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Miss World: Mai Phuong told about the harsh backstage, abandoned phone, and a s.hock

Phúc Sen11:57:50 17/03/2024
It's been a week since the final took place with the victory of the beauty from the Czech Republic. Mai Phuong has now returned to Vietnam, but the afterglow of the competition is still of interest to many people.

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Mai Phuong 'slipped' at Miss World, 1 runner-up spoke against the majority

Phúc Sen06:47:45 06/03/2024
Miss Huynh Nguyen Mai Phuong – Vietnam's representative at the 71st Miss World, is worrying fans when in recent days, she has continuously come out on top in sub-awards. Immediately, runner-up Che Nguyen Quynh Chau came out to defend.

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Pham Thoai shouted Mai Phuong's name in the middle of the Miss World storm, revealing the charity project

Gia Nhi11:20:36 05/03/2024
H.ot tiktoker Pham Thoai caused a storm of public opinion when he suddenly shouted the name of Miss Mai Phuong - the beauty who is representing Vietnam at the 71st Miss World, which took place in India. He spoke clearly about the queen's benevolent project, speaking out in defense amid a series of controversies.

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Miss World: Mai Phuong's voice is hoarse, her talent is unstable, the president shows her attitude

T.P07:07:10 29/02/2024
Miss Huynh Nguyen Mai Phuong has just had the latest updates on the 71st Miss World contest, which is taking place in India. Accordingly, she said she did not do well in the talent competition and regretted that there was a health problem.

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Mai Phuong broke through, surpassing a series of powerhouses and climbing straight to the top 3 at Miss World

T.P14:41:36 27/02/2024
Miss Mai Phuong continued to receive good news at the 71st Miss World, when she recently officially appeared in the top 3 awards voted by the audience, temporarily ranked first to compete for the top spot in the final.

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Mai Phuong lost stability in the final stage of Miss World, what chance does she have to represent Vietnam?

Quỳnh Quỳnh11:38:27 27/02/2024
Currently, all information about Mai Phuong at Miss World season 71 is receiving attention from the domestic audience. Recently, the Vietnamese representative continued to be named in the final top 20 prediction table of an international beauty site.

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Miss World: Mai Phuong is clearly favored, taking the lead, Vietnam happily celebrates

Trí Nhi09:30:49 27/02/2024
Mai Phuong is taking the spotlight at the 71st Miss World, recently continuing to win the hearts of the organizers, sitting at the top of the poster introducing the pageant's website. The Vietnamese runner-up flower arrangement at home immediately flooded in and created waves.

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HH Mai Phuong suddenly scored, Miss World has "scored"?

Mộc Trà14:17:37 12/01/2024
The luxurious makeup layout has thoroughly enhanced Mai Phuong's facial features. In addition, the sophisticated queen chose to tie her hair in a bun instead of the usual long, wavy, curly hairstyles.

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Miss Mai Phuong announced an important matter before Miss World, making the audience stir

Mộc Trà14:12:52 21/12/2023
Recently, Miss Mai Phuong's Road to Miss World series was officially broadcast - depicting the preparation and training journey of the Vietnamese representative before entering the Miss World beauty pageant with nearly 140 countries. join.

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Mai Phuong was shocked because she used a "smeared" photo to bring to Miss World 2023, the team quickly corrected it?

Xuân Xuân09:08:49 27/06/2023
Recently, fans were surprised again when the image Mai Phuong brought to make a profile at Miss World 2023 is the same set of photos that have caused the queen to be in controversy for a long time.

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Miss World 2023 launched a Hungarian-born "top" warrior, Mai Phuong cried in horror

Mưa13:03:23 14/06/2023
The final of Miss World Hungary - Miss World Hungary 2023 has officially ended with the enthronement of the beautiful Boglárka Hacsi. This victory is very popular with beauty fans at home.

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Mai Phuong was on her way to India to compete at Miss World 2023, but had not entered the game and was constantly "troubled"?

Chi Chu07:40:24 09/06/2023
On the eve of one of the world's second largest beauty contests, Miss World 2023 confused people by constantly announcing changes. Recently, the contest has once again changed the venue.

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Miss Thailand was "deprived" of the Miss World contest, netizens searched for the truth, what was Mai Phuong's fate?

Chi Chu13:22:00 27/03/2023
It is causing a fever all over the front and is said to be Mai Phuong's formidable opponent at Miss World 2023, but the new Miss Thailand is currently in danger of losing her place and will only be able to participate in Miss Global 2023. On March 19, the Miss Thailand 2023...

