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Engfa Waraha was spared their debut single by Nawat, bombarding world music

Đức Trí17:45:06 06/04/2024
The runner-up, Thai singer - Engfa Waraha has just made fans wave, standing still with the huge investment with her debut single The one and only. This is also the international music project that the Miss Grand International organization spends heavily on pet chickens.

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Miss Grand Thai: Going to the exam by ambulance, riding horses, pole dancing, being ridiculed by fans

Bảo Nam12:37:58 04/03/2024
On March 3, 77 Miss Grand Thailand 2024 contestants officially entered the competition to compete for the succession of reigning Miss Aoom Thaweeporn Phingchamrat. Each g.irl chooses a striking style and appearance.

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Thuy Tien was "rejected" by Vice President Teresa after rumors of becoming a Miss Grand shareholder?

Đình Như13:49:03 28/02/2024
Recently, the conflict between Miss Thuy Tien and the Miss Grand International Organizing Committee has not been completely resolved, but it no longer seems to make a noise, as each side is busy with their own work.

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Mr. Nawat's daughter attitude when stripped of the title, how are the 2 Miss Sharing the same fate now

Đình Như14:45:40 02/02/2024
The cases of beauties who were once stripped of the crown of Miss World left many regrets in the hearts of the public. The reason is that these beauty queens became pregnant while in office.

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Thuy Tien turned into a bronze statue, standing still in the middle of the pedestrian street, her appearance surprising

Bảo Nam15:21:06 20/01/2024
Recently, social networks spread the image of Miss Grand International Nguyen Thuc Thuy Tien appearing on a pedestrian street with a strange appearance. Her extremely muddy moment made the online community excited.

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Engfa's rumored love affair with a strange guy, people suspect is her lover because of one detail

Đình Như12:44:12 25/11/2023
After participating in the Miss Grand Thailand 2022 season, the relationship of Engfa Waraha and 5th runner-up - Charlotte Austin continuously became a topic of interest from many fans.

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Engfa Wahara made a terrible mistake because of an action related to Thai MU, not considering MGI - Mr. Nawat out?

Keng15:13:14 18/11/2023
Miss Universe 2023 is about to end with only the final night left on November 18 (local time). The beauty's journey to conquer the crown is even more exciting with the support and cheering from the home audience.

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Mr. Nawat reunites with Le Hoang Phuong, his "favorite daughter" who is the number 1 favorite, overwhelming Tan MGI.

Quỳnh Quỳnh12:08:22 12/11/2023
After arriving in Thailand, Le Hoang Phuong joined the top 10 MGI 2023 to participate in events to promote the competition as well as start accepting jobs. Until recently, the queen met Mr. Nawat - the contest chairman and Ms. Teresa again.

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Miss Colombia was sent by her husband and children to Miss Universe, Mr. Nawat was enraged, banned 1 person from appearing

JLO15:59:21 04/11/2023
Camila Avella - the first beauty in history to win Miss Universe Colombia when married, having children. Recently, she was sent off by her husband and daughter and a large number of fans to El Salvador to compete in Miss Universe 2023.

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Nawat speaks out for "justice" for MGI after being mocked by Miss Philippines by bringing down MU

Huỳnh Phúc10:06:03 03/11/2023
The drama between the Miss Grand organization and Miss Philippines reached a c.limax when Mr. Nawat, MGI President, recently spoke out for respect for this pageant, but he deposed another pageant that made netizens sore.

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Miss Grand was badly mocked by Miss Philippines, Le Hoang Phuong came out to "pin down" 1 extremely penetrating sentence

Nhật Hân14:43:59 02/11/2023
In recent days, the fuss between the Miss Grand organization and the Philippine representative has not subsided. Accordingly, a Miss of this country made sarcastic and disparaging statements about the contest, causing the 4th runner-up - Le Hoang Phuong to appear.

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Mr. Nawat spent more than 24 billion VND to "ban" the Philippine representative for daring to refuse the post-MGI 2023 invitation.

Gia Linh16:06:10 30/10/2023
Miss Grand International has ended, the final result is considered extremely worthy. However, there are still many regrets that cannot be hidden, including the case of the beautiful Miss Grand Philippines.

