Lisa traveled to Singapore not for Taylor Swift, but for the SHINee concert

Khánh HuyềnMar 03, 2024 at 11:55

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Flying questions about traveling to Singapore to "swing" Taylor Swift's Eras Tour, it turns out that the youngest BLACKPINK brother came here to support SHINee's concert. Fans expressed surprise with the relationship between Lisa and the SM boys.

On the evening of February 29 (Korea time), after flying back to Thailand to film The White Lotus season 3, Lisa (BLACKPINK) was caught on a flight landing at Singapore airport.

The surprise appearance of BLACKPINK's youngest sister and manager Alice in Singapore has led fans to suspect that she may attend Taylor Swift's concert.

However, beyond the expectations of fans, Lisa made a double surprise because she did not come to Singapore to attend Taylor Swift's concert but the "Perfect Illumination" concert of SM - SHINee.

Lisa traveled to Singapore not for Taylor Swift, but for the SHINee concert - Photo 1

Despite taking place at the same time as Taylor Swift's huge concert, SHINee's concert in Singapore still attracted a large number of hard fans. Lisa also went backstage, taking pictures with extremely close seniors. The youngest BLACKPINK brother occupies the spotlight despite not dressing elaborately. She had a wooden-faced, flower-like smile next to SHINee. Her trip this time was accompanied by her best friend Sorn (CLC).

Lisa traveled to Singapore not for Taylor Swift, but for the SHINee concert - Photo 2

Lisa traveled to Singapore not for Taylor Swift, but for the SHINee concert - Photo 3

Lisa surprised many fans with her diplomacy, if she hadn't come to SHINee's concert and taken pictures with her seniors, no one would have known about the idols' close relationship.

Not only that, she also appeared with her close friend who is a former CLC member after a long time the two did not move to post pictures together. Before that, the two many times accompanied each other in games, although busy, they still met and talked and shared with each other

Lisa traveled to Singapore not for Taylor Swift, but for the SHINee concert - Photo 4

Years ago, when asked who the Thai K-pop idol she played with, Lisa immediately replied, "I'm close to GOT7's Bambam, CLC's Sorn and 2PM's Nichkun, but they're not very close. And it seems like I'm the only one who wants to get to know and get close to people, because many of my other friends in the entertainment industry aren't."

Although her schedule is extremely busy and busy, she always tries to find time to support friends and colleagues on important occasions.

Before that, when the group Stray Kids first made their public debut after the pandemic. Lisa also took up a slot under the stands to cheer on JYP's rookie at that time. Lisa also expressed her support and affection for the group members. Many Stray Kids fans were deeply touched and loved the youngest BLACKPINK sister even more.

Not only that, Lisa later showed her support for a group under her company. Despite her busy schedule, she also came and "ripped the roof" with YG Entertainment artists as WINNER at Olympic Hall in 2022.

Lisa traveled to Singapore not for Taylor Swift, but for the SHINee concert - Photo 5

Although she did not participate in The Eras Tour on Day 1, Lisa's schedule is currently quite mysterious. Fans are also unclear how long the idol will be in Singapore. Meanwhile, The Eras Tour in Singapore was "played big" by Taylor for 6 nights, many people predicted Lisa would attend the shows behind. If this is the case, Vietnamese fans absolutely have the opportunity to "dance" the atmosphere with Lisa at the Taylor Swift concert.

Lisa traveled to Singapore not for Taylor Swift, but for the SHINee concert - Photo 6

The Eras Tour is Taylor Swift's famous concert, taking place on many continents. In October 2023, Taylor became a billionaire thanks to the success of the tour. In December 2023, the Guinness Foundation recognized her Eras Tour as the highest-grossing concert series of all time, reaching more than a billion dollars, surpassing Elton John's record of 939 million USD. Singers earn about 85% of all ticket sales — a high and rare percentage in the music industry. She finished her last show in Sydney, Australia on February 24.

Lisa traveled to Singapore not for Taylor Swift, but for the SHINee concert - Photo 7

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