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Miss World VN Mai Phuong shockingly declared that she wanted to "give up her life", surprised at the reason behind

Chi Chu13:30:14 14/03/2023
Miss Mai Phuong recently made the public extremely confused when she spoke for the first time about the negative pressure she had experienced. In it, the queen shocked when she revealed that she wanted to "give up her breath". Recently, Miss Mai Phuong appeared as a Guest -...

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Miss Mai Phuong urgently does one thing after Miss World's announcement: Is there still time to "crush" the market?

N.P14:24:59 28/02/2023
According to the latest announcement, Miss World 2023 will focus on benevolent projects instead of beauty, fashion, b.ody... Before these criteria, Miss Mai Phuong is currently trying to focus on activities. charity work before going to the contest. The oldest and most famous...

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Miss World "repulsed" to change the rules at the last minute, Mai Phuong was empty-handed: Afraid of not taking the exam, she was eliminated early?

pipi10:44:44 28/02/2023
This year's Miss World will especially focus on benevolent projects and completely remove contests such as swimsuits, evening gowns... Worth mentioning, these are the contests in which Vietnamese representatives will often have their strengths. because it's a huge investment...

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HH Mai Phuong makes an urgent announcement about Miss World 2023, it's hard to be in-top, Mr. Nawat has a face problem

Tiểu Yến Tử13:50:09 23/02/2023
Miss World (MW) is one of the largest beauty arenas on the planet, receiving much attention from domestic and international beauty fans. As the representative of Vietnam at MW 2023, the reigning Miss World Vietnam - Huynh Nguyen Mai Phuong makes fans worry a lot about their...

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Mai Phuong is specially "transmigrated" by Thuy Tien and Bao Ngoc, has the opportunity to be crowned Miss World

Tiểu Yến Tử15:30:16 11/02/2023
Beauty Beauty is one of the most important sub-prizes at the Miss World Vietnam and Miss Vietnam beauty contests. The beauty receiving this a.ward will definitely be in the Top 5 finalists. Although most of the Benevolent beauties did not win the Miss title, they "made a fortune"...

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Miss Mai Phuong was threatened to send "seal" to the organizers of Miss World 2023, Aunt Dung said one sentence straight?

N.P08:10:09 07/02/2023
The fact that Miss Mai Phuong seems to be the representative of Vietnam to compete in Miss World has made netizens not very satisfied. Before Mai Phuong's noise, Aunt Dung recently officially responded. After just over 5 months of being crowned Miss World Vietnam 2022, Mai...

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Miss Mai Phuong indiscriminately revealed "small clothes" with poor charm, Miss World must not be "out top" yet?

N.P08:07:32 01/02/2023
The noise surrounding Miss Mai Phuong does not seem to have stopped when recently, the social network continues to spread the image of Miss World Vietnam 2022 to r.eveal the "underwear" of the stage. Recently, on Vietnamese beauty forums, a photo has been posted to contribute to...

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Miss Mai Phuong was "vindicated", netizens still booed asking for "stripping the crown" like Papua New Guinea?

KiKo08:59:42 30/01/2023
Miss Mai Phuong was defended by many viewers, pointing out that the queen has pursued a rebellious style since the time she was not crowned. However, netizens are still determined to boycott and compare her with Miss Papua New Guinea - the queen was stripped of her crown for...

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Mai Phuong is losing more and more points, Miss World 2023 launched the contestants, representing Vietnam "closed the door"

Nắng10:21:17 27/01/2023
This May, the Miss World 2023 contest will be officially kicked off. It can be said that, besides Miss Universe, Miss World is also one of the biggest beauty arenas in the world. In order to win the noble green crown of Miss World, the beauties not only have to have gorgeous...

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Miss Mai Phuong suspected of "losing her seat" for the Miss World 2023 contest because of the noise, trying to please, still being ostracized?

N.P10:39:05 26/01/2023
Miss Mai Phuong is currently facing a big boycott wave of the audience because of the noise related to the sensitive post at the beginning of the new year. The date of Miss World 2023 is getting closer and closer, and beauty fans are constantly expressing their hope to change...

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Miss World made an urgent announcement in the midst of Mai Phuong's disappointment, Thao Nhi Le's revenge for Ngoc Chau?

Tin10:07:05 19/01/2023
Miss World (MW) is one of the largest Miss Universe organizations with a long life. After many years, the prestige and love of beauty fans for MW is great, the criteria for selecting the winner are also quite strict. Recently, the MW homepage has officially revealed the time to...

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