Ms. Nam Em reveals her brother-in-law's true personality, publicly announces her lover amid family noise?

Minh LợiFeb 26, 2024 at 16:14

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Nam Em and her businessman boyfriend named Cuong are the two names that have dominated social networks in recent days. The two continuously livestreamed and caused controversy with shocking statements and even quarrels on social networks.

In the midst of the drama, Nam Anh - Nam Em's twin sister's sharing about this male businessman has attracted a lot of attention.

Ms. Nam Em reveals her brother-in-laws true personality, publicly announces her lover amid family noise? - Photo 1

Accordingly, Nam Anh still has respect for the person who is accompanying his sister. She said she doesn't care about this person's past, she just needs to know that this is the man who is taking care of her sister now. Nam Anh also shared his feelings when he first met Nam Em's boyfriend.

"The first impression when meeting this person is to see that this person has extensive knowledge. When you spend more time talking, you will see that this is a person with a lot of experience in life. A person with a h.ot past. "If they were so boisterous but are now calm, rebuilding their lives, being a good person, we have to acknowledge them rather than criticize them" - Nam Anh shared.

Ms. Nam Em reveals her brother-in-laws true personality, publicly announces her lover amid family noise? - Photo 2

Previously, during the time when Nam Em was caught up in controversy when she announced her boyfriend and disappeared from social networks, Nam Anh also spoke up:

"When Mr. Cuong and Nam Em decided to accept the invitation to share their story, they certainly had to be responsible and not intentionally e.xpose their backs to others. The media is vague so sometimes they don't know. Who is speaking? Personally, as a family member, as an audience member, I find their story very inspiring.

Ms. Nam Em reveals her brother-in-laws true personality, publicly announces her lover amid family noise? - Photo 3

I don't care who Cuong is in the past, I just look at the present and am grateful that the person who saved my brother is him. The person who saved Nam Em at times that only we knew about was him. Nam Em struggles with his own fatigue due to psychological trauma from many things. It was Mr. Cuong who saved my brother." - Nam Anh wrote.

In another development, amid the turmoil in Nam Em and her husband's relationship, Nam Anh recently suddenly publicly announced her love affair with an actor.

Specifically, Le Nam publicly announced her love affair with a familiar actor in the Vietnamese entertainment industry - Huu Vi.

Ms. Nam Em reveals her brother-in-laws true personality, publicly announces her lover amid family noise? - Photo 4

The two posed "in love" on a luxury yacht, surrounded by romantic decorations, making fans excited. It is known that Le Nam has invited his friend Huu Vi to join them to become lovers in a new project coming out at the end of February.

Previously, Le Nam was rumored to be dating Rocker Nguyen when the two were caught exchanging many emotional gestures at a cafe. However, the beauty denied the above information.

The beauty from Tien Giang said she was happy when the audience speculated and talked about her. However, between Le Nam and Rocker Nguyen are just normal friends.

Ms. Nam Em reveals her brother-in-laws true personality, publicly announces her lover amid family noise? - Photo 5

When asked about love, Le Nam once affirmed that if she had a lover, she would publicly let the entire audience know:

"I will love harder than Nam Em. Because I have a different mindset. I have to be financially and mentally stable enough to start looking for a partner. If I love, I will announce it to the whole world." I love that person so that my man won't have an affair anywhere. My dream is that when I love, I will know at one look that "half", is my cell. Otherwise "It's okay for me to be single until I'm old, until I die," Nam Em's twin sister shared.

Ms. Nam Em reveals her brother-in-laws true personality, publicly announces her lover amid family noise? - Photo 6

At the same time, Le Nam also revealed that she is quite masculine so she has many close friends who are boys. Huu Vi and Rocker Nguyen are among her friends in the entertainment industry.

Ms. Nam Em reveals her brother-in-laws true personality, publicly announces her lover amid family noise? - Photo 7

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