Mr. Nawat "messed" to USA, withdrew copyright, transferred to 1 bisexual beauty

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Mr Nawat recently announced the withdrawal of Miss Grand USA's Miss Grand International rights, while also transferring it to beauty Rachel Slawson, representing Ireland at the Miss Peace International 2023 pageant.

On January 5, beauty Rachel Slawson posted an announcement on her personal page about the acquisition of the rights to the Miss Grand USA pageant. She wrote: "I am honored to announce myself as the new President of Miss Peace USA and co-founder of Iron Tiara Productions."

Mr. Nawat messed to USA, withdrew copyright, transferred to 1 bisexual beauty - Photo 1

The beauty added: "My ten years of experience in the beauty pageant world have led our team to this remarkable opportunity. We are excited to take the reins and deliver even better experiences for future participants."

She pledged: "We plan to elevate Miss Peace USA to a household name in the beauty world, in order to support the world's largest international beauty pageant - Miss Peace International."

Mr. Nawat messed to USA, withdrew copyright, transferred to 1 bisexual beauty - Photo 2

Rachel Slawson was Ireland's representative at the Miss Peace International 2023 pageant held in Vietnam in October but did not win any achievements.

Earlier, Rachel Slawson competed in the Miss Peace USA 2023 pageant and placed as 2nd runner-up. She is considered a beauty with a lot of beauty pageant experience. She won the title of Miss Utah USA 2020 before becoming Miss Grand New York 2023 and runner-up 2nd in Miss Grand United States 2023.

Mr. Nawat messed to USA, withdrew copyright, transferred to 1 bisexual beauty - Photo 3

Rachel Slawson, 29, is an Irish-American actress and model. She is an actress with the Screen Actors Guild (SAG), as well as a screenwriter, mental health speaker, personal branding specialist, and women's empowerment officer.

The beauty is classically trained in acting with top coaches including Ivana Chubbock, Howard Fine, Anthony Meindl and Killian... Rachel is the face of BMW's national campaign, having participated in New York Fashion Week and Miami Swim Week.

Rachel is openly bisexual. In the past, she has experienced many challenges because of her sexual orientation, being criticized and stigmatized.

Mr. Nawat messed to USA, withdrew copyright, transferred to 1 bisexual beauty - Photo 4

Rachel works actively to raise awareness of the international LGBTQ community. "I hope to become the first openly LGBTQ Miss to act as a global ambassador to stop war and v.iolence against the international LGBTQ community," she said.

Besides, the beauty also actively participates in charity activities. She is a board member of LoveLoud and has helped raise $1 million for ONE-N-TEN, an organization that helps homeless youth.

A few days earlier, Nawat also announced the complete withdrawal of the rights to his contest in the Philippines.

This means that the Philippine sash will no longer appear at this competition as of 2024. In an interview with a major Thai beauty site, Nawat shared that because he disagreed with the current way the Miss Grand Philippines organization operates, it is no longer suitable for the "mother pageant".

Mr. Nawat messed to USA, withdrew copyright, