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Khoa Pug warned the TikTok channel if he offended his father and would "run away" if he did not correct it

Châu Anh16:19:38 22/03/2024
While he was still in peace, Khoa Pug was suddenly called out in a scandalous clip of a TikTok channel. Worth mentioning, not only Khoa Pug but also his father's background was mentioned in the clip that attracted a lot of attention.

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Khoa Pug proudly "beat" Son Tung, earned 2 billion a day, but was surprised by the personal income he had to pay

Bảo Nam09:49:42 18/03/2024
Pug Faculty is a name that is no longer strange to many people today. The male Youtuber always appears with a flashy appearance and is known as one of the young people who owns a large fortune.

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Chi Pu selling pho is criticized by Vietnamese people for "losing root", "charming" Chinese customers because of this

Uyển Đình10:31:48 08/03/2024
Losing root, not feeling like it's pho are the comments that Vietnamese diners say about Chi Pu's new pho restaurant. Contrary to that low rating, Chinese people are quite satisfied with the food, which is known to be due to Chi Pu doing 1 thing.

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Pug Department recruited a wife over 1m75 for 30 billion, got criticized for letting 2 old people carry it up the mountain?

Hoàng Phúc06:04:40 01/02/2024
Khoa Pug (real name is Nguyen Anh Khoa) - h.ot YouTuber with 3.94 million subscribers emerged with clips that exude the smell of m.oney. Recently, he caused controversy when he announced that his standards for choosing a wife were sky-high.

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Khoa Pug spent 1 billion on Tet items, was called a playboy billionaire, showing signs of growth

JLO11:49:10 29/01/2024
As a YouTuber with more than 4.6 million subscribers, each video he posts is of interest to netizens. Recently, he made the audience stir again with his Tet shopping video.

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Khoa Pug asked someone to exonerate Chi Pu, closing a sentence that everyone who heard would agree

Nguyễn Tuyết08:21:33 11/01/2024
Khoa Pug's review of Chi Pu pho restaurant opening for sale in the billion-dollar country market received approval from many netizens. Unlike the recent TikToker who made people stir.

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Pug to Shaolin Self-taught martial arts, 5 billion leg condition attention?

Keng11:48:04 04/01/2024
Recently, on his YouTube channel of more than 4.6 million followers, Khoa Pug uploaded a new clip titled Science Pug to Shaolin Temple in China to learn kungfu that caught the attention of netizen.

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Pug was told he was in a "sensitive" profession, hooking up with U60 women to m.ake m.oney, what did the owner say?

Nguyễn Kim15:19:19 02/12/2023
On social media, one account suddenly spoke out saying the reason Pug was rich was because of his sensitive profession, even seeing him go to work in person. Faced with this information, the male YouTuber immediately responded but made everyone turn on their backs.

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Khoa Pug risked his life to poke the owner of Hanoi's notorious noodle bar, receiving bitter results when ignoring warnings

JLO15:58:52 01/12/2023
Not only famous throughout Hanoi, Ngo Sy Lien noodle restaurant also gained international fame when it was broadcast on the famous American television channel CNN. Kim Thao's (owner) style of receiving god like no other has aroused many controversies.

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Faculty Pug reveals strange g.irl in private room, beautiful beauty like hotgirl, netizens hunt for identity

An Nhi11:48:44 01/12/2023
In a clip posted recently by Faculty Pug, the brief appearance of a strange g.irl quickly caught the attention of netizens. Many opinions say that this is the person behind the million-view clips of male youtubers.

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Pug revealed evidence of using Mie to "burnish her name" and "condescend" to do something unprecedented

Nguyễn Kim14:50:28 07/11/2023
In recent days, Khoa Pug was suddenly named after Hong Thanh and DJ Mie broke up. The male YouTuber also posted an angry forum on his personal page but was exposed to an unusual detail.

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Faculty Pug fumed when he was used and harmed in DJ Mie's 'saw' case after breaking up with Hong Qing

Juni Nguyễn15:40:57 06/11/2023
After the beautiful female DJ of Vietnamese showbiz DJ Mie broke up with Hong Thanh, information spread on social networks that Khoa Pug openly confessed his love to the beauty, attracting great attention from the online community.

