Khoa Pug risked his life to poke the owner of Hanoi's notorious noodle bar, receiving bitter results when ignoring warnings

JLODec 01, 2023 at 15:58

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Not only famous throughout Hanoi, Ngo Sy Lien noodle restaurant also gained international fame when it was broadcast on the famous American television channel CNN. Kim Thao's (owner) style of receiving "god" like no other has aroused many controversies.

But that's why many people are curious, want to once come to check whether the owner "screams fire" as rumored or not? And Pug Science is no exception.

Khoa Pug risked his life to poke the owner of Hanois notorious noodle bar, receiving bitter results when ignoring warnings - Photo 1

Recently, he posted a clip documenting his experience at this infamous noodle bar. Although I have been to the Capital many times, this is the first time that the Pug Department has had the opportunity to enjoy noodles along the net.

"It's very famous here, I've heard her name for a long time but now I have a chance to come. Not coming to eat but being scared makes me nervous too, everyone. Never been to a food review so nervous."

Before entering the restaurant, the male guide accompanying the Pug Department said: "Come in here and order quickly, brother."

Khoa Pug risked his life to poke the owner of Hanois notorious noodle bar, receiving bitter results when ignoring warnings - Photo 2

The male YouTuber ordered 3 bowls of vermicelli noodles along the full net, including spring, sprouted, tongue. The guy commented that the broth, the plump spring pieces, dipped with a special dipping sauce served with it tasted "fragrant, not spicy".

While enjoying it, Pug happily joked with the 70-year-old innkeeper: "Now I want to poke the mule lady for fun without seeing her. You look at me, you say a word." Contrary to expectations, Mrs. Thao just chuckled. After a while, the guy approached the stall and chatted more intimately with the owner of the noodle bar.

Pug was surprised to hear Thao's confidants. The woman said she had taken over the noodle bar since she was 30 years old, and has been running for 40 years. Now her daughter-in-law, daughter and grandson are helping at the shop. The day Thao sells goods in Ngo Sy Lien Street, she will go home in the evening, near Thu Le Park.

Khoa Pug risked his life to poke the owner of Hanois notorious noodle bar, receiving bitter results when ignoring warnings - Photo 3

"People call me Mad Thao. It's hard to keep calm at times," Thao's confession made Pug laugh.

He happily continued: "Today I went to Hanoi foodtour, ate many famous dishes, rolls, pho thin and wanted to try grandma's noodles. Now I'm going to poke her into a little talk, and I see she's gentle."

Khoa Pug risked his life to poke the owner of Hanois notorious noodle bar, receiving bitter results when ignoring warnings - Photo 4

At the end of the conversation, Faculty Pug took the initiative to ask for a commemorative photo with the female owner. Before leaving, he was even more surprised when Mrs. Thao sent back the m.oney to eat the noodles earlier. However, the h.ot YouTuber quickly waved her hand, gesturing for her to keep the m.oney.

Under the clip, many netizens left many comments expressing their interest in watching the review clip of Faculty Pug.

It can be seen that, after a long time in the US, in August Pug Department decided to return to Vietnam. He still regularly updates the situation of his life when he returns home with those trips, learning many dishes in the regions.

In addition to updating daily videos, he also opened his personal TikTok channel. However, in contrast to the popularity of a YouTube channel with 4.6 million subscribers, Faculty Pug's TikTok channel currently has just over 17,000 followers (followers) with 4 short clips. The owner himself admitted: "It's a lot of makeovers without losing." It is worth mentioning the clip "Between 5 billion and up to 8cm tall, which one do you choose?". The clip alone is only 12 seconds but has garnered 4.3 million views, capturing the Pug's walk with his legs extended.

Khoa Pug risked his life to poke the owner of Hanois notorious noodle bar, receiving bitter results when ignoring warnings - Photo 5

Netizens paid a lot of attention to Pug's daily activities during his travels which he updated on social media. From driving Mercedes through Southeast Asia to how to spend 500 million to buy all the color of IP 15 Titan phones or videos about the idyllic life of Khoa Pug in Nha Trang ... all attract millions of views per video.

The witty, natural way of talking and especially the spending of the Pug Department every time reviewing a dish or a tourist destination is what attracts a large number of viewers. He also humorously joked when he posted a photo of eating shrimp noodles at the hotel, likening himself to a Korean idol: "People say it doesn't matter what you eat, it matters where you eat. The attitude of eating instant noodles is no different from Lee Min Ho."

Khoa Pug risked his life to poke the owner of Hanois notorious noodle bar, receiving bitter results when ignoring warnings - Photo 6

Besides, this YouTuber was also entangled in rumors that forced him to correct his statements expressing his affection for DJ Mie.

Khoa Pug risked his life to poke the owner of Hanois notorious noodle bar, receiving bitter results when ignoring warnings - Photo 7

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