Le Nguyen Truong Giang: The multi-talented descendant of the famous Minh To luong family

Bảo NamMar 01, 2024 at 16:51

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Born in 1989, Le Nguyen Truong Giang is a young descendant of the 6-generation family attached to the ancient Luong Luong Bau Thang - Minh To; whose uncle is People's Representative Thanh Tong, Truong Son People's Committee; her sister is Tu Suong...

Hard life

Because it was difficult for the family to raise children, at an early age, Changjiang was sent to his mother's older sister to raise. Artist Cam Huong and her musician husband Le Phung Hoang, the famous guitarist of Minh To ancient luong troupe, adopted Le Nguyen Truong Giang from birth.

Le Nguyen Truong Giang: The multi-talented descendant of the famous Minh To luong family - Photo 1

When she was 5, Le Nguyen Truong Giang gradually recognized the two words "biological mother, adoptive mother", knowing who the real parents were. He said his adoptive parents loved him like their own son. At the age of 6, musician Le Phung Hoang died and since then Truong Giang has lived in the same house with his biological parents and adoptive mother.

Artist Le Cam Huong was the one who discovered his son's talent. When Truong Giang was 3 years old, he was able to accompany and watch his cousins Tu Suong, artists Le Thanh Thao, Trinh Trinh sing in the Bach Long troupe. Wherever his father's house went, he danced with him. However, at the time of his father's d.eath, he was quite young. He didn't have time to teach him about musical instruments and composition. Le Nguyen Truong Giang himself learned from the documents left by his father.

At the age of 15, he acted in clips with artist Ngoc Huyen for children's roles. And a year later, he passed the exam and attended the University of Theater and Cinema in the Reform Actor Course and graduated 3 years later.

Le Nguyen Truong Giang: The multi-talented descendant of the famous Minh To luong family - Photo 2

At the age of 19, Changjiang graduated from school, Cai Liang was no longer in its heyday, and the singing troupes no longer had a stage to stand. The theaters of Hong Lien, Tran Hung Dao, Workers or Capital audiences gradually decreased unlike the time of his mother and uncle. Theatre lacked new scripts while television gameshows, musical theatre and comedy blossomed. Le Nguyen Truong Giang vowed to be diverted through film and television to earn a living.

Le Nguyen Truong Giang: The multi-talented descendant of the famous Minh To luong family - Photo 3

At the age of 22, Changjiang began working as an assistant, playing supporting roles in films such as: "Dream Man", "Bronze Silk", "Roses for Robber Generals". Le Nguyen Truong Giang said there were days when he "wandered" with film crews for months in Hoc Mon, Cu Chi or Western provinces. At first he applied for a job as an assistant to the crew, then gradually asked the director to play supporting roles. Every type of role he would like to try such as gentle role, letter of birth, personality, dust of life, villain, gypsy ...

At that time, the brothers and sisters in the family were all famous, successfully bringing pride to the Minh To family. Le Nguyen Truong Giang looked at himself without anything in his hand, according to Cai Luong or music, each side of him was confused. "I'm ashamed of my family and also ashamed of the stage. I've been graduating for years, but I'm not singing or acting.

Le Nguyen Truong Giang: The multi-talented descendant of the famous Minh To luong family - Photo 4

My livelihood wrapped around me between acting and teaching at the Film Theatre School, and I don't remember how long I hadn't been on stage singing. Later I realized that I may not be as successful as my sisters, I can only try to be recognized for my talent with my ancestors," Truong Giang said.

Le Nguyen Truong Giang also encouraged herself many times when she saw many beautiful young people, singing or coming from the Theater and Film School but did not have many opportunities to show their talents. You have to go play the roles of soldiers and masses every night for little remuneration. Realizing that he still has a lot of luck, Le Nguyen Truong Giang always tells himself to appreciate what he has.

Le Nguyen Truong Giang: The multi-talented descendant of the famous Minh To luong family - Photo 5

Living in a famous Cai Luong family, Le Nguyen Truong Giang was under a lot of pressure to succeed his career. His mother, artist Cam Huong, has been out of singing for more than 20 years, retreating backstage to watch her son's steps. Her main job now is to do hair and makeup for artists.

"I love Changjiang for pursuing a career in singing when reform is no longer prosperous. He grew up without the opportunity to learn directly from his mother and uncle, due to his young age when we went singing. I didn't want him to join Star Succession because I was afraid that if the outcome wasn't what he wanted, he would be upset. Before the exam, I made him promise that if the results were not as expected, he would not be upset. Truong Giang told me: "I will not be sad because I come to the contest to learn, experience, keep the profession, especially to bring the image of Cai Luong stage to the audience," artist Cam Huong said.

Le Nguyen Truong Giang: The multi-talented descendant of the famous Minh To luong family - Photo 6

However, with relentless efforts, in 2017, Truong Giang stepped out of his comfort zone and excellently won the Succession Star Champion. After the success of the contest, Le Nguyen Truong Giang was considered by the audience as a new phenomenon of the ancient art village.

Le Nguyen Truong Giang: The multi-talented descendant of the famous Minh To luong family - Photo 7

And yet, Le Nguyen Truong Giang was one of the first people to bring Cai Luong to the web drama, this is considered a bold, even reckless step because in the past, the art of Cai Luong has been attached to the stage. When he first uploaded the video promoting the project on his personal Youtube channel, Giang was also nervous because he did not know if the audience was interested. After just a few days, he received positive feedback.

Le Nguyen Truong Giang: The multi-talented descendant of the famous Minh To luong family - Photo 8

In real life, Giang impresses with his youthful, dynamic and modern appearance but pursues the traditional art of reform liang. Especially with Tuong Gu, Jiang can play both male and female roles very skillfully. In addition, Jiang also composed ancient scripts and songs.

Currently, in addition to touring, Jiang is sometimes invited to bring reform to schools, lecture halls ... He said that the audience is now stricter and more demanding than in the past, so he will try his best to bring a new breeze to this art, so that the ancient art of reform luong both retains the old features but is still suitable for contemporary audiences.

Le Nguyen Truong Giang: The multi-talented descendant of the famous Minh To luong family - Photo 9

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