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Minh Tu invited her to a wedding, guests dressed up in shocking clothes, priced at hundreds of millions, like a fashion show

Pinky10:27:45 21/04/2024
Even though Minh Tu's wedding with her German husband Chris ended many days ago, the afterglow still makes people stir. Among them, the series of outfits of the guests is remarkable, dazzling with the display of prices, some carrying bags of hundreds of millions.

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Hoang Thuy was "turned around" by Minh Tu. He stopped her at the wedding invitation and was f.orced to stay at home for one reason.

Pinky14:31:32 15/04/2024
Recently, the names of runner-up Hoang Thuy and supermodel Minh Tu are two characters that netizens are constantly complaining about, especially when Minh Tu held a wedding with Chris. People argued when they did not see Hoang Thuy appear.

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Minh Tu left her husband, quickly returned the favor to a model, and after getting married, she continued to get married

Đức Trí10:31:08 15/04/2024
Supermodel Minh Tu had just recovered from her dream wedding on April 13, but on April 14 she also stunned when she appeared at the wedding, immediately repaying the favor to her close sister in that profession. is the Top 5 Miss Universe Vietnam 2023 - Cao Thien Trang.

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Thuy Tien caught Minh Tu's wedding flowers at the cost of her life, revealing 1001 stormy expressions

Phúc Sen10:20:41 14/04/2024
Miss Thuy Tien made the online community laugh like c.razy when she had an unsatisfactory display of wedding flowers at the wedding of supermodel Minh Tu. Accordingly, the flower g.irl was said to catch wedding flowers at the cost of her life, until she lost her clogs.

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Minh Tu wedding: The stars cried, the bride said thank you to her late mother and father

Gia Nhi08:00:10 14/04/2024
On the evening of April 13, the super showbiz wedding of the April bride - Supermodel Minh Tu and her Western husband Chris made netizens nationwide excited. On his big day, Minh Tu made hundreds of guests cry.

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