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Lisa pitted against Taylor Swift backstage at The Eras Tour, visual floods the screen

Vân Anh15:46:13 04/03/2024
Lisa made fans confused when she released a series of photos taken backstage with Taylor Swift after the 2nd concert night in Singapore. The beauty and charisma of the two cult female idols make fans can't help but rub.

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Lisa traveled to Singapore not for Taylor Swift, but for the SHINee concert

Khánh Huyền11:55:50 03/03/2024
Flying away questions about traveling through Singapore to swing Taylor Swift's Eras Tour, it turns out that the youngest BLACKPINK brother came here to support SHINee's concert. Fans expressed surprise with the relationship between Lisa and the SM boys.

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Lee Taemin: "Dancing machine" debuted 4 times in 11 years and the road to becoming a famous solo artist in Asia

Huỳnh Phúc09:33:12 24/10/2023
For trainees who are considered rare and hard to find like Taemin, their journey in Kbiz to achieve success today makes everyone who knows them admire them.

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HIEUTHUHAI was criticized for being "lack of masculinity" when he wore an open-waisted shirt to the show

Hoàng Phúc14:19:40 17/11/2022
The image of HIEUTHHUHAI wearing a crop top when performing on stage is becoming a topic of interest to the audience. It's not a new thing for male artists to wear this type of outfit. Before that, Harry Styles, Kai and many male stars used to attract attention when wearing open...

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Kim Jong Hyun: From bowing in apology for the crime of "love" to committing s.uicide due to pressure, the dark corner behind the light

N.P14:30:37 22/10/2022
It's been 5 years since Kim Jong Hyun's departure, fans have never stopped feeling heartbroken when it comes to the pressures and pains that the talented male singer had to endure behind his bright smile and bright light. aura of a top star in the entertainment industry. Kim...

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Seo Hyun Jin - From "evil woman" to "television queen" of thousands of people, unsuccessfully supported by a big man

An Nhi11:15:36 19/09/2022
Seo Hyun Jin was originally a female idol of SM Entertainment, but she succeeded when she turned to be an actress. With diverse acting abilities, she easily conquers difficult audiences and is increasingly loved. Seo Hyun Jin is a female singer and actress of the 8x generation...

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Introverted Kpop Idol: Jungkook (BTS) is afraid of strangers not daring to bathe, Krystal - Irene is cold for a reason

Hoàng Phúc10:09:38 22/07/2022
Kpop idols are known for their confident and attractive demeanor in front of the camera. However, many people are introverted, often shy and timid in crowds. Therefore, many awkward moments appeared, making fans laugh and love them at the same time. Kai (EXO) On July 19, Kai was...

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Lisa (BLACKPINK), V (BTS) and the "diplomatic saints" in Kpop: Knowing the royal family, being intimate with Lady Gaga

Hoàng Phúc17:38:20 29/06/2022
In the Kpop entertainment world, idols will limit contact, talk or have close moments with each other. Because idols want to avoid false rumors and bad comments from fans. There is even a reason to avoid quarrels between fandoms. However, the idols below are not afraid to face...

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Yeri, Tiffany, CL and K-pop stars openly support the LGBT community

Yang Mi08:44:21 25/06/2022
LGBT representation is still taboo in Korea, but K-pop idols like Shinee's Jonghyun and Girls' Generation's Tiffany aren't afraid to voice their support as allies. Search anywhere in the world, online or offline, and you'll likely come across some form of Korean influence. From...

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Min - Female dancer "transformed" into a talented singer and dating rumors 11 years younger than 16 years old rapper Typh

An Nhi11:16:05 01/06/2022
Min is a famous 8x female singer with hit songs like Yes I'm waiting, Don't love anymore, I'm tired, Jealous, You're the one I love... She is loved by the audience thanks to her pure and talented private life. ability in music. Min possesses a sweet, emotional voice that is...

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Taeyeon (SNSD) shocked when showing "taboo" items on livestream, the truth made fans turn their heads

An Nhi21:42:00 25/02/2022
Taeyeon (SNSD) almost caused controversy because an item appeared on the livestream. After a long absence, Taeyeon (SNSD) finally returned with the new album INVU. Most recently, she participated in a mukbang livestream with Key (SHINee) and YouTuber Haetnim. Here, the female...

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BTS fans are angry because idols are discriminated against by a prestigious a.ward ceremony, SM is also punished if they sit idle?

Hoàng Phúc08:39:17 12/02/2022
BTS fans were outraged that the global boygroup was not named in an important category of the 19th Korean Music Awards (KMA 2022). On February 9, the 19th Korean Music Awards (KMA 2022) officially announced the nominations for the categories within the framework of this year's...

