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Truong Ba Chi was warned by her mother-in-law, is the reason related to the biological father of her third c.hild?

Keng16:36:41 20/05/2024
Before marrying Nicholas Tse, Cecilia Cheung was a bright star in the hometown entertainment industry. Married in 2006 and gave birth to two sons, she accepted to sacrifice her career and became her husband's support.

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Zhou Jingchi made a will, leaving the property to Zhang Cezhi and 1 beauty in Cbiz?

Thảo Mai20:08:56 02/05/2024
According to a source in the Hong Kong entertainment world (China), Zhou Jingchi has officially made a will, clearly dividing assets. Director King of Comedy is estimated to own a fortune of $ 300 million (more than VND 7,000 billion).

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Zhang Cezhi's son loves women more than his mother's age, Ta Dinh Feng is embarrassed?

Thảo Mai15:11:23 09/04/2024
Recently, Chinese social media was abuzz when a blogger posted a post on Weibo saying that Lucas (son of Cecilia Zhang and Xie Tingfeng) had a crush on the 46-year-old female coach.

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Cecilia Zhang braved the danger of giving birth for the 4th time, Ta Dinh Phong was hit by bullets

Thảo Mai13:56:46 04/04/2024
Recently, Chinese social media was buzzing when a series of rumors appeared about Zhang Cezhi. Accordingly, the actress is said to have secretly given birth to her 4th c.hild at the age of 43. She even suffered from severe symptoms of uterine prolapse.

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Ta Dinh Phong suspected, lost 3000 billion after DNA test with Cecilia Zhang

Minh Lợi16:41:23 04/01/2024
Ta Dinh Phong attracted a lot of attention thanks to his image as an exemplary successful gentleman. However, a recent paternity test report shattered the idol's perfect look.

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Nicholas Tse was 'acquitted' after 10 years of bad reputation with ex-wife Truong Ba Chi

Phúc Sen11:03:28 25/12/2023
Actor Nicholas Tse was finally vindicated for his actions of not raising his children 10 years after his divorce with ex-wife Cecilia Cheung. People were stunned, only to discover the truth now, they all turned around, because in the past they had wrongly blamed the male actor.

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Tse Dinh Phong was exposed for his unlucky words while the entertainment industry mourned Chau Hai My

Bình Yên12:19:18 19/12/2023
Some people believe that Nicholas Tse was not the one to completely break up with Cecilia Cheung, when she gave birth to two sons for him. On the contrary, they think that Cecilia Cheung brought it upon himself and did not Can't blame Nicholas Tse.

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Cecilia Cheung and Vuong Phi were put on the scales at the big show, Nicholas Tse spoke out harshly

Bình Yên14:34:40 28/11/2023
Cecilia Cheung bought a house in Shanghai and transferred her children's schools here. Meanwhile, Nicholas Tse lives at Vuong Phi's villa in Beijing and regularly goes to Hong Kong to visit his parents and handle work.

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Despite being pregnant, Vuong Phi decided to "close the curtain" when she heard that Cecilia Cheung intended to return to Nicholas Tse?

Bình Yên14:27:34 18/11/2023
It was reported that Nicholas Tse revised his will to include Vuong Phi's daughter. This move seems to have aroused people's curiosity and thoughts about his troubled personal life.

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Truong Ba Chi admitted that the man she loved most deeply was Tran Quan Hy, r.evealing more secrets

Nắng10:24:32 17/11/2023
After many years, when talking about the past, Truong Ba Chi angrily said that the man who was most at fault with her was Tran Quan Hy. Remembering the sweet love of her past, she could hardly contain the sadness and pain in her heart.

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Nicholas Tse - Cecilia Cheung were "caught alive" while on vacation in Australia, Ta Hien had a critical stroke?

Xuka15:09:51 11/11/2023
The meeting between Nicholas Tse and his eldest son Lucas while skiing in Australia has become a h.ot topic. In addition, Cecilia Cheung was also caught by netizens while shopping at a shopping center in Australia.

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Wang Fei was accused of g.ambling addiction by Liu Jialing, Xie Tingfeng had to pay the debt?

Yang Mi20:25:10 01/11/2023
Liu Jialing recently revealed the person of his best friend Wang Fei, shocking many people. At the peak, whenever she loses, the queen always seeks young love surnamed Xie to pay her debts on her behalf.

