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Khoa Pug competed in height with Luong Thuy Linh and the ending made everyone laugh

Bảo Nam15:07:22 05/06/2024
Recently, Khoa Pug appeared at an event with a cast of famous stars of Vietnamese showbiz. The moment the male YouTuber met and competed in height with Miss Luong Thuy Linh attracted attention.

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Khoa Pug warned the TikTok channel if he offended his father and would "run away" if he did not correct it

Châu Anh16:19:38 22/03/2024
While he was still in peace, Khoa Pug was suddenly called out in a scandalous clip of a TikTok channel. Worth mentioning, not only Khoa Pug but also his father's background was mentioned in the clip that attracted a lot of attention.

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Khoa Pug proudly "beat" Son Tung, earned 2 billion a day, but was surprised by the personal income he had to pay

Bảo Nam09:49:42 18/03/2024
Pug Faculty is a name that is no longer strange to many people today. The male Youtuber always appears with a flashy appearance and is known as one of the young people who owns a large fortune.

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Pug Department recruited a wife over 1m75 for 30 billion, got criticized for letting 2 old people carry it up the mountain?

Hoàng Phúc06:04:40 01/02/2024
Khoa Pug (real name is Nguyen Anh Khoa) - h.ot YouTuber with 3.94 million subscribers emerged with clips that exude the smell of m.oney. Recently, he caused controversy when he announced that his standards for choosing a wife were sky-high.

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Khoa Pug spent 1 billion on Tet items, was called a playboy billionaire, showing signs of growth

JLO11:49:10 29/01/2024
As a YouTuber with more than 4.6 million subscribers, each video he posts is of interest to netizens. Recently, he made the audience stir again with his Tet shopping video.

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Pug to Shaolin Self-taught martial arts, 5 billion leg condition attention?

Keng11:48:04 04/01/2024
Recently, on his YouTube channel of more than 4.6 million followers, Khoa Pug uploaded a new clip titled Science Pug to Shaolin Temple in China to learn kungfu that caught the attention of netizen.

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Khoa Pug risked his life to poke the owner of Hanoi's notorious noodle bar, receiving bitter results when ignoring warnings

JLO15:58:52 01/12/2023
Not only famous throughout Hanoi, Ngo Sy Lien noodle restaurant also gained international fame when it was broadcast on the famous American television channel CNN. Kim Thao's (owner) style of receiving god like no other has aroused many controversies.

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Faculty Pug reveals strange g.irl in private room, beautiful beauty like hotgirl, netizens hunt for identity

An Nhi11:48:44 01/12/2023
In a clip posted recently by Faculty Pug, the brief appearance of a strange g.irl quickly caught the attention of netizens. Many opinions say that this is the person behind the million-view clips of male youtubers.

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Pug revealed evidence of using Mie to "burnish her name" and "condescend" to do something unprecedented

Nguyễn Kim14:50:28 07/11/2023
In recent days, Khoa Pug was suddenly named after Hong Thanh and DJ Mie broke up. The male YouTuber also posted an angry forum on his personal page but was exposed to an unusual detail.

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Faculty Pug fumed when he was used and harmed in DJ Mie's 'saw' case after breaking up with Hong Qing

Juni Nguyễn15:40:57 06/11/2023
After the beautiful female DJ of Vietnamese showbiz DJ Mie broke up with Hong Thanh, information spread on social networks that Khoa Pug openly confessed his love to the beauty, attracting great attention from the online community.

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Faculty Pug cried out, demanding cleanliness of the Hong Qing-Mie case, subtextually rejecting the charming female DJ?

Minh Lợi09:13:58 06/11/2023
YouTuber Science Pug officially spoke out against a series of questions that are said to be Hong Qing, who has a crush on Mie. People simultaneously turned the car, sympathizing with the guy from Nha Trang.

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Faculty Pug caused a stir while exporting labor to Cambodia, announcing a riot on the internet?

Nhật Hân15:20:27 24/10/2023
Known as the second richest Youtuber in Vietnam, but recently Khoa Pug surprised people when he decided to go to Cambodia to export labor.

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Faculty Pug was touched to meet a special character in Nha Trang, spending half a billion to buy a full color iPhone 15

JLO14:20:29 02/10/2023
Khoa Pug has just returned to Vietnam not long after a long time living in the US. The guy continued to release the review clip with his familiar style, maybe more luxury.

