Minh Tu is meticulous about each gift given to wedding guests

Minh NgọcApr 13, 2024 at 18:19

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On her big day, Minh Tu also specially prepared small gifts for party guests. The lovely gifts that the supermodel and her husband sent to the wedding guests were made by deaf and blind people.

Before the wedding took place at 5:30 p.m. today, Minh Tu and her husband Chris surveyed the wedding center in Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City. She checked the entire process of preparation, installation, and wedding decoration. The model said that because she was so nervous for her important event, she only slept less than 5 hours.

Minh Tu is meticulous about each gift given to wedding guests - Photo 1

According to some revealed images, Minh Tu and his wife spent time taking care of the special gift sent to guests. The gift is a handmade soap that does not contain catalysts like regular industrial soaps and a colorful recycling bag. Minh Tu expressed her desire to spread green lifestyle and raise awareness and community values. In particular, the gifts are all handmade by people with hearing and visual impairments.

Minh Tu is meticulous about each gift given to wedding guests - Photo 2

Minh Tu said: "I always prioritize bringing green products into my daily life. Furthermore, contributing my small part to help social organizations operate better is a joy in my life." " .

Minh Tu is meticulous about each gift given to wedding guests - Photo 3

The gift bag with a "green" lifestyle to express gratitude to the guests who took the time to celebrate at Minh Tu and Chris's wedding party was filled with many thoughts, feelings and meaningful messages.

Minh Tu is meticulous about each gift given to wedding guests - Photo 4

Previously, Minh Tu also spread the message of green living when using organic materials to make wedding invitations. Minh Tu's invitation card, when torn into small pieces, planted in soil and watered, will sprout into a tree. The female supermodel conveyed the meaning of "sowing seeds of happiness" to each guest who received her wedding invitation.

Minh Tu is meticulous about each gift given to wedding guests - Photo 5

Minh Tu is meticulous about each gift given to wedding guests - Photo 6

The wedding of Minh Tu and Chris will officially take place from 5:30 p.m. on April 13. The couple wants guests to wear black outfits to the party. This wedding promises to gather many famous stars from the entertainment and fashion world to attend.

Minh Tu is meticulous about each gift given to wedding guests - Photo 7

Minh Tu's wedding is expected to bring together a huge cast of stars such as: Thanh Hang, Ho Ngoc Ha, Huong Giang, Lan Khue, Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc, Puka - Gin Tuan Kiet, Hoa Minzy, Ngo Kien Huy, Duy Khanh, Gil Le , Huynh Lap, Thuy Tien, Thien An... Guests are required to wear black clothes, the bride and groom will start welcoming guests from 5:30 p.m.

According to Minh Tu, she and her boyfriend have known each other for 12 years, loved each other for 5 years, and officially tied their lives together. The couple has now completed the wedding preparations such as taking wedding photos and sending invitations to relatives and friends on both sides.

Minh Tu's fiancé is German but has lived and worked in Asian countries for many years. He is an office employee of a multinational company. The couple met in 2011 and dated about a year later. At the end of 2021, Minh Tu announced her boyfriend for the first time.

Minh Tu is meticulous about each gift given to wedding guests - Photo 8

Talking about deciding to get married after 5 years of love, Minh Tu shared: "After 5 years of love, I don't know how many times it broke up. During this time of falling in love again, he always hinted to me that he was ready. Am I ready to go home together but I feel like I'm not ready yet. I always find an excuse to finish this and have something else to do, then wait for me and then wait for me I'm a person who wants to be ready when I'm ready, not under pressure. I don't want my decision to be because of age pressure from my family or from society or from my peers. I will choose the time and circumstances that are right for me. All decisions in my life are self-determining and responsible ."

Minh Tu is meticulous about each gift given to wedding guests - Photo 9

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