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Mai Phuong is ready to go to the US after Miss World, still not afraid of the audience forgetting

Đức Trí13:38:26 02/05/2024
Miss Huynh Nguyen Mai Phuong after the 71st Miss World journey, the beauty of Dong Nai origin shared her plan to settle in the US with her family. She said she wasn't afraid of the audience forgetting because she couldn't force anyone to remember forever.

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Miss World: Mai Phuong told about the harsh backstage, abandoned phone, and a s.hock

Phúc Sen11:57:50 17/03/2024
It's been a week since the final took place with the victory of the beauty from the Czech Republic. Mai Phuong has now returned to Vietnam, but the afterglow of the competition is still of interest to many people.

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Miss World revealed a series of pitiful details of "forcing" Mai Phuong, making fans angry

Châu Anh10:31:49 11/03/2024
At the end of her journey to conquer the Miss World crown, Mai Phuong regretfully stopped at the Top 40. During the final night, beauty fans uncovered many details showing that the Vietnamese representative was treated unfairly by the contest organizers. make someone angry.

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Mai Phuong 'low' ahead of Miss World final, 'rival domestic chicken' speaks out

T.P13:35:58 08/03/2024
On the eve of the 71st Miss World final, Vietnam's representative - Miss Mai Phuong is under great pressure due to the expectations of beauty fans. Domestic chicken rival Miss Universe Vietnam - Xuan Hanh immediately spoke.

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Miss World: Aunt Dung speaks for Mai Phuong, reassures Vietnamese fans before final

Phúc Sen07:15:29 07/03/2024
Miss Pham Kim Dung has just shared on her personal page, speaking well for the Vietnamese representative at the 71st Miss World - Huynh Nguyen Mai Phuong before the final, reassuring Vietnamese beauty fans because of worries for the queen.

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Mai Phuong 'slipped' at Miss World, 1 runner-up spoke against the majority

Phúc Sen06:47:45 06/03/2024
Miss Huynh Nguyen Mai Phuong – Vietnam's representative at the 71st Miss World, is worrying fans when in recent days, she has continuously come out on top in sub-awards. Immediately, runner-up Che Nguyen Quynh Chau came out to defend.

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Mai Phuong continues to fall to the top of Compassion at Miss World, beauty fans 'blue face' worried

T.P10:37:27 04/03/2024
Miss Huynh Nguyen Mai Phuong – Vietnam's representative at the 71st Miss World, continued to disappoint the audience by placing in the top 10 of the Compassion Project - Beauty with a Purpose contest.

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Miss World: 1 contestant stumbled in the Top Model contest, the organizers immediately stopped the show to handle it

Pinky11:23:29 03/03/2024
The Top Model contest night of the 71st Miss World - Miss World suddenly had an incident right in the middle of the contestants. The organizers immediately stopped the show to handle it, ensuring the safety of its contestants.

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Mai Phuong out the top 'angry' at Miss World, breaking the chain of VN Top Model contest

T.P08:54:29 03/03/2024
Miss Huynh Nguyen Mai Phuong – Vietnam's representative at the 71st Miss World, continued to cause regret for beauty fans when she did not appear in the top 20 of the Top Model contest, slipping another chance to reach the top in the finale.

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Mai Phuong was criticized at Miss World, 1 queen came out to say this

Trí Nhi15:42:33 01/03/2024
Miss Mai Phuong is being said to be gradually losing her form at the 71st Miss World - Miss World. Immediately, the 2nd runner-up of Miss Peace Vietnam 2023 - Minh Nhan spoke directly about this, commenting on Mai Phuong's recent journey.

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Miss World: Mai Phuong's voice is hoarse, her talent is unstable, the president shows her attitude

T.P07:07:10 29/02/2024
Miss Huynh Nguyen Mai Phuong has just had the latest updates on the 71st Miss World contest, which is taking place in India. Accordingly, she said she did not do well in the talent competition and regretted that there was a health problem.

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Miss World: Mai Phuong gave a feverish English presentation and still went out to meet acquaintances

JLO10:06:16 22/02/2024
The Miss World contest - Miss World 2023 - is entering a dramatic phase in India. Recently, the famous beauty site Missosology released a prediction table for the largest beauty contest on the planet.

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Miss World revealed the "dinosaur" contestant. Before the competition, fans were already demanding the crown

Nắng15:42:46 12/01/2024
According to the latest schedule, contestants will start arriving in India on February 18 and the final will take place on April 9. This is the third time Miss World organizers have announced a rescheduling of the event.