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Faculty Pug was sarcastically "poor", ran out of m.oney to return to Vietnam, immediately spent 3 billion to do 1 thing to torment the fans

Thảo Mai15:11:13 31/08/2023
Accordingly, as promised earlier, after nearly 2 years, YouTuber Khoa Pug has returned to the showroom of sales tycoon Mother Xuan Hoan and successfully closed the Mercedes-Benz GLC 300.

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Khoa Pug sold a h.ot pot restaurant of 23 billion to Vuong Pham, broke up with his best friend back to Vietnam, almost cried while doing this

Minh Lợi10:57:00 18/07/2023
Making tens of billions of dong a month, but Khoa Pug still decided to sell the h.ot pot restaurant of 23 billion in the US to Vuong Pham. People were shocked when they learned the real reason behind.

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Khoa Pug went missing after being harmed by bad guys, destroying the restaurant: An emergency situation, everyone is worried

Mưa07:07:13 01/04/2023
At this time, the online community is extremely excited by the news that Khoa Pug's house is in a state of tension because of being harmed by bad guys. Worryingly, since the announcement of the shocking incident, the male YouTuber completely disappeared from social networks...

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Khoa Pug published in the American magazine, Vuong Pham's parents hold a special position, deciding the success or failure of the restaurant

JLO09:05:19 22/03/2023
As a famous YouTuber in Vietnam, Khoa Pug is getting more and more attention when he goes to the US to perform leg traction surgery. Recently, the male youtuber was also honored to appear on the fanpage of an American magazine. Specifically, recently, the image of Khoa Pug...

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Khoa Pug restaurant had a change, being disturbed and not allowed to do business, fans shouted Johnny Dang's name for unexpected reasons

Thảo Mai09:05:41 21/03/2023
After nearly 2 weeks of opening, Khoa Pug restaurant is increasingly crowded, even sometimes overloaded, having to drive away customers. However, Khoa Pug confirmed that the restaurant is still losing m.oney. However, this is not an issue that he cares about, but what the male...

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Vuong Pham's biological mother "rolls up her sleeves" to run a table at Khoa Pug restaurant, accidentally r.evealing her son's secret

Minh Lợi09:16:28 15/03/2023
Opening a 23 billion restaurant in the US after more than a year of planning and preparation, Khoa Pug attracted the attention of fans and netizens. Recently, the appearance of Vuong Pham's biological mother has made the restaurant atmosphere even more bustling. Accordingly...

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R.evealing evidence Khoa Pug - Vuong Pham pretends to be angry, the reason for hiding the good thing is shocking!

Hoàng Phúc10:00:57 07/03/2023
Although directly attending the opening of the 23 billion property, both brothers Vuong Pham - Khoa Pug did not stand in the same frame. This act of the couple continues to make people stir up. Khoa Pug - Vuong Pham used to be best friends, but by the beginning of 2022, the two...

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Vuong Pham made peace with Khoa Pug, came to congratulate the other party on opening a restaurant, what about Johnny Dang?

Hoàng Phúc14:26:20 06/03/2023
After a long wait as well as side troubles, Khoa Pug's restaurant was officially opened. Notably, netizens also saw the image of Khoa Pug being supported by his old friend Vuong Pham. Accordingly, keeping the characteristics like some restaurants in Vietnam, Khoa Pug invited the...

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Khoa Pug shocked because he spent 23 billion to open a restaurant but sell buffet at the price "as cheap as a bowl of pho": Another trick?

Hoàng Phúc14:09:40 02/03/2023
Watching Khoa Pug, everyone has to admire his willingness to spend from spending up to 5 billion VND to drag his feet to investing 23 billion to open a h.ot pot buffet restaurant only as a gathering place for Vietnamese people in the US. Khoa Pug is no longer a strange name to...

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Pug Faculty after "burning" billions of 1m8 long legs: The appearance is different, but there is one thing that has not changed

Minh Lợi16:44:25 05/01/2023
After more than a year of successful height increase, the guy started to turn to business and also continued to shoot YouTube clips with the content that his forte was food review. Known as one of the popular YouTubers with luxurious travel clips, exploring every corner of the...

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Khoa Pug restaurant in the US was broken into and robbed of nearly 1 billion, netizens called Johnny Dang, Vuong Pham

Hoàng Phúc10:34:28 18/11/2022
1 month after the announcement of opening a restaurant in the US, on the evening of November 18, on his personal Facebook page, Khoa Pug announced a new clip and posted a rather long article about his restaurant being constantly robbed and destroyed. ruin. Accordingly, after...

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