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Zhang Cezhi officially remarried, Xie Dinh Feng came to the audience and said a heart-wrenching sentence?

Xuka13:40:26 01/11/2023
According to the content of the article, the wedding atmosphere was filled with joy and sweetness. On this beautiful day, Cecilia Zhang wore a white wedding dress and greeted the guests with a bright smile.

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Cecilia Cheung appeared unusually after news of cancer, Nicholas Tse was haunted by a special person

Bình Yên13:53:53 12/10/2023
Last August, Truong Ba Chi caused a stir in the fan community when he announced the cancellation of all schedules including magazine photo shoots, commercial filming, brand events, and live show participation due to health reasons.

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Cecilia Zhang was confirmed to have terminal cancer, Ta Dinh Phong immediately did 1 shocking thing

Nắng14:58:04 06/10/2023
This time, the audience suddenly erupted when Cecilia Zhang was said to have terminal cancer. In addition, she also revealed that her son was taken away by her ex-husband Ta Dinh Phong, while the 3rd c.hild was left without anyone to care for and control.

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Dilraba Dilmurat is estranged while Jisoo is loved even though she is crushed by the beauty of Cbiz beauty.

Ning Jing11:18:01 27/09/2023
The reception and treatment of BLACKPINK's Dilraba and Jisoo at Paris Fashion Week received attention from the online community as well as fans of both.

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Truong Ba Chi caused chaos at the event after news that her new husband "destroyed her appearance", her strange appearance reflected one thing.

Mộc Trà11:16:47 23/09/2023
This is the first time Truong Ba Chi has appeared after being caught up in the news that tycoon Ton Dong Hai f.orced him to cancel many work schedules. Accordingly, Ton Dong Hai is said to be the father of the third son of the Truong Ba Chi family.

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Zhang Cezhi was 'physically impacted' by his youngest son's father, his face was injured?

Yaya22:13:43 09/09/2023
The news that Comedy King actress Truong Cezhi was physically impacted by the third son's biological father is receiving CNET's attention and quickly hit h.ot searches in a short time.

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Xie Hien revealed himself after the 'first d.eath', regretting not having Zhang Cezhi

Thư Kỳ10:30:10 06/09/2023
The image of Xie Hien exposed in public after the news that actor Shen Bai had a stroke admitted to the emergency hospital made netizens breathe a sigh of relief. At the same time, Ta Hien also revealed about her two daughters-in-law.

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Ta Hien died at the age of 86 after being treated for a stroke, Ta Dinh Phong's side clarified

Ning Jing10:28:54 28/08/2023
After being treated in hospital for a stroke, Chinese media recently reported that actor Shen Bai had passed away, causing a s.hock in public opinion. Faced with this information, Ta Dinh Phong's side clarified.

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Ta Dinh Phong fainted at Xie Hien's hospital bedside, r.evealing his relationship with Cecilia Zhang

Thư Kỳ16:11:03 23/08/2023
After his biological father was hospitalized for treatment for a stroke, Ta Dinh Phong was deeply shocked, knelt by the hospital bed, cried because he felt that he was not worried and cared about Ta Hien, which touched many people.

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Zhang Cezhi was seriously ill, undergoing intensive treatment, and had to cancel the entire schedule, causing fans to worry

Yaya15:24:37 20/08/2023
The news that the King of Comedy actress Zhang Cezhi had health problems, causing her office to announce the cancellation of all schedules behind made many people confused and worried about her.

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Hoai Linh was upset because Chau Tinh Tri's film was 800 times more than Vietnamese films but was praised, fans: Due to class

Ning Jing14:40:24 04/08/2023
Perhaps at this stage it was verbal utterances. Recently, comedian Hoai Linh has made quite shocking statements when talking about the audience's tastes with domestic films.

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Truong Ba Chi burst into tears and blamed Ta Dinh Phong for 'not worthy of being a man', leaving her c.hild just for Vuong Phi?

Thư Kỳ11:29:55 26/07/2023
After a series of photos that are said to be Nicholas Tse and Truong Ba Chi, the broken mirror healed after many years of separation, recently, the actress's best friend, the King of Comedy, suddenly revealed the real face of the actor. surname Ta.

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