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Miss Thailand was "deprived" of the Miss World contest, netizens searched for the truth, what was Mai Phuong's fate?

Chi Chu13:22:00 27/03/2023
It is causing a fever all over the front and is said to be Mai Phuong's formidable opponent at Miss World 2023, but the new Miss Thailand is currently in danger of losing her place and will only be able to participate in Miss Global 2023. On March 19, the Miss Thailand 2023...

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Miss World VN Mai Phuong shockingly declared that she wanted to "give up her life", surprised at the reason behind

Chi Chu13:30:14 14/03/2023
Miss Mai Phuong recently made the public extremely confused when she spoke for the first time about the negative pressure she had experienced. In it, the queen shocked when she revealed that she wanted to "give up her breath". Recently, Miss Mai Phuong appeared as a Guest -...

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Miss Mai Phuong "lost her seat" to compete in Miss World 2023 in May, the reason behind the regret?

Chi Chu11:07:10 04/03/2023
After a lot of noise causing the world beauty village to constantly fluctuate, the Miss World contest with representative Mai Phuong is currently the most anticipated contest because there are only a few months left to take place. However, Mai Phuong's opportunity to go abroad...

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Miss Mai Phuong urgently does one thing after Miss World's announcement: Is there still time to "crush" the market?

N.P14:24:59 28/02/2023
According to the latest announcement, Miss World 2023 will focus on benevolent projects instead of beauty, fashion, b.ody... Before these criteria, Miss Mai Phuong is currently trying to focus on activities. charity work before going to the contest. The oldest and most famous...

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Miss World "repulsed" to change the rules at the last minute, Mai Phuong was empty-handed: Afraid of not taking the exam, she was eliminated early?

pipi10:44:44 28/02/2023
This year's Miss World will especially focus on benevolent projects and completely remove contests such as swimsuits, evening gowns... Worth mentioning, these are the contests in which Vietnamese representatives will often have their strengths. because it's a huge investment...

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Miss Mai Phuong was threatened to send "seal" to the organizers of Miss World 2023, Aunt Dung said one sentence straight?

N.P08:10:09 07/02/2023
The fact that Miss Mai Phuong seems to be the representative of Vietnam to compete in Miss World has made netizens not very satisfied. Before Mai Phuong's noise, Aunt Dung recently officially responded. After just over 5 months of being crowned Miss World Vietnam 2022, Mai...

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Miss Mai Phuong indiscriminately revealed "small clothes" with poor charm, Miss World must not be "out top" yet?

N.P08:07:32 01/02/2023
The noise surrounding Miss Mai Phuong does not seem to have stopped when recently, the social network continues to spread the image of Miss World Vietnam 2022 to r.eveal the "underwear" of the stage. Recently, on Vietnamese beauty forums, a photo has been posted to contribute to...

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Miss Thuy Tien and Mai Phuong competed in the spring of Quy Mao 2023, who is more beautiful than who?

Le Tuan15:17:01 24/01/2023
The audience still often remembers Thuy Tien as a young, modern and charming post-girl. However, she is still beautiful in a very personal way when wearing a traditional Vietnamese dress. That is also the reason why the beauty who chose this outfit appeared in the photo set to...

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Mai Phuong was criticized for being less elegant, sucking on candy and playing all the way - worried about the results of Miss World

chu Linh18:59:46 07/01/2023
Before the dizzying change of Miss Mai Phuong, many comments said that this went against the norm. It will even affect the results of the upcoming Miss World contest. After 5 months of being crowned Miss World Vietnam, Miss Mai Phuong had a makeover that surprised the public...

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Miss Mai Phuong "caught the eye", TOP 7 wins ahead of Miss World 2022?

N.P10:20:50 14/11/2022
Miss Mai Phuong is currently receiving many good signals before the battle of Miss World Vietnam 2022. The beauty and education level of the queen is highly appreciated and is expected to reach the TOP 7. After 3 months of being crowned Miss World Vietnam 2022, Huynh Nguyen Mai...

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Bao Ngoc is suspected of "pressing" Mai Phuong, being favored in the middle, aunt Dung takes good care of her?

N.P13:08:09 03/11/2022
When she was just crowned runner-up, Bao Ngoc was "stoned" by many netizens when she revealed many moments of trying to take the spotlight of Miss Mai Phuong. After being crowned Miss International, Bao Ngoc's position has now completely changed when standing next to her senior...

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