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Ky Duyen - Minh Trieu rarely meet, resume old love after 3 months of breakup?

Mỹ Hoa15:32:19 10/06/2024
Rumors of broken mirrors arose after people caught Ky Duyen posting a photo on social media at a gathering of the sisterhood, suddenly the figure of supermodel Minh Trieu appeared

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Thuy Tien "transmitted her spirit" to Minh Tu and received good news shortly after getting married

An Nhi14:32:47 23/05/2024
Recently, Miss Nguyen Thuc Thuy Tien and Minh Tu were among the top social media influencers in April. This is a proud achievement for the hard work and seriousness of both Thuy Tien and their profession. Minh Tu.

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Minh Tu was touched by the last gift to his father, regretting that he had not done 1 thing

Bút Máy10:42:57 09/05/2024
Minh Tu has just released a panoramic video of her journey to hold an engagement ceremony in 10 days. Explaining the rushed preparation time, she revealed that it came from a call revolving around her father's health condition.

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Minh Tu does not touch her Western husband's m.oney, everyone spends it separately, r.evealing the story of their children after marriage

Phúc Sen14:21:36 29/04/2024
Female supermodel Minh Tu had interesting experiences after returning home with her Western German husband. She shared about her married life and also revealed her upcoming plans to have children. In particular, Minh Tu admitted that the two did not touch each other's m.oney.

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Mai Ngo gives up the title of MG runner-up to compete in Miss Universe VN, succeeding Bui Quynh Hoa?

Thảo Mai13:22:06 27/04/2024
After w.inning the runner-up position at Miss Grand Vietnam, Ngo Thi Quynh Mai said this would be the last beauty playground she participated in. However, when Miss Universe raised the competition age, the beauty wanted to break the rules.

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Ky Duyen made a notable move on Minh Trieu's birthday

Phương Thảo15:01:25 26/04/2024
On Minh Trieu's birthday, Ky Duyen made a special move related to the opponent. This makes many people question whether the two are back, or that Ky Duyen is just having trouble.

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MUVN increases the age to participate in the contest, Minh Tu - Nhu Van will be in the top 2 if they register to participate?

Đình Như16:40:22 25/04/2024
Recently, the Miss Universe Vietnam organization announced an official increase in the age limit for contestants to participate from 18 - 33 years old, an increase of 4 years compared to the previous season.

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Minh Tu revealed her married life, her Western husband revealed his hand without a wedding ring

Uyển Đình15:46:51 21/04/2024
After the recent lavish and perfect wedding, Minh Tu kept her promise to her husband and showed off her extremely capable housekeeping skills. Minh Tu's change after marriage made fans extremely excited and surprised.

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Minh Tu invited her to a wedding, guests dressed up in shocking clothes, priced at hundreds of millions, like a fashion show

Pinky10:27:45 21/04/2024
Even though Minh Tu's wedding with her German husband Chris ended many days ago, the afterglow still makes people stir. Among them, the series of outfits of the guests is remarkable, dazzling with the display of prices, some carrying bags of hundreds of millions.

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Nha Phuong was angry and released evidence that Truong Giang was intimate with someone else

Phi Yến08:04:08 20/04/2024
After r.evealing the moment when they walked hand in hand to the ward, Truong Giang - Nha Phuong continued to become the center of attention when one of them released evidence that the other was intimate with someone else.

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Kha Nhu was proposed to by Huynh Phuong with a super huge diamond ring, is she about to get married?

Phúc Sen10:37:24 18/04/2024
Kha Nhu recently caused a stir when her rumored boyfriend Huynh Phuong proposed to her, r.evealing evidence of showing off her huge diamond ring. Immediately, netizens had to rush to check the var.

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Le Duong Bao Lam "ignored" Minh Tu's wedding, being exposed to Puka and had to quickly explain

Phúc Sen15:06:38 17/04/2024
Actor Le Duong Bao Lam just made an official statement when he was absent from supermodel Minh Tu's wedding, but was also said to be ignored and not as enthusiastic as at Puka's wedding. Unable to sit still, he immediately spoke up.

