A series of Miss Universe beauties were named to compete in Miss Grand Vietnam 2024

Vân AnhApr 12, 2024 at 17:11

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The new season of Miss Grand Vietnam will become more attractive than ever with the presence of these faces. However, with the new criteria of this year's season, I'm afraid that stage and performance skills are not enough to conquer the top position.

After the success of the past two seasons, Miss Grand Vietnam 2024 quickly received the attention of beauty fans in this return. Notably, this year's format was announced to have many changes.

A series of Miss Universe beauties were named to compete in Miss Grand Vietnam 2024 - Photo 1

Sticking closely to the format of the international competition, Miss Grand Vietnam 2024 promises to take place with many rounds and exciting activities. Sharing from Miss Grand Vietnam President Pham Kim Dung said: "Changes in the Miss Grand Thailand 2024 format may also be changes in Miss Grand Vietnam this year." Accordingly, the female CEO said that closely following the host country's competition is good preparation for Vietnamese contestants in the international arena.

With inherent charisma and performance-oriented characteristics, the public quickly called for many famous faces in the Vietnamese beauty world to register to participate.

Every time a beauty pageant announces a new season, the name Huong Ly is quickly mentioned. Compared to performance skills, the beauty is completely in abundance. Huong Ly also impresses with her sharp beauty, standard measurements and her trademark "body-bending" pose. Not only that, the beauty also possesses extensive experience, having competed in beauty contests 4 times and is currently ranked 1st runner-up - Miss Universe Vietnam 2023. Huong's efforts and efforts Ly should be rewarded with a prestigious crown.

A series of Miss Universe beauties were named to compete in Miss Grand Vietnam 2024 - Photo 2

Emma Le is also a factor that the public expects to register to participate in Miss Grand Vietnam 2023. Possessing a Western face and a seductive, luxurious charisma, Emma Le was once Huong Ly's rival at Miss Universe. Vietnam 2023. Despite her excellent performance in the performances, impressive ability to "swallow the mic", and natural, fluent English communication, she only stopped in the top 6 overall. The audience wants Emma Le to return to the beauty race for the second time to take revenge.

A series of Miss Universe beauties were named to compete in Miss Grand Vietnam 2024 - Photo 3

"Best Face" Le Nam is also trusted by the public to reappear in the beauty race. She possesses beautiful beauty, a large fan base, great recognition and good performance skills. The only point that beauties need to cultivate and improve is their foreign language skills.

A series of Miss Universe beauties were named to compete in Miss Grand Vietnam 2024 - Photo 4

However, with the new criteria for Miss Grand Vietnam this year, I am afraid that the skills these beauties have may not be suitable for the contest.

The organizers revealed that this year's format will closely follow the "mother contest" Miss Grand International (Miss Grand International) and the host contest Miss Grand Thailand (Miss Peace Thailand), but there will be many changes. Ms. Pham Kim Dung, president of Miss Grand Vietnam, said that closely following the host contest, the organizers of the Miss Grand International contest, will provide good preparation for Vietnamese contestants in the international arena.

A series of Miss Universe beauties were named to compete in Miss Grand Vietnam 2024 - Photo 5

Accordingly, Best Seller is one of the innovations that has received a lot of attention from Miss Grand Thailand in recent years. Specifically, contestants will livestream sales and prizes will be calculated based on the sales the beauties collect at the end of the contest. "We are not sure that Miss Grand International will have an additional Best Seller contest, but following the host contest Miss Grand Thailand is also good preparation for Vietnamese representatives. Furthermore, in the 4.0 sales era, we I think that exposing candidates to this method is also an opportunity for them to experience new jobs, who knows, maybe they will be able to apply it after the competition ends," Ms. Pham Kim Dung shared.

A series of Miss Universe beauties were named to compete in Miss Grand Vietnam 2024 - Photo 6

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