Liu Yifei "harms" Mong Hoa Luc: Being turned away by the audience, criticizing it as a garbage movie, Douban's score decreases "plug in"

Hoàng PhúcJun 23, 2022 at 11:19

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Mong Hoa Luc is currently a film that has received the attention of a large audience. This is a highly anticipated project because it marks the return of Liu Yifei after 16 years of absence on the small screen.

However, after the film aired, Liu Yifei was suddenly "unmasked" to bring down the 85 minor flowers to raise himself, fake his education, have giants backing him,... The voice of the female lead made Mong Hoa Luc seem to be in a difficult position when the audience simultaneously chose to turn their backs.

Liu Yifei "harms" Mong Hoa Luc: Being turned away by the audience, criticizing it as a garbage movie, Douban's score decreases "plug in" - Photo 1

Recently, the audience discovered that the Douban score of Mong Hoa Luc tends to decrease, from the highest rated historical drama on Douban with 8.9 points, now Mong Hoa Luc has only achieved 8.5 points, which includes including 55.8% of the audience rated 5 stars, 22.7% 4 stars, 15.2% 3 stars, 3.4% 2 stars and 3.0% 1 stars.

Liu Yifei "harms" Mong Hoa Luc: Being turned away by the audience, criticizing it as a garbage movie, Douban's score decreases "plug in" - Photo 2

It can be seen that Mong Hoa Luc has suffered a lot of influence after a series of noises related to Liu Yifei and the quality of the film. Many viewers frankly declared that Mong Hoa Luc is a "junk film", and will no longer support the film. The online community also did not forget to mock the Chinese Dream because the move to "open the Douban point" early was full of wisdom.

Liu Yifei "harms" Mong Hoa Luc: Being turned away by the audience, criticizing it as a garbage movie, Douban's score decreases "plug in" - Photo 3

Some comments from the audience about Mong Hoa Luc's plummeting achievements:

- It is not surprising that the film has more and more problems every day, not to mention the noise of Liu Yifei's private life, the quality of the film towards the end becomes more and more obvious.

- Now I understand the reason why Luc Mong opened Douban so early, opening a little later would not have been able to get 8 points but close to 9 points.

- In the past, many people predicted that Mong Hoa Luc "the head of an elephant and the tail of a mouse" was cursed up and down, but now it seems to be true.

- Fans of this movie keep praising that it's a great idol drama, not a junk movie, but compared to that, there are too many problems to call Mong Hoa Luc a big movie.

- Quit after the episode Liu Yifei advised Lead Zhang to sing to receive guests, what movie has a scary contradiction, the film circuit is also increasingly loose, not as attractive as the first episodes.

It must be said again and again, although controversial, it is undeniable that Mong Hoa Luc is a work that attracts attention because of its message of upholding the spirit of feminism.

Interesting content, highlighting the spirit of 'women helping women'

Dream of Hoa Luc is a work adapted from the classic drama series Trieu Phan Nhi Phong Nguyet Save Phong Tran by the playwright of the Nguyen Dynasty - Quan Han Khanh. The film revolves around the singer Trieu Phan Nhi (Liu Yifei) who only sells her art, not her b.ody. She was born as the daughter of a mandarin, but because her family committed crimes, she was pushed into a brothel, making a living by dancing and making tea.

After escaping from the market, Trieu Phan Nhi and two sworn sisters opened a small tea shop to live through the day. She meets and has a sweet but difficult predestined relationship with Co Thien Pham (Tran Hieu) - the commander of Hoang Thanh Ti, when both are entangled in a serious case in Jiangnan.

Liu Yifei "harms" Mong Hoa Luc: Being turned away by the audience, criticizing it as a garbage movie, Douban's score decreases "plug in" - Photo 4

Despite having a past of being despised by people, with her skill and skill, Trieu Phan Nhi proved that women of low status in the past still had equal rights. The spirit of "women helping women" is also particularly emphasized in the film by building situations such as sworn sisters protecting each other against bad guys, starting a business together or standing up to help disadvantaged girls. than.

Stable acting, explosive 'chemistry'

Dream of Hoa Luc is not only a work marking Liu Yifei's return, but also a film that proves her acting ability has improved over time. An intelligent, self-respecting, brave Trieu Phan Nhi, but also easy to fall in love with the love shown by Liu Yifei very fully.

Tran Hieu's acting has long been appreciated, so most of the difficult parts of the character from action to love are handled very "sweetly" by the actor. Returning to the historical series once again, Tran Hieu has shown that his title of "historical beauty" is "real name".

Liu Yifei "harms" Mong Hoa Luc: Being turned away by the audience, criticizing it as a garbage movie, Douban's score decreases "plug in" - Photo 5

Above all, the explosive "chemical reaction" between the main couple is also one of the great attractions that helps the number of fans of Mong Hoa Lu increase. The two show scenes together that are very "lovely" and natural like a real couple, so they don't create a feeling of awkwardness for viewers. Their kiss scenes also repeatedly appeared in the top searches on Weibo, showing the influence of the actors in particular and the film in general.

Liu Yifei "harms" Mong Hoa Luc: Being turned away by the audience, criticizing it as a garbage movie, Douban's score decreases "plug in" - Photo 6

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