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Nayeon (TWICE), Luna f(x) turned Annabelle because of a makeup mistake, looking at Dara - Minho surprised

An Nhi09:55:48 26/01/2022
They are all the top beauties in Kpop, but Dara (2NE1), Kang Daniel, Minho (SHINee)... also can't escape being drowned in beauty because of a makeup mistake. In order to appear in public with the most perfect appearance, Kpop idols must often wear heavy makeup. Thanks to their...

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BTS is famous for "falling in love" and the most united teamwork in Kpop, but it's still not as good as a 25-year-old group

Hoàng Phúc12:32:00 23/01/2022
Here are the idol groups that not only have a strong spirit of solidarity, but also have a career that makes netizens "howling". Kpop idols are not a profession with a long life span. Although there is no appointment, most idol groups usually end their activities in the 7th year...

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BTS toppled EXO from the 3rd year of debut on the Kpop boygroup chart, who is the only Gen 2 on top that is sustainable?

Hoàng Phúc10:03:12 21/01/2022
At the moment, BTS is the Kpop boygroup that has achieved the most outstanding achievements. Kpop boygroups are famous for their strong and loyal fandom. Their influence does not stop at the Korean border but also spreads to many countries. In the past, the success of b.oy groups...

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Taeyeon (SNSD) cries bitterly in the new MV, her acting is too good but fans don't like one thing

Duyên Trần19:42:19 17/01/2022
Recently, SNSD's leader Taeyeon has officially made a comeback with the MV "Cant Control Myself". This is the opening single before Taeyeon released the 3rd full album in her career. With Cant Control Myself, Taeyeon has brought a completely new image, proving the transformation...

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Taemin (SHINee) has to take 8 antidepressants, the suspicion of being bullied in the army is clarified?

Duyên Trần14:58:54 15/01/2022
Recently, people were extremely worried about the news that Taemin (SHINee) switched from active duty soldier to social worker due to symptoms of depression and severe anxiety disorder. The male idol will move to support the military band as an additional member. This raised the...

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Taemin (SHINee) suffered from increasingly severe depression, had to change his military service

Như Ý14:36:01 14/01/2022
Recently, entertainment company SM Entertainment suddenly announced that Taemin (SHINee) has been transferred from active duty to reserve service due to worsening depression and anxiety disorder. Specifically, the text of SM is as follows: "From January 14, 2022, Taemin will be...

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BTS, Xiumin (EXO) and a series of talented idols, in addition to holding a mic, also have a "cheating" university degree.

Rosé14:49:13 11/01/2022
It can be hard to imagine reconciling a K-Pop idol career with college, but somehow, some artists have done it! In fact, not only do many idols have or are getting a Bachelor's degree, but some are even pursuing higher education at the graduate level! Here are 10 idols who have...

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IU and Suga (BTS) once released the hit duet, "Destiny", did it start here?

Duyên Trần19:50:26 07/01/2022
The Golden Disc Awards (GDA) taking place on January 10, 2018 is probably one of the unforgettable events for Kpop fans. At the end of 2017, the entertainment industry received news that Jonghyun (SHINee) passed away due to depression and pressure. While the music industry is...

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Shin Se Kyung "Holy Face" turns out to be a beauty who loves to take off, confident in front of the camera without a stunt

Hà Hà13:03:46 15/10/2021
Continually being controversial for her stiff acting, faded expression, Shin Se Kyung was called by the audience with names such as "stiff-faced saint", "stiff beauty", "stupid Shin". It's been quite a while since there's been any really successful work. Even many people think...

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Oliver Tree mocks Jonghyun (SHINee) funeral photos and the ending

Hậu Hậu16:59:53 11/10/2021
For the SHINee fan community in particular and K-pop fans in general, Jonghyun's passing is an unforgettable pain. The pain has not yet subsided, but American male singer Oliver Tree carelessly brought out Jonghyun's funeral photos to "like" and promote the Goodbye Farewell...

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Stars of "Hwarang" after 5 years: Park Seo Joon shines, joins the "Marvel" army, but the most successful is the supporting character

An Nhi08:46:31 02/10/2021
After 5 years, the cast in "Hwarang: The Beginning" (Flower Sword Hwarang) every year has a successful career that makes many people admire. In 2016, the drama "Hwarang: The Beginning" caused a fever because of the gathering of more beautiful actors than flowers. It was also one...

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Idol V (BTS) has a serious mental crisis and needs urgent treatment

Hậu Hậu16:27:50 17/09/2021
Recently, the online community was worried when receiving a series of rumors that two BTS members had to see a psychologist. It is worth mentioning that V's case was highlighted as "really serious". This rumor surprised many ARMYs when recently, BTS still appeared continuously...

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