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Faculty Pug implies Mie has no door, the "DJ doll" is silent but "tormented" by unexpected actions

Bảo Tiên10:03:19 06/11/2023
Recently, besides Mie confirming that she has gone their separate ways with Hong Thanh, statements from a Tiktok account named Khoa PUG are also attention-grabbing. However, the owner himself spoke up with a disturbing subtext.

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Faculty Pug cried out, demanding cleanliness of the Hong Qing-Mie case, subtextually rejecting the charming female DJ?

Minh Lợi09:13:58 06/11/2023
YouTuber Science Pug officially spoke out against a series of questions that are said to be Hong Qing, who has a crush on Mie. People simultaneously turned the car, sympathizing with the guy from Nha Trang.

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Faculty Pug announces that preparing to "review" DJ Mie after breaking up with Hong Qing, people "catch chairs" to wait?

Huỳnh Phúc17:02:41 04/11/2023
Recently, the incident of Science Pug posting a frank criticism of DJ Mie's former love is still receiving great attention from the online community. Following the story, the male YouTuber announced that there will be 1 beauty review session causing a stir.

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Pug mocks Hong Qing, sneers unworthy of Mie, "flexes" lightly, asks the female DJ 1 question directly?

Quỳnh Quỳnh14:42:54 03/11/2023
The news that Hong Thanh and DJ Mie broke up after 3 years of dating is currently a topic of intense discussion on forums. The Science Pug giant also recently caused controversy when he meant to demean Hong Qing, promoting himself on social media.

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Faculty Pug caused a stir while exporting labor to Cambodia, announcing a riot on the internet?

Nhật Hân15:20:27 24/10/2023
Known as the second richest Youtuber in Vietnam, but recently Khoa Pug surprised people when he decided to go to Cambodia to export labor.

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Faculty Pug was touched to meet a special character in Nha Trang, spending half a billion to buy a full color iPhone 15

JLO14:20:29 02/10/2023
Khoa Pug has just returned to Vietnam not long after a long time living in the US. The guy continued to release the review clip with his familiar style, maybe more luxury.

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Faculty Pug shocks with strange action for camera man, girlfriend portrait causes public uproar

Mộc Trà11:39:04 10/09/2023
As a YouTuber famous for many videos of experiencing expensive and unique things, Science Pug is loved by many people. Recently, he returned to Vietnam and continued his content creation activities.

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Pug has just returned home to buy a good car to pick up the bride, the identity of his girlfriend has also been revealed?

Nhật Hân14:13:51 08/09/2023
Recently, YouTuber Science Pug made the online community fall on his back by revealing the identity of his lover. Many people believe that his purchase of billion-dollar boxes is for transporting his girlfriend.

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Faculty Pug shows off the 2nd "big play" feat after the 3 billion supercar closing screen, people rush to consider 1 thing

Bảo Tiên07:12:47 06/09/2023
A few days ago, the giant Science Pug made the online community gasp when he aggressively closed the order for a Mercedes worth nearly 3 billion just because of a promise in the past. The male YouTuber recently continued to stun with his tolerance to play.

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Quang Linh Vlogs who have just returned to Vietnam have been "on the scale" with Khoa Pug: There is 1 point that causes public opinion

Mộc Trà13:45:29 04/09/2023
Pursuing content creation and becoming YouTubers, the two quickly became h.ot names on social media, owning a YouTube channel with millions of followers, videos attracting hundreds of thousands to millions of views.

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Faculty Pug was sarcastically "poor", ran out of m.oney to return to Vietnam, immediately spent 3 billion to do 1 thing to torment the fans

Thảo Mai15:11:13 31/08/2023
Accordingly, as promised earlier, after nearly 2 years, YouTuber Khoa Pug has returned to the showroom of sales tycoon Mother Xuan Hoan and successfully closed the Mercedes-Benz GLC 300.

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Khoa Pug sold all his assets in the US, leaving Vuong Pham to return to Vietnam to marry his Japanese girlfriend?

Thảo Mai10:11:57 29/08/2023
After 3 years studying abroad in the West, Khoa Pug recently suddenly said that he has returned to Vietnam. When the information was announced, people excitedly called out the name of a g.irl who had been questioned for romance with the male YouTuber.

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