Minh Tu wedding: The stars cried, the bride said thank you to her late mother and father

Gia NhiApr 14, 2024 at 08:00

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On the evening of April 13, the super showbiz wedding of the April bride - Supermodel Minh Tu and her Western husband Chris made netizens nationwide excited. On his big day, Minh Tu made hundreds of guests cry.

After many days of waiting, the wedding of supermodel Minh Tu and her Western husband officially took place at a luxury hotel in Ho Chi Minh City. Although he comes from a modeling career, Minh Tu has extremely broad relationships in many different fields. Her wedding is considered an event that brings together a series of famous showbiz names such as Truong Giang - Nha Phuong, Lan Khue, Kieu Minh Tuan, Diem My 9X couple, Minh Trieu, Ky Duyen, Puka - Gin Tuan Kiet, Kha Nhu, Khanh Van,...

Minh Tu wedding: The stars cried, the bride said thank you to her late mother and father - Photo 1

In particular, the Hibiscus trio Hoa Minzy - Duc Phuc - Erik not only participated as guests but also entertained with musical performances. Taking on the role of opening singer, Duc Phuc collaborated with Hoa Minzy in the song with the most viewed MV on YouTube in Vietnam in 2023 - I agree (I do ).

Minh Tu wedding: The stars cried, the bride said thank you to her late mother and father - Photo 2

The moment Minh Tu entered the ceremony and walked towards her husband Chris, hundreds of guests couldn't help but shed tears, tears of happiness for the supermodel's happy day. This sacred moment was immediately spread widely by netizens, everyone sent their sincere wishes and blessings to the couple.

Minh Tu wedding: The stars cried, the bride said thank you to her late mother and father - Photo 3

Notably, at the wedding, Minh Tu gave a choking speech to his mother and late father, thanking his parents. Speaking with tears in her eyes, Minh Tu expressed: "Thank you mom for being so beautiful today, for sitting here and witnessing this moment for me. Thank you family and friends for always accompanying and supporting me as well as supporting me." Teaching me to become a better version every day on this stage. And a very special person, dad, today you also walked with me on the journey that we have always talked about. Thank you, Dad, for always being the light that protects me and helps me get better. I believe that no matter where I am, you will always bless me and be happy with me in this moment three is a lot".

Minh Tu wedding: The stars cried, the bride said thank you to her late mother and father - Photo 4

Before that, Minh Tu also made netizens deeply moved with a special wedding bouquet at the wedding ceremony. Notably, in the hand part of this wedding bouquet there is a picture of Minh Tu's late father. Through this detail, Minh Tu wishes that in the important moments of his life, his father will always be watching. The image of a special wedding bouquet makes many people emotional.

Minh Tu wedding: The stars cried, the bride said thank you to her late mother and father - Photo 5

Before the wedding, Minh Tu and his biological mother also visited his father. The female supermodel shared a moment taken from her mother's back and attached an emotional caption: "Grandpa, my son is getting married tomorrow. You can rest assured."

Especially next to the wedding bouquet, was the ao dai Minh Tu wore in the lobby to welcome guests. Minh Tu shared that she chose to wear a red ao dai and scarf to welcome guests because she wanted to recall the image of her parents in the past. 43 years ago, her mother also wore a red ao dai to match her father's on their wedding day. Minh Tu said she wants every moment of her sacred happiness to always have the image of her parents by her side, especially her late father.

Minh Tu wedding: The stars cried, the bride said thank you to her late mother and father - Photo 6

To make the whole look more elegant, Minh Tu chose Betel and Areca PNJ wedding jewelry with the main image of betel and phoenix wings - a characteristic feature of Vietnamese betel and areca culture. The image of a betel leaf nestled in a phoenix wing in the collection creates a betel leaf following the graceful phoenix wing on the outside, surrounded by an areca nut inside, expressing the meaning of harmony and unwavering affection between the couple. The harmonious combination of traditional and modern beauty from costumes, makeup to jewelry both enhances the bride's radiant charm and confidence on her wedding day, while also enhancing Minh Tu's gentle and loving appearance.

Minh Tu wedding: The stars cried, the bride said thank you to her late mother and father - Photo 7

Besides getting outfit ideas from her mother's wedding, Minh Tu said she is always proud to wear the traditional ao dai of Vietnamese women on special occasions. For her, ao dai not only enhances her graceful figure, but also emphasizes the pure beauty and charm of Vietnamese women.

Minh Tu wedding: The stars cried, the bride said thank you to her late mother and father - Photo 8

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