Liu Yifei is suspected of falsifying degrees, not gentle, all just to build an image?

Hoàng PhúcJun 19, 2022 at 17:02

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After 15 days of broadcast, the movie Dream Flower has had more than 1.6 billion views. The success of the film is considered a lever to help Liu Yifei's name "hot" return after many years of silence. However, popularity also comes with notoriety. Currently, on social networks, there is a lot of bad news related to the actress.

Industry sources said that the billion-dollar fairy is not completely Buddhist (living peacefully, not fighting). In fact, only low-budget actors don't use marketing tricks.

In contrast, the stars of line 1 and line 2 will invest a lot in advertising. Therefore, the billion-dollar fairy is no exception.

Liu Yifei is suspected of falsifying degrees, not gentle, all just to build an image? - Photo 1

The marketing assistant for Liu Yifei is Luu Le Chi. They have cooperated for many years, both sides consider each other as good friends.

Accordingly, Luu Le Chi has promoted the image of "heavenly fairy" of the beauty of the Luu family. At the same time, this person also downgraded the beauty and acting of colleagues like Trieu Le Dinh, Luu Thi Thi, Duong Mich...

However, disparaging actors of the same age negatively affected Liu Yifei. Therefore, the billion billion fairy has been dug up a lot of negative news in the past.

Liu Yifei is suspected of falsifying degrees, not gentle, all just to build an image? - Photo 2

The first is the relationship between her and her adoptive father Tran Kim Phi. After that, the actress was suspected of entering the Beijing Film Academy in 2002. Specifically, Liu Yifei was suspected of academic f.raud. She was not on the admission list and graduated from the 2002 Beijing Film Academy. Netizens also found out that Liu Yifei was not listed on the Yale University website even though she once said she passed the second round of the acting department.

Liu Yifei is suspected of falsifying degrees, not gentle, all just to build an image? - Photo 3

Not only that, netizens also dug up interviews with billions of billions of angels. The same question, but in each program, she gave different answers.

The beauty surnamed Liu once said that Kim Dung invited her to play Tieu Long Nu. But the famous writer said that Luu Duc Hoa and Tran Ngoc Lien are the right choices.

According to Kim Dung, the person who chose the beauty surnamed Lu was Truong Ky Trung. However, the 2006 version of Than Condor Dai Hiep has a different content from the original.

Liu Yifei is suspected of falsifying degrees, not gentle, all just to build an image? - Photo 4

Currently, the bad news related to Liu Yifei has not stopped. In the future, she will still be entangled in many other markets. Therefore, Tran Le Chi needs to think of a solution to protect the reputation of the billion billion fairy.

In the latest development, the kiss scene of Liu Yifei and Tran Hieu was suddenly c.ut o.ff on the air. This made the audience uncomfortable, even the incident became a h.ot topic of discussion on social networks. Viewers asked the crew to cut the footage separately and broadcast it on the sidelines.

Liu Yifei is suspected of falsifying degrees, not gentle, all just to build an image? - Photo 5

Sina commented, "The Dream of the Green" opens with a good impression when it has a well-rounded scene, beautiful images, and a genuine acting cast. But the second half of the film shows signs of weakness, there are many holes in the script and how to build the character.

On the other hand, the film's content does not have many highlights, causing the crew to rely on sideline controversies to keep the heat. This reduces the public's affection for Liu Yifei, Tran Hieu in particular and Mong Hoa Luc in general.

Up to the present time, Mong Hoa Luc is achieving quite good effects with an impressive Douban score of 8.6/10.

In a recent review of Dream Hua Luc, the Chinese Central News Agency commented on Liu Yifei, who plays the female lead Trieu Pan Nhi, and said that the little flower is "the key to the success." merit of the film".

This comment is meant to praise Liu Yifei, but it is a bit "obnoxious", making those who are not very sympathetic to the film because of the excessive marketing tricks, now it is gone.

Liu Yifei is suspected of falsifying degrees, not gentle, all just to build an image? - Photo 6

It is possible that Liu Yifei is an important factor contributing to the success of the film, but it is also the work of many other characters such as the director, other actors in the crew, and an acting crew. color and progressive working attitude, meticulous in each scene, film effects.

Of course, there is one thing that cannot be denied that Liu Yifei's acting in Mong Hoa Luc has made breakthroughs and surprises, plus the sweet and romantic interaction between her and Tran Hieu has made the audience happy. fake must "fall into the hole" film.

If Mong Hoa Luc sometimes didn't "play cards" to cause controversy, Liu Yifei's fans didn't flatter their idols too much and trash other houses, perhaps the movie would be loved and won more sympathy. from the public.

Liu Yifei is suspected of falsifying degrees, not gentle, all just to build an image? - Photo 7

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