Hoa - Miss Universe runner-up publicly spoke ill of Mr. Nawat, who deposed Miss Grand, is still supported, why?

Minh LợiOct 22, 2023 at 18:35

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Openly criticized rivals Miss Grand and Mr. Nawat but why is the action of Hoa - Miss Universe runner-up - Miss Universe series so wholeheartedly supported by the audience? The reason why?

In just over 10 years of construction, Miss Grand International has shaped its brand and personal color. The success far exceeded expectations, this playground received warm praise from fans and beauty pages around the world. Thanks to that, Miss Grand International quickly surpassed many long-standing competitions such as Miss Intercontinental or Miss Globe to participate in the BIG 6 system.

Hoa - Miss Universe runner-up publicly spoke ill of Mr. Nawat, who deposed Miss Grand, is still supported, why? - Photo 1

Carrying the message of ending war and v.iolence, this contest has many contrary moves. Surely everyone knows about the "enmity" on Miss Grand International's part towards Miss Universe. However, recently, the series of Hoa - runner-up from the most fierce playground on the planet are not afraid of collision, bluntly criticizing Miss Grand International.

What is happening?

On October 12, Andreína Martínez - Miss Universe 2022 2nd runner-up bluntly criticized Miss Grand International for being irresponsible and making a big mistake. The reason stems from the Dominican Republic beauty feeling dissatisfied when she saw a series of Miss Grand International 2023 contestants "grabbing frogs" while participating in the Best in swimsuit competition in heavy rain and wind.

Hoa - Miss Universe runner-up publicly spoke ill of Mr. Nawat, who deposed Miss Grand, is still supported, why? - Photo 2

In October 2022, the 10th anniversary season of Miss Grand International also encountered many controversies. Accordingly, a beauty page from Brazil bluntly posted an article mocking the contest as "a circus".

It won't be worth mentioning when Leila Lopes - Miss Universe 2011 also left a comment in agreement. In particular, she also advised the Brazilian representative, if she does not win the top prize, to register for the domestic Miss Universe contest to seek international competition opportunities.

Hoa - Miss Universe runner-up publicly spoke ill of Mr. Nawat, who deposed Miss Grand, is still supported, why? - Photo 3

Publicly criticizing opponents, although "crude but true"

The fact that the Hoa team - the runner-up from Miss Universe criticized the rival contest was not good, but was unanimously supported by the majority of beauty fans. This is also completely understandable when Miss Grand International revealed many "irresponsibility" in the production stage.

Not to mention the fact that Mr. Nawat publicly mocked Miss Universe on his personal page and at the final night of Miss Grand International 2022. Therefore, it is completely understandable that the Hoa team - Miss Universe runner-up responded.

Hoa - Miss Universe runner-up publicly spoke ill of Mr. Nawat, who deposed Miss Grand, is still supported, why? - Photo 4

Taking advantage of promoting the contest's influence, Mr. Nawat continuously opened a series of unnecessary voting rounds. Notably, the scoring method of the Miss Grand International contest is quite confusing to the public. Recently, Mr. Nawat also caused controversy when only valid votes were counted if netizens clicked the follow button on his personal page and the entire contest.

Not only that, Mr. Nawat also caused the contest he created to lose its heat and prestige through the act of "discarding" the crown. Accordingly, the president of Miss Grand International strongly produced 10 crowns for the top 10 finals of the 2022 season. According to some side information, this method will also be repeated in the 2023 season.

The "competition" quickly formed 1 Miss and 9 runner-ups. Notably, the public can invest a large amount of m.oney to vote for a beauty at Miss Grand International's website to get straight into the top 10 finalists. Does this also mean that the audience spends m.oney to help the beauty "buy" the runner-up prize?

Hoa - Miss Universe runner-up publicly spoke ill of Mr. Nawat, who deposed Miss Grand, is still supported, why? - Photo 5

So is it too unfair for the other contestants who are trying their best but are unlucky to not be welcomed and supported by the home audience?

Standing in the position of "father" of Miss Grand International, Mr. Nawat also has his own arguments. However, it must be said again and again, to be suitable for the masses, the contest needs to closely follow the inherent foundations of a beauty playground.

Hoa - Miss Universe runner-up publicly spoke ill of Mr. Nawat, who deposed Miss Grand, is still supported, why? - Photo 6

It's not just being unique that makes a difference. Sometimes, this action will create an opposite reaction, causing Miss Grand International to lose favor with the public. Don't forget that the audience is also one of the important factors that help Miss Grand International expand its influence and gain a strong foothold as it is now.

Hoa - Miss Universe runner-up publicly spoke ill of Mr. Nawat, who deposed Miss Grand, is still supported, why? - Photo 7

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