Ky Duyen - Minh Trieu rarely meet, resume old love after 3 months of breakup?

Mỹ HoaJun 10, 2024 at 15:32

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The rumor of "broken mirror heals" arose after people caught Ky Duyen posting a photo on social media at a gathering of the sisterhood, suddenly the figure of supermodel Minh Trieu appeared

Ky Duyen - Minh Trieu rarely meet, resume old love after 3 months of breakup? - Photo 1

Besides, Minh Trieu's "strange" attitude towards Ky Duyen makes many people even more skeptical about whether the two are really healing. According to the content in the photo, the queen enjoyed a happy evening with a group of sisters including Minh Tu, Trang Phap, Dieu Nhi, Quynh Anh Shyn. However, what surprised netizens was the presence of Minh Trieu because previously, both beauties were rumored to be "taking a break from playing". Therefore, this move of Ky Duyen is considered a happy signal to prove that both beauties have "broken mirrors and healed".

Ky Duyen - Minh Trieu rarely meet, resume old love after 3 months of breakup? - Photo 2

However, just a few hours later, netizens quickly "turned the car" because a clip appeared recording the moment Minh Trieu showed a "strange" attitude when seeing Ky Duyen's appearance.

Specifically, while Minh Trieu was having a very happy interaction with Minh Tu, Ky Duyen suddenly came forward and sat next to her. Ming Zhao immediately changed his mood, and his bright smile suddenly changed to a cold iron face. She didn't even bother to look at Ky Duyen even once.

Ky Duyen - Minh Trieu rarely meet, resume old love after 3 months of breakup? - Photo 3

And yet, netizens also caught Minh Tu's "embarrassing" moment when she had to sit between Minh Trieu - Ky Duyen. The female supermodel didn't know how to interact in this awkward situation, only smiled and tried to take pictures.

"Looking at Tu is awkward, I laugh so much." "You're playing with your b.ody, that's how you take a break." "I hope the two sisters are as close as before." "I thought my sisters were happy again." "I thought I was playing again, let's say this is not true." "Oh my God, don't make me happy, two darlings"... netizens left comments.

Ky Duyen - Minh Trieu rarely meet, resume old love after 3 months of breakup? - Photo 4

Through the clip, many comments also said that Minh Trieu - Ky Duyen will be very difficult to heal and return to a close relationship. However, fans still want the two to be able to return to the way they used to be, because their sisterhood is very sweet and happy.

Before the rumors of this reunion, Ky Duyen surprised netizens when she shared the same photo that Minh Trieu posted a story on May 4. The implication is that even though you have a lot to confide in, I always have time to listen. However, unfortunately, this is just an image to advertise for the general fashion brand.

Ky Duyen - Minh Trieu rarely meet, resume old love after 3 months of breakup? - Photo 5

Ky Duyen - Minh Trieu rarely meet, resume old love after 3 months of breakup? - Photo 6

In October 2023, Ky Duyen burst into tears when talking about her 5-year relationship with her "senior": "Between Duyen and Trieu, I don't know, nothing is certain to be able to go together forever. Of course, I will also try to preserve this relationship. Because it is a very good relationship, it brings me a lot of positivity. But sometimes fate runs out, I can't know. There are times when I think, if one day that happens, who will be by my side?"

Ky Duyen - Minh Trieu rarely meet, resume old love after 3 months of breakup? - Photo 7

The love story of the two beauties was enthusiastically supported by fans. Miss Ky Duyen and supermodel Minh Trieu began to become close after the Amazing Race 2019 program. Since then, the two have often accompanied each other on fashion runways and entertainment events. Even the slogan "We have each other" of the two also "covered" social networks for a long time.

Ky Duyen - Minh Trieu rarely meet, resume old love after 3 months of breakup? - Photo 8

Ky Duyen - Minh Trieu rarely meet, resume old love after 3 months of breakup? - Photo 9

However, around the beginning of 2024, Ky Duyen - Minh Trieu suddenly "exploded" rumors of a rift after 5 years together. The source of the problem comes from the fact that both beauties do not celebrate the Lunar New Year 2024 together as every year. From here, there began to be many rumors about the two no longer taking joint jobs to limit meeting each other.

Ky Duyen - Minh Trieu rarely meet, resume old love after 3 months of breakup? - Photo 10

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