Khoa Pug visits an abandoned h.ot pot restaurant that once collaborated with Vuong Pham, implying that someone was tricked

Hoàng PhúcJul 12, 2022 at 11:11

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After achieving the goal of lengthening his legs, Khoa Pug recently suddenly shared about the h.ot pot restaurant project that he and Vuong Pham once cooperated with. It is known that the male youtuber used to spend more than 6 billion VND to buy this restaurant.

After returning on YouTube, Khoa Pug surprised when he announced spending more than 2 billion VND to pull his legs. After more than 3 arduous months for "beauty", Khoa Pug was finally able to finish the leg pulling journey with a new height of 1m75. He demonstrated the growth of height after surgery by comparing when standing with another person.

Khoa Pug said that if he wears shoes about 4-5cm high, he can completely reach 1m8. He shared that in the process of pulling his leg he suffered a lot, the leg bones were always aching and dull pain that made him take medicine continuously. Khoa Pug said the last days of leg pulling were extremely painful for him. However, in the end, he successfully completed the "leg zipper".

Khoa Pug visits an abandoned h.ot pot restaurant that once collaborated with Vuong Pham, implying that someone was tricked - Photo 1

Besides, on a happy day, he "pleased" the viewers and went to the restaurant where he and Vuong Pham once invested m.oney to build a h.ot pot restaurant to review how this house is "working". However, when they arrived, the scene surprised many people when the restaurant had turned into an abandoned place and became a shelter for the homeless. It is known that Khoa Pug spent more than 6 billion VND to buy the restaurant and more than 300 million VND/month in rent.

Khoa Pug visits an abandoned h.ot pot restaurant that once collaborated with Vuong Pham, implying that someone was tricked - Photo 2

While reviewing this restaurant, Khoa Pug used a sarcastic tone when comparing himself after pulling his legs as "New Khoa Pug" and "unmasking" the character "Old Khoa Pug". He said the "old Pug Faculty" had "scammed" when it cost billions to buy a restaurant but abandoned it. However, many people realized that Khoa Pug was trying to connect with another issue, possibly between him and Vuong Pham.

Khoa Pug visits an abandoned h.ot pot restaurant that once collaborated with Vuong Pham, implying that someone was tricked - Photo 3

But at the end of the clip just posted when reviewing the above restaurant, Khoa Pug confirmed that he would contact the owner of the land to find out if "Old Khoa Pug" was in business or had sold the land to whom. Many people suspect that the "Old Pug Faculty" here is referring to the troubles about the early restaurant opening cooperation that has "go into oblivion" between him and Vuong Pham. In addition, "New Khoa Pug" after pulling his legs also promised to have a series of "Old Pug Khoa" revolving around the h.ot pot restaurant business.

Khoa Pug visits an abandoned h.ot pot restaurant that once collaborated with Vuong Pham, implying that someone was tricked - Photo 4

Khoa Pug - Vuong Pham used to be very close friends, but at the moment, the two sides do not mention each other. This caused the online community to question whether the friendship between Khoa Pug and Vuong Pham officially disbanded.

It was thought that after the "billion-dollar drama", the two would be more affectionate, when they constantly posted clips of going out, having business missions together. However, at the beginning of January 2022, Vuong Pham suddenly deleted all intimate pictures during the trip to Alaska with the presence of Khoa Pug on his personal page.

What made the netizen so sure that this couple was cracked was because of Khoa Pug's statement on January 9, 2022. "In this new year 2022, I won't be filming YouTube in association with anyone anymore, I'll go roam around s.hooting travel vlogs eating alone like before. And in the future, whatever business I have, I'll do it alone too Thank you guys!", his statement to fans was like an admission of "everyone's way" with Vuong Pham.

Khoa Pug visits an abandoned h.ot pot restaurant that once collaborated with Vuong Pham, implying that someone was tricked - Photo 5

Not only that, Khoa Pug also made a move to remove the photo marked "beautiful friendship", delete all the names of "close friends" in his posts. The online community also had the opportunity to stir up the suspicion of the two's friendship.

As for Vuong Pham, he also only updated the pictures with his family. During Tet, male YouTuber sent New Year greetings to fans, but did not mention the name of "close friend" Khoa Pug.

Up to now, both of them have kept quiet and have not officially spoken about this friendship, but the underground moves of Khoa Pug and Vuong Pham have made the online community firmly affirm that this friendship has ended. end.

Khoa Pug visits an abandoned h.ot pot restaurant that once collaborated with Vuong Pham, implying that someone was tricked - Photo 6

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