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New Miss Grand made Y Nhi "face-palm" just because of a special action with her post-coronation boyfriend

JLO13:48:51 29/10/2023
On the evening of October 25, the final of the Miss Grand International 2023 contest officially ended with the final victory belonging to the beauty from Peru - Luciana Fuster.

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The new Miss Grand 2023 revealed her pregnant photos, gave birth before being crowned, what did the organizers say?

Bảo Tiên07:40:34 28/10/2023
Recently, on social networks, images of the reigning Miss Grand 2023 with a big pregnant belly were spread, and there was even information that the beauty was married and gave birth before being crowned.

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Before the final round of Miss Grand 2023: Colombia is the hypothetical new MGI, Myanmar "flashes" the secondary prize

Uyển Đình13:42:55 25/10/2023
In just a few hours, the final night of Miss Grand International 2023 will officially take place. Currently, the atmosphere is even hotter as the presumed owner of the crown has been named, and additional prizes have also been awarded to deserving beauties.

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MGI 2023 semi-finals: Myanmar representative was "harmed" by the country's organizers, Le Hoang Phuong's father burst into tears

Gia Hoàng11:47:54 24/10/2023
The semi-final night took place in the joy of many beauty fans. However, last night's competition seemed unable to satisfy the watching audience. Besides, the case of Myanmar's representative attracted attention.

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Hoa - Miss Universe runner-up publicly spoke ill of Mr. Nawat, who deposed Miss Grand, is still supported, why?

Minh Lợi18:35:29 22/10/2023
Openly criticized rivals Miss Grand and Mr. Nawat but why is the action of Hoa - Miss Universe runner-up - Miss Universe series so wholeheartedly supported by the audience? The reason why?

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Thuy Tien responded to Mr. Nawat: "There is no responsibility to appear" when continuously absent from MGI 2023?

Huỳnh Phúc09:58:08 20/10/2023
Having made the online community confused by continuously being absent from the Miss Grand 2023 opening ceremonies to the point that both Mr. Nawat and Ms. Teresa simultaneously unfollowed her, Thuy Tien recently spoke up about the previous noise. .

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MGI 2023: Miss Hong Kong was caught "copying charms" during a private interview, Le Hoang Phuong "suffered" because of her opponent

Quỳnh Quỳnh16:44:02 18/10/2023
During the closed interview round of the Miss Grand International contest, the Hong Kong beauty attracted attention because she was caught copying her handwriting. Besides, international beauty fans also gave many compliments to Le Hoang Phuong for her beautiful actions with the Thai representative.

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Le Hoang Phuong encountered a "big change" amid the tension of MGI 2023, and suddenly "got criticized" for one thing!

Gia Linh07:36:03 16/10/2023
Miss Grand International 2023 is in its sprint days as the Final night gets closer and closer, but recently the representative of Vietnam - Le Hoang Phuong suddenly fell on the track.

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Le Hoang Phuong created a miracle when he received special treatment at MGI to help Vietnam have a new prosperity

Bảo Tiên15:15:38 14/10/2023
Unexpectedly receiving unprecedented treatment, Miss Le Hoang Phuong is currently one of the formidable contestants at MGI 2023, once again Vietnam has the opportunity to get the green light on the international racetrack.

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Hoang Phuong was blamed by netizens for having just been favored at MGI for being "disloyal", did her response attract attention?

Bảo Tiên10:08:46 13/10/2023
Recently, rumors related to Le Hoang Phuong outside the MGI competition attracted the attention of the online community. Accordingly, after being blamed by the council, Miss Hau's response caused a stir among netizens.

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Myanmar representative criticized for "aspiration to make center", "flying stone" Thai representative to return home at MGI 2023

Nhật Hân15:56:56 09/10/2023
Miss Grand Myanmar's recent attention-grabbing act quickly attracted attention from netizen. Although it was only the first time to enter, the beauty faced being mercilessly fed bricks.

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Le Hoang Phuong is too classy, through just 1 detail, it is more than enough to "eat off" the Miss Grand 2023 contestants!

Nhật Hân11:58:55 07/10/2023
At the Gala Dinner of Miss Grand International 2023, Vietnamese representative - Le Hoang Phuong did not have a big hammer but was still considered to be able to weigh the whole cast of Miss Grand 2023 contestants.

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