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Jennie is increasingly "bold", dressed in a full bra, showing off her bare back, beautiful waist line

An Nhi07:10:34 06/05/2024
Jennie became the focus of media, causing global social media to explode when she wore a short, s.exy body-hugging black dress. The design impresses with a bold cut-out at the back, helping the beauty o.ff her lush ivory back.

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Jennie (BLACKPINK) is extremely favored by Zico, despite doing this to collaborate

An Nhi13:34:27 04/05/2024
Before the release of SPOT!, BLACKPINK's Jennie and Zico were K-pop best friends, although the two have not yet collaborated together. After working together recently, Zico has shared about Jennie that attracted attention.

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Zico "high-handed", taking advantage of NewJeans - LE SSERAFIM - ILLIT, with Jennie to benefit?

Hoàng Phúc17:38:09 03/05/2024
In recent days, HYBE Entertainment Group has been awash in noise from a management battle with Min Hee Jin. In the midst of this, Zico is said to be taking advantage of the drama to cause controversy.

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Jennie is suspected of plagiarism, there is evidence of "copying the original", fans are out of the way to save

Nguyễn Kim14:30:45 03/05/2024
Recently, the famous Korean eyewear and accessories brand Gentle Monster introduced a new collection called Jentle Salon, in collaboration with Kpop idol Jennie (member of BLACKPINK).

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Pedal Wind: the stage of Zhang Yuxi team accused of plagiarizing BLACKPINK at Coachella

Phong Trần14:22:35 03/05/2024
The performance in the new premiere of Wind Ride 2024 is being hotly discussed for reminding netizens of BLACKPINK. Zhang Yuxi gave a performance that thought she was Jennie's version of Wind Pedaling.

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BLACKPINK Nickname Unbelieving: Lisa takes care of the couple, Jennie - Jisoo loves

Gia Nhi06:46:11 03/05/2024
Half of 2024 has passed, but the joint schedule of 4 BlackPink girls so far has no information. All 4 have their own directions, personal lives and neglect even common musical products.

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Jennie "broke" Kpop, Lisa, Jisoo are strangely quiet, Rosé is not as good as fans thought

Kim Lâm15:41:40 29/04/2024
While Jennie is bombarding Kpop, many netizens wonder about the careers of the three remaining members Jisoo, Lisa and Rosé. Besides, many fans cannot help but worry about the current situation of the Australian rose.

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Jennie (BLACKPINK) turned on the fangirl mood, "rocking" the audience at the SEVENTEEN concert

Chitshere21:08:33 28/04/2024
Jennie (BLACKPINK) continued to make netizens faint when she suddenly appeared at Seventeen's FOLLOW concert. The presence of the female idol quickly attracted the attention of many Kpop fans, especially fans of both groups.

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Jennie "has fate" with the HYBE family: Close with a series of idols, dating handsome men

Kim Lâm17:08:38 27/04/2024
Recently, Jennie broke the music industry by collaborating with Zico in the music product SPOT. From here, netizens discovered that the BLACKPINK member has a very good relationship with the HYBE family, having close relationships with many male idols.

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Miss Tieu Vy almost "collided" with Jennie, the beautiful Vietnamese queen who was hard to take her eyes off of

Kim Lâm17:32:16 25/04/2024
If Jennie BLACKPINK is considered the new generation fashion queen, then Tieu Vy is a Vietnamese queen who is known as a once-in-a-lifetime beauty. Recently, the two had a confrontation that caused people to put the comparison on the table.

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Jennie (BLACKPINK) stole Zico's spotlight, even making fans stir because of this!

Nguyễn Tuyết13:54:43 25/04/2024
Recently, Zico made the online community stir when he released a MV teaser in collaboration with Jennie. As always, main rapper BLACKPINK still shows off his amazing visual, but people pay attention to other details.

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Ahyeon (BABYMONSTER) is expected to become the 2nd Jennie?

Phi Đức21:33:44 20/04/2024
Since before BABYMONSTER officially debuted, Ahyeon has been a name that attracts fans. With comprehensive talent in singing, rapping and dancing, the 17-year-old female idol is expected to become the second Jennie of the Kpop industry.

