Mai Phuong at Miss World: Hope and disappointment, Do Ha out, shattered

Trí NhiMar 09, 2024 at 09:08

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Once criticized before competing in Miss World 2021, but looking back at the achievements of Miss Do Ha, now many people have to regret when compared to this year's Vietnamese representative Huynh Nguyen Mai Phuong, the Dong Nai native has completely lagged behind.

Waiting 2 years to compete internationally, Vietnamese beauty fans all expect Miss Mai Phuong to have the best performance at Miss World because the beauty has had a lot of time to prepare and has very good English. However, going almost all the way to the 71st Miss World, the more Mai Phuong competed, the more controversial she became when most of the beauty sub-contests were already outop despite being highly appreciated. Moreover, what Mai Phuong showed on the Miss World stage was said to be too faded.

Mai Phuong at Miss World: Hope and disappointment, Do Ha out, shattered - Photo 1

Many beauty fans of Mai Phuong have compared Mai Phuong's performance compared to the previous representative of Vietnam, Do Thi Ha. At the contest, although the queen from Thanh Hoa is not too exciting or applauded, when she goes on stage, she burns her heart. In the sub-sections, Do Thi Ha all had very good performances, attracting the attention of the judges.

Mai Phuong at Miss World: Hope and disappointment, Do Ha out, shattered - Photo 2

Remember, from being crowned Miss Vietnam to attending Miss World 2021. Do Thi Ha was commented by the audience that her image is quite safe and even "pale". Netizens at that time could not help but worry that she would not make her mark at Miss World - a contest that gathered the best quality contestants from beauty to intellect and behavior.

Mai Phuong at Miss World: Hope and disappointment, Do Ha out, shattered - Photo 3

However, entering the contest Do Thi Ha is a "warrior" that makes opponents wary, Thanh Hoa Beauty is also the only representative of Asia in the top 13 of the Top Model 2021 contest. In addition, her performance in the Dances Of The World competition in Miss World was also very impressive.

Mai Phuong at Miss World: Hope and disappointment, Do Ha out, shattered - Photo 4

Starting out as a beauty did not have many expectations, but Do Thi Ha has increasingly proved her best efforts in this competition. On the eve of the Miss World 2021 final, Vietnamese representatives have achieved remarkable achievements such as: Top 16 Head To Head Challenge, Top 27 Miss Talent. In the end, Miss Do Thi Ha was named in the top 13 contestants.

Mai Phuong at Miss World: Hope and disappointment, Do Ha out, shattered - Photo 5

As for Mai Phuong, the Top Model sub-contest may not be the advantage of the Dong Nai country queen due to her modest height, but it makes beauty fans confused when Mai Phuong also fails all other sections.

The competitiveness at the 71st Miss World is not only in the contestants but also comes from the change in the format of the organizers. Starting with an excellent performance but gradually being eliminated from the sub-competitions, Mai Phuong received mixed opinions from beauty fans. Perhaps, the accustomed to seeing Vietnamese representatives achieve good positions in the sub-competitions in previous seasons partly makes beauty fans feel worried about Mai Phuong's top slip chain.

Mai Phuong at Miss World: Hope and disappointment, Do Ha out, shattered - Photo 6

However, it must be recognized that each competition season is different, Mai Phuong is strong but her opponents are also very formidable girls. There is no denying Mai Phuong's efforts, but the beauty's achievements before the Final more or less make beauty fans worried. The 71st finals will take place on March 9 in a central city of Mumbai, India. Reigning Miss Karolina Bielawska, of Poland, will crown her successor.

Mai Phuong at Miss World: Hope and disappointment, Do Ha out, shattered - Photo 7

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