Minh Tu's husband had his identity 'exposed' after the wedding, not the average person!

Minh NgọcApr 15, 2024 at 09:03

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Minh Tu's husband turned out to be not just an ordinary office worker. The behind background of the German son-in-law was "excavated" by netizens. People had to exclaim that it was 'like a cloud meets a cloud'.

On the evening of April 13, the wedding ceremony of Minh Tu and her Western husband officially took place. The wedding took place in a warm, intimate atmosphere with rituals and activities on stage that made guests feel happy about the love outcome of bride Minh Tu and groom Christopher.

Minh Tus husband had his identity exposed after the wedding, not the average person! - Photo 1

The famous model's wedding also became a topic that attracted the attention of netizens, everyone dressed up to go to the online party. The special thing that makes people still very curious until the day of the wedding is the identity of Minh Tu's husband. Thousands of questions were raised about who he is, what job he does, and what kind of status he has?

Minh Tus husband had his identity exposed after the wedding, not the average person! - Photo 2

As previously reported by the media, Minh Tu's husband was introduced as an office employee at a multinational company, having worked in Vietnam for nearly 20 years. But after the wedding, more information about the German brother-in-law gradually emerged more clearly.

Minh Tus husband had his identity exposed after the wedding, not the average person! - Photo 3

According to information from LinkedIn, Minh Tu's husband has been a global project manager for a multinational corporation, specializing in supply chain solutions for about 2 years now. Previously, Christopher held the position of Regional Director, responsible for supervising and managing this company's projects in Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore for nearly 6 years.

Minh Tus husband had his identity exposed after the wedding, not the average person! - Photo 4

Christopher Schnieders was born in 1981, has lived and worked in Vietnam for 17 years, speaks fluent German and English and has good knowledge of Vietnamese. Not only does he have experience working in Vietnam, he also participates in projects in Europe, Australia, the United States, Indonesia, Singapore, and Thailand.

Talking about her husband, Minh Tu revealed that Chris is a person who works according to office hours, so he sleeps very early, goes to bed at 9 a.m. and wakes up at 5 a.m. to start a new day. Regarding making her other half's identity public, she said she asked her husband's opinion before deciding because everyone has the right to keep their private life.

Minh Tus husband had his identity exposed after the wedding, not the average person! - Photo 5

Sharing about her husband, Minh Tu said: "Mr. Chris is a person who does not work in the arts. He only knows that his wife is a model and only knows that there are cameras around. Every time I want to share something, I ask. In your opinion, I want to respect my husband. For one thing, Chris doesn't understand Vietnamese. Second, he doesn't play on social networks, so he doesn't know where he appears or what people say about him. I know there are things in the future that you don't want to participate too much in because it will also affect your private life, but in the present, you understand that there is information and sharing that is supportive for your wife's job" .

Minh Tus husband had his identity exposed after the wedding, not the average person! - Photo 6

The couple met in 2013, during a TVC filming project. They had time to get to know each other and fall in love, but then broke up. By 2019, Minh Tu and Chris "fell in love again from the beginning". The two experienced many ups and downs and difficulties before deciding to live together. After life's events, Minh Tu said that Chris is the man who will stay with her for the rest of her life.

Previously, Minh Tu had no concept of marriage, but from the day she met Christopher, she felt the meaning of family. Christopher also helped his wife change her personality such as being less hot-tempered, selfish, and knowing how to face challenges with a gentle mind.

Minh Tus husband had his identity exposed after the wedding, not the average person! - Photo 7

Over the years, Minh Tu has learned to adapt to common life. She demonstrates the role of a wife through actions such as packing for Christopher to go on a business trip, learning to cook Western food, and following her parents' teachings - giving in to save the marriage.

She hopes to become a mother soon. Minh Tu was stressed because she had endometriosis and was afraid of having difficulty getting pregnant. However, her husband always encouraged the beauty to overcome the stress. Both believe that children are a gift from heaven, they will receive them if they are destined to have them, otherwise they will adopt them.

Minh Tus husband had his identity exposed after the wedding, not the average person! - Photo 8

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