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Minh Tu revealed that her husband did not come home after the wedding and went out alone with friends until morning

Kim Lâm18:59:32 16/04/2024
Minh Tu's wedding is the most popular event in recent days. After the wedding, bride Minh Tu had fun with her showbiz friends, but the groom's absence made many people wonder. Recently, Minh Tu explained this.

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Minh Tu burst into tears when he opened the wedding envelope, r.evealing his true self

Phong Trần07:39:51 16/04/2024
On the evening of April 13, the wedding of Minh Tu and Christopher was held in Ho Chi Minh City with the attendance of relatives and half of showbiz. After the wedding ended, the new bride emotionally shared a status of gratitude for the love of her colleagues and friends.

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Nam Thu was said to be "obnoxious" at Minh Tu's wedding, went from being rude to "touching" Thuy Tien

Bảo Nam16:57:30 15/04/2024
In Vietnamese celebrity weddings, in addition to the emotional moments of the bride and groom, netizens are very interested in the moments when the artists forget their way home. It is also because of playing all the gears that Nam Thu is caught up in controversy.

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Hoang Thuy was "turned around" by Minh Tu. He stopped her at the wedding invitation and was f.orced to stay at home for one reason.

Pinky14:31:32 15/04/2024
Recently, the names of runner-up Hoang Thuy and supermodel Minh Tu are two characters that netizens are constantly complaining about, especially when Minh Tu held a wedding with Chris. People argued when they did not see Hoang Thuy appear.

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Minh Tu left her husband, quickly returned the favor to a model, and after getting married, she continued to get married

Đức Trí10:31:08 15/04/2024
Supermodel Minh Tu had just recovered from her dream wedding on April 13, but on April 14 she also stunned when she appeared at the wedding, immediately repaying the favor to her close sister in that profession. is the Top 5 Miss Universe Vietnam 2023 - Cao Thien Trang.

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Minh Tu's husband had his identity 'exposed' after the wedding, not the average person!

Minh Ngọc09:03:38 15/04/2024
Minh Tu's husband turned out to be more than just an ordinary office worker. The behind background of the German son-in-law was unearthed by netizens, people had to exclaim that it was truly a cloud that met that layer.

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Minh Tu was suspected of being pregnant, Tran Thanh said why he did not attend his junior's wedding

Bảo Nam17:52:07 14/04/2024
After nearly 13 years of knowing each other and 5 years of love, the wedding of Minh Tu and her German husband named Chris officially took place on the evening of April 13 at a luxurious wedding center in Ho Chi Minh City.

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Minh Tu wedding: special bridesmaids full of famous "long legs".

Phi Đức16:13:06 14/04/2024
During Minh Tu's wedding ceremony, there was an appearance of beautiful, famous bridesmaids that delighted the guests. The beauties are all flower girls - runner-ups, from domestic to international, together they have extremely eye-catching catwalks on stage.

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Thuy Tien caught Minh Tu's wedding flowers at the cost of her life, r.evealing 1001 stormy expressions

Phúc Sen10:20:41 14/04/2024
Miss Thuy Tien made the online community laugh like c.razy when she had an unsatisfactory display of wedding flowers at the wedding of supermodel Minh Tu. Accordingly, the flower g.irl was said to catch wedding flowers at the cost of her life, until she lost her clogs.

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Minh Tu wedding: The stars cried, the bride said thank you to her late mother and father

Gia Nhi08:00:10 14/04/2024
On the evening of April 13, the super showbiz wedding of the April bride - Supermodel Minh Tu and her Western husband Chris made netizens nationwide excited. On his big day, Minh Tu made hundreds of guests cry.

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Minh Tu is meticulous about each gift given to wedding guests

Minh Ngọc18:19:11 13/04/2024
On her big day, Minh Tu also specially prepared small gifts for party guests. The lovely gifts that the supermodel and her husband sent to the wedding guests were made by deaf and blind people.

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Minh Tu wedding: Hoa Minzy performed a lion dance, Vo Hoang Yen was absent, Puka lamented one thing

Gia Nhi15:55:30 13/04/2024
Hoa Minzy continued to beg for this from April bride Minh Tu before the wedding took place. Vo Hoang Yen's sisters reported their sudden absence, Puka lamented the strict regulations, netizens were all in an uproar.

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