Lisa's (BLACKPINK) billionaire boyfriend publicly embraces his new love and rushes to introduce him to his family

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The news that Frédéric Arnault and youngest brother Hac Huong "went their separate ways" surfaced a few days ago, causing an uproar in the online community. Until recently, netizens accidentally came across an image of a male CEO being intimate with a strange g.irl.

Sohu newspaper reported on the afternoon of November 8, the male businessman and the female kpop idol officially ended their short-lived relationship that lasted several months. The source of this news comes from the image of a man believed to be Frédéric publicly embracing another woman, not Lisa.

Lisas (BLACKPINK) billionaire boyfriend publicly embraces his new love and rushes to introduce him to his family - Photo 1

It's worth mentioning that after admiring the photo, netizens boldly said that the son of the second richest billionaire in the world had severed his relationship with BLACKPINK's youngest brother so he could freely have s.ex with a strange g.irl. face.

However, in reality, the two main characters in the image that has caused a stir on social networks in recent hours are Jean Arnault (Frédéric's younger brother) and his girlfriend Zita d'Hauteville.

And this happy, romantic moment was shared by Jean on her personal page on October 21, with the caption: "Happy birthday to the person I love." Obviously, we cannot rely on the above image to conclude that Frédéric Arnault and vocalist Lalisa have "gone their separate ways".

Lisas (BLACKPINK) billionaire boyfriend publicly embraces his new love and rushes to introduce him to his family - Photo 2

It is known that rumors of Lisa breaking up with the billionaire's son appeared last week, after two brands owned by the Frédéric family - Celine and Bvlgari simultaneously removed the youngest sister Hac Huong's photo on Weibo.

However, right at that time, Sina newspaper published an article confirming that the two were still dating and maintaining a good relationship. Until now, neither Lisa nor Frédéric have ever spoken out about this issue. Many people think that they are waiting for the noise to subside before making everything public.

Lisas (BLACKPINK) billionaire boyfriend publicly embraces his new love and rushes to introduce him to his family - Photo 3

The son of the world's 2nd richest billionaire and the female idol of Thai origin were first questioned about dating in July this year, after being caught in the lens of a "passerby team" at a restaurant. In the video, the YG band member leaned his head on Frédéric Arnault's shoulder, causing romance rumors between them to flare up strongly.

Afterwards, people discovered that Frédéric had introduced singer Lalisa to family members and was welcomed by them with open arms. The evidence is that the pictures and video clips posted by Lisa and Frédéric's sister-in-law (businesswoman Geraldine Guyot) on their personal pages have many things in common.

Lisas (BLACKPINK) billionaire boyfriend publicly embraces his new love and rushes to introduce him to his family - Photo 4

On the contrary, the billionaire's son also has a close relationship with the 26-year-old female idol's family. The online community also caught the moment when they enjoyed a fun trip together on the Chao Phraya River in Thailand. The couple was seen together many times, such as at events, luxury lounges at the airport and nightclubs where Lisa performed "showing off her skin" at C.razy Horse.

According to News, the son of the world's second richest billionaire came to see his girlfriend perform late on September 30. Previously, he and his family were also said to be present to watch this performance on September 28 and 29.

Lisas (BLACKPINK) billionaire boyfriend publicly embraces his new love and rushes to introduce him to his family - Photo 5

Audiences watching the show recalled that in the fourth performance, Lisa took off the black silk ribbon tied to her bra and threw it down on her rumored boyfriend, causing the whole audience to get excited and scream loudly. In addition, throughout the shows, Frédéric Arnault sat quite calmly and only applauded when his girlfriend appeared.

Although Frédéric Arnault and Lisa have never confirmed their relationship, netizens are sure that the two are in love. The period of dating the "crown prince" of the LVMH brand empire marked many transformations for the youngest sister Hac Huong, from publicly posting b.ikini photos, pursuing a sexier style and culminating in performing at the C.razy Horse nightclub. Paris.

Lisas (BLACKPINK) billionaire boyfriend publicly embraces his new love and rushes to introduce him to his family - Photo 6

It was also this decision that caused the female idol born in 1997 to be secretly "killed" in the Chinese market. Her personal Weibo account "flew without wings", Weibo 2 luxury brands also removed her image. As mentioned above, at this time there were suspicions that Lisa and Frédéric Arnault had broken up, so the new male CEO could not save his rumored girlfriend amid the noise.

Lisa is currently the focus of media in many countries. Many people believe that if she really loses the huge support resources from the country of billions of people, her career will certainly be severely affected. Not to mention, brands will also be afraid to cooperate with the 26-year-old female idol because she is not popular in a highly profitable market like China.

Lisas (BLACKPINK) billionaire boyfriend publicly embraces his new love and rushes to introduce him to his family - Photo 7

However, BLACKPINK's youngest fan community still optimistically expressed their opinion that the situation is not that worrying. Because singer Lalisa can switch to working in the European and American markets, even marry Frédéric Arnault and become the second richest bride in the world.

Lisas (BLACKPINK) billionaire boyfriend publicly embraces his new love and rushes to introduce him to his family - Photo 8

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