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BABYMONSTER became YG's "exception", not compensating for BLACKPINK's 7 years

Minh Ngọc15:40:14 19/04/2024
Although it has been less than a year since their debut, YG has continuously promoted activities for BLACKPINK girls in recent times, even stronger than BLACKPINK's 7 years.

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Jennie (BLACKPINK) "cleared up chaos" in Kpop, releasing a demo of a new song that made her juniors turn off the radio

Chitshere14:40:19 19/04/2024
ZICO suddenly revealed a collab with Jennie's (BLACK PINK) extremely sultry voice with a catchy melody, expected to stir up digital music charts on platforms.

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Ahyeon is the most favored by YG in BABYMONSTER, the reason is extremely convincing

Khánh Huyền09:53:47 12/04/2024
Ahyeon's return to activity was supported by many audiences, because before that, the female idol born in 2007 was the member that attracted the largest number of fans. YG even declared Ahyeon as the center of BABYMONSTER, affirming her position in...

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Ahyeon BABYMONTER was praised for her good behavior, but "BTS sister" was criticized for her low EQ

Minh Ngọc15:03:53 10/04/2024
Receiving the same question about studying, YG rookie Ahyeon was sobbingly praised for her ingenuity and sophistication. On the contrary, LE SSERAFIM's youngest brother was criticized for a long time for his low EQ.

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Rosé struggles to find glory after leaving YG, far behind the BLACKPINK sisters?

Thanh Phúc14:43:08 08/04/2024
Korean female idol artist Rosé, a member of the top g.irl group BlackPink, has just confused K-pop fans when she struggled to find a foothold in a music show for rookies, after leaving YG she was said to have lost her aura, sisters far behind.

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BLACKPINK gets named again amid ILLIT being stoned on the encore stage

Khánh Huyền17:06:39 06/04/2024
BLACKPINK is always a name that is reminded by people whenever Kpop has more encore disasters. The more I look at the seniors, the more disappointed netizens are with the successive generations of juniors.

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Jennie as president is "young and green", the staff is less professional than YG?

An Nhi07:23:08 06/04/2024
After her time out privately, as president of ODDATELIER, Jennie made netizens frustrated with her lack of professionalism. Even many fans did not hesitate to comment that the BLACKPINK member's crew was incompetent.

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Jennie (BLACKPINK) turns muse in Zico's 10th anniversary song

Phương Thảo16:02:51 04/04/2024
Korean newspapers reported that Jennie will be the artist to collaborate with Zico for the singer's 10th anniversary song. The new song is said to be released later this month, the Goddess Blackpink will contribute vocals and appear in the MV with her seniors.

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BLACKPINK went on a date with a b.oy dressed in a hundred bulbs, peeled off the price and was stunned, spending m.oney like water

Pinky15:01:10 04/04/2024
Kpop fans were surprised by the exposing of a series of prices from the outfits 4 BlackPink girls wore, especially brand names when these girls were caught dating, coupled with boyfriends, hearing the price but stunned.

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'Little Jennie' succumbs to BABYMONSTER, plunges without brakes, group runs out of saves

Trí Nhi06:47:50 04/04/2024
Sheesh marks the official debut of Babymonster and the return of member Ahyeon, who has been likened to Little Jennie. Unlike public expectations, BlackPink's junior group did not leave much of an impression.

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Jennie unleashes April Fool's "trick", denies comeback because of being hindered by BLACKPINK

Nguyễn Kim13:27:59 02/04/2024
As soon as Jennie's solo confirmation announcement was announced on June 6, fans could not rejoice when they learned that Jennie's side had denied the announcement of a solo album. Reportedly, the reason behind is related to BLACKPINK.

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Rookie Ahyeon (BABYMONSTER) feels honored to be called "Little Jennie"

Minh Ngọc07:24:46 02/04/2024
Ace Ahyeon of the BABYMONSTER rookie squad recently shared his feelings about being called Little Jennie. She considers it her own honor and motivation to try.

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