Minh Tu was touched by the last gift to his father, regretting that he had not done 1 thing

Bút MáyMay 09, 2024 at 10:42

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Minh Tu has just released a panoramic video of her journey to hold an engagement ceremony in 10 days. Explaining the rushed preparation time, she revealed that it came from a "level call" revolving around her father's health condition.

With the desire for his father to appear beautiful on the big day, Mingxiu suggested calling someone to his house to take measurements to sew his suit. However, he didn't want his daughter to spend m.oney because the outfit could only be worn once.

"Ba Mingxiu said, 'Come on! What do you do. Dad is dying. Get your old clothes back' From childhood to adulthood, from the time Mingtu went to work until now, Mingtu's father never told his children what he liked. This suit is worn once, so the new sewing costs 4-5 million. I save it. Mingxiu lied that there was someone to support him, so he agreed," the supermodel recalled.

Minh Tu was touched by the last gift to his father, regretting that he had not done 1 thing - Photo 1

She said the preparation time was rushed, even if the wedding was not part of the original plan. She said: "Because of my dad's health. I know you and I have been waiting for this day for a long time. Sooner or later we will get married so we decided to do this ceremony first to make our parents feel secure."

The wedding was originally scheduled for December but after a call from his brother about his father's situation, plans were changed. Mingxiu had always hoped that the begotten would be fully present at the wedding, but that could not come true. In September 2023, her father died.

Earlier, at the wedding that took place in early April, Mingtu reserved a chair for her father, accompanied by a letter addressed to the deceased. "Today, I'm walking the path that my two or three are heading together. Thank you for being the light of my life, helping me become a better person. I know wherever I am, I'm going to be so happy, happy with you in this moment. I miss you so much."

Minh Tu was touched by the last gift to his father, regretting that he had not done 1 thing - Photo 2

In addition, she attached a picture of her father to a handheld wedding bouquet with the message "a lifetime of love, a life together". The supermodel said she wanted to use this method instead of her dream of being led by her father into the altar. The companionship of the born in a distant place is considered an expensive detail that touches many people.

Minh Tu was touched by the last gift to his father, regretting that he had not done 1 thing - Photo 3

Before that, at a time when Mingxiu's father's health was weakening, she spent a lot of time with her relatives. Sharing in a program, Minh Tu said that what made her regret was that the whole family could not travel together because her father's health was too weak.

"I had m.oney, but I couldn't save my dad. I have a lot of things, but the time I have with them is so little, I can't afford it. I love my dad so much, but I've never kissed him, never said I love him very much or that I love him very much. But I'll often ask you what you like, what you need, material things, I think it will show that love, but that's not true."

Minh Tu was touched by the last gift to his father, regretting that he had not done 1 thing - Photo 4

Minh Tu is a famous face in the Vietnamese supermodel village, having won the silver a.ward of Vietnam Supermodel 2013. In 2017, she was runner-up in Asia's Next Top Model, became a coach of The Face Vietnam, judge of The Look Vietnam. In 2018, the beauty won the title of Miss Supranational Asia.

Minh Tu was touched by the last gift to his father, regretting that he had not done 1 thing - Photo 5

In 2020, she coached Asia's Next Top Model. In January, she celebrated her 10-year career. Minh Tu also encroached on acting through films such as Miss Gypsy (2019), The Godfather (2021), Lover (2022). The model went public with her boyfriend after years of acquaintance in 2021. He has worked in Vietnam and many Asian countries for the past 15 years. In November 2023, she proposes marriage during a visit to his hometown to visit relatives.

Minh Tu was touched by the last gift to his father, regretting that he had not done 1 thing - Photo 6

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