Mai Phuong 'slipped' at Miss World, 1 runner-up spoke against the majority

Phúc SenMar 06, 2024 at 06:47

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Miss Huynh Nguyen Mai Phuong - representing Vietnam at the 71st Miss World, is worrying fans when in recent days, she has continuously come out on top in the sub-sections. Immediately, runner-up Che Nguyen Quynh Chau came out to defend.

In recent days, Vietnamese beauty fans have been constantly interested and buzzing about the journey of Miss Mai Phuong at the 71st Miss World - Miss World. Although she was highly appreciated from the early days of the competition, Mai Phuong was more and more considered 'exhausted', when she constantly 'slipped' in the sub-sections.

Mai Phuong slipped at Miss World, 1 runner-up spoke against the majority - Photo 1

Most recently, Mai Phuong was out of the top 10 of the Compassion contest, an extremely important part at Miss World. This makes people think that Vietnam this year will hardly be able to enter the deep top at Miss World. In the midst of a wave of fierce debate, recently, the 1st runner-up of Miss Grand Vietnam 2022 - Quynh Chau, made a post expressing her concern, going against the majority and protecting Mai Phuong on this journey.

Mai Phuong slipped at Miss World, 1 runner-up spoke against the majority - Photo 2

Accordingly, writing on her personal page, the beauty of Lam Dong origin expressed: "I think Miss World is not a place to compete for awards or positions. International competitions are a place for your country to see how good and beautiful Vietnam is. Vietnamese representatives have never been pressured for achievements, just glorify Vietnamese people with your level, how you behave with your examinees, and the serious attitude of a candidate.

Mai Phuong slipped at Miss World, 1 runner-up spoke against the majority - Photo 3

And with all those desires, Mai Phuong is doing better than good words. She communicates with all representatives of countries, bringing Vietnamese food and culture to you very naturally, true to Vietnamese people. She is intelligent, energetic, enthusiastic. I am sure that the value Mai Phuong brings to Vietnam is many times more than the other prizes".

Mai Phuong slipped at Miss World, 1 runner-up spoke against the majority - Photo 4

This view of Quynh Chau immediately brought two streams of opinion. Some people say that every moment at Miss World is a competition, more than 100 girls have to compete fiercely to be called to the Top. To say that Miss World is not to compete for positions is not true. And if "just brighten Vietnamese people with qualifications, manners, attitudes", it should not take too much time and spend m.oney to go to India.

Mai Phuong slipped at Miss World, 1 runner-up spoke against the majority - Photo 5

However, Quynh Chau's argument still holds true for Mai Phuong's case. That is, despite failing all the sub-sections, the beauty born in 1999 is always optimistic and even sent congratulations to the contestants because: "You are too beautiful and too excellent". Mai Phuong is not only doing well but is doing very well the role of a diplomatic queen when she constantly actively connects and chats with opponents. She once made Loan Nguyen senior praise: "I wish my English was half Mai Phuong that day."

Mai Phuong slipped at Miss World, 1 runner-up spoke against the majority - Photo 6

Remember, arriving in India, Mai Phuong's assets brought with her were not the specialties of painting oysters in her homeland, but the traditional dishes, sincere feelings and meaningful actions. She brings rice to cook for international friends to enjoy, makes cakes for her roommates. These values are the core of Vietnamese women promoted by Mai Phuong through the Miss World pageant.

Mai Phuong slipped at Miss World, 1 runner-up spoke against the majority - Photo 7

Currently, the 71st Miss World has gradually reached the final race. The representative of Vietnam is being watched extremely closely by the home fans. Besides, it is moral support, calling for votes for Mai Phuong, hoping that the queen will break through and get good achievements, glorifying the country.

Mai Phuong slipped at Miss World, 1 runner-up spoke against the majority - Photo 8

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