Quang Le was stoned for leaving in the middle of a music night to commemorate Duc Tien, the reason for the controversy

Đình NhưJun 11, 2024 at 17:27

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Participating in the farewell performance of his colleague Duc Tien, Quang Le was suddenly criticized for his sad attitude. After that, some viewers defended this singer when they thought that this was a way of showing professionalism.

Accordingly, recently, the passing of the late actor Duc Tien has left many losses for colleagues. The memorial concert for the late actor Duc Tien has received a lot of attention in recent days.

Quang Le was stoned for leaving in the middle of a music night to commemorate Duc Tien, the reason for the controversy - Photo 1

Many famous artists have contributed voices such as Thuy Nga, Quang Le, Lam Nhat Tien, Hong Ngoc, Lam Truong... However, immediately after singing 3 songs, Quang Le immediately left, did not stay to eat with his colleagues, so it caused controversy.

On the livestream after the show, Quang Le shared: "Today, after singing the third song, I was so sad that I went home. When I got home, I watched the livestream of the music night from a friend in the show and it was even sadder."

Quang Le was stoned for leaving in the middle of a music night to commemorate Duc Tien, the reason for the controversy - Photo 2

The male singer said that he did not practice his voice first, so his voice was not good, and he forgot to wear in-ears on stage, so he could not control the sound. "Because I don't have in-ears, I can't hear my voice and sing uncontrollably. I also sang with an empty stomach, so I didn't have enough breath to sing," Quang Le said. To be fair, for an artist, wearing in-ear is very important to be able to hear the voice clearly and count the beat,... Especially in crowded spaces, the audience cheered loudly.

Quang Le also identified himself as singing in two places because he was not fully prepared. The male singer felt sad when he encountered such a situation, especially when the program was filmed and livestreamed. The reason Quang Le did not explain to the audience was because the applause was too loud. When he heard it again, he was even more unhappy and felt the need to change.

Quang Le was stoned for leaving in the middle of a music night to commemorate Duc Tien, the reason for the controversy - Photo 3

After the clip, many comments criticized Quang Le. An audience member said: "I thought I was sad because of your loss, who is afraid just because of a bad performance. Quang Le makes me feel disappointed." Many viewers also think that Quang Le "raises his views", saying that in the memorial night, the emotions and affection for the deceased must still come first, not because of any individual who affects the general memorial atmosphere.

However, there are also many viewers who defend Quang Le because they think that this is the conscience of the artist, worried about his voice to the public is not as desired. Especially, for an artist, performing and singing to serve the audience is the most important thing, singing not as desired leads to errors is something that every artist is concerned about.

Quang Le was stoned for leaving in the middle of a music night to commemorate Duc Tien, the reason for the controversy - Photo 4

A large music fanpage also defended the male singer: "Quang Le was careless, so he forgot to put in his ears and sang some verses, when I heard it again, I felt sad, sad because I sang poorly, not good, sad because I could have sung better, sad because I couldn't have sung better, sad because I didn't make the audience satisfied...

So what's wrong with criticizing? People who go to sing with a heart for their profession are sad because the sound incident is true, but those who are free like some people, even if they are not related, also demand that people be sad because of that and that for themselves."

Quang Le was stoned for leaving in the middle of a music night to commemorate Duc Tien, the reason for the controversy - Photo 5

Singer Quang Le's real name is Le Huu Nghi, born in 1979 in Hue. Quang Le is the 3rd c.hild in a family with many siblings. Since childhood, Quang Le has followed his family to the US to settle down. The male singer has loved singing since he was a c.hild and was allowed by his parents to study music from the 9th grade.

Around 2000, Quang Le officially had the opportunity to pursue a professional music path and quickly became a popular name in the overseas music industry. Quang Le's sweet singing voice is also loved by many domestic audiences. That's why since 2010, Quang Le has regularly worked and sung in Vietnam.

Quang Le was stoned for leaving in the middle of a music night to commemorate Duc Tien, the reason for the controversy - Photo 6

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