held from North to South, the new beauty queen received 100 thousand USD - Photo 2

Accordingly, Miss Cosmo 2024 is professionally organized according to international standards with attractive and exciting activities taking place in Ho Chi Minh City and major tourist cities of Vietnam. With the participation of many countries and territories around the world, the contest is one of the most explosive cultural and artistic events, attracting the attention and companionship of the fan community and domestic media. and international. Not only does it contribute to promoting the image, country, people and tourism of Vietnam, Miss Cosmo also provides the opportunity to promote and honor the pride of national identity of each country in the world.

Miss Cosmo: Vietnam held from North to South, the new beauty queen received 100 thousand USD - Photo 3

The contest goes through many provinces and cities from North to South, specifically in Hanoi - Ninh Binh is the Cosmo Hello From Vietnam event - The event is hosted by the scenic complex of Trang An, Ninh Binh and many other famous landmarks. organization, including a series of activities: welcoming contestants, cultural exchanges, fashion shows and heritage promotion. In the program "Cosmo Hello From Vietnam", contestants will perform Vietnamese cultural costumes from designer Le Thanh Hoa against the backdrop of the majestic limestone rivers and mountains of Ninh Binh. This culturally significant event is jointly organized by the local government and the Miss Cosmo organization.

Miss Cosmo: Vietnam held from North to South, the new beauty queen received 100 thousand USD - Photo 4

Bao Loc - Lam Dong: Best Of Vietnam Festival - Event in collaboration with Doi Dep - Indispensable brands and Hoan Vu Yen, hosted by Tea Resort Prenn with the participation of Miss Cosmo 2024 contestants , beauty queens, famous runner-ups, government agencies,... The event provides a space to fully experience Vietnamese culture through festive activities such as: Offering incense to the National Ancestor, Vietnamese tea space - National cuisine, festivals of 3 regions,... create a unique festival space in the middle of thousands of plateaus.

Miss Cosmo: Vietnam held from North to South, the new beauty queen received 100 thousand USD - Photo 5

City. Ho Chi Minh: "Best Of The World Festival 2024" - A series of activities taking place in the city. Ho Chi Minh City hosted by Gamuda Land is an event honoring the diversity and richness of world cultures. The festival offers a unique platform to experience fascinating artistic performances, music, cuisine and traditions from across the continents. Attendees will immerse themselves in authentic festival experiences from countries around the world, enjoy specialty dishes and explore traditional markets and other exciting activities. This will create an atmosphere of global cultural exchange right in the city. Ho Chi Minh. In addition, City. Ho Chi Minh is also the host location for the national cultural costume competition, Semi-finals, and Finals.

Miss Cosmo: Vietnam held from North to South, the new beauty queen received 100 thousand USD - Photo 6

The contest format was also announced, according to which Miss Cosmo is different from other beauty contests, with only top 2, 1 Miss and 1 runner-up. Top 2 will also receive a series of extremely attractive privileges.

Miss Cosmo: Vietnam held from North to South, the new beauty queen received 100 thousand USD - Photo 7

The beauty queen will receive a certificate of title, a rotating crown to use for 1 year in office, 100,000 USD, an apartment, car, high-end Vertu phone, accommodation at an international standard golf and resort system. along with many other valuable gifts and high-end services, this total number is equivalent to 1 million USD. The runner-up will receive a certificate of title along with many other valuable gifts and premium services.

Miss Cosmo: Vietnam held from North to South, the new beauty queen received 100 thousand USD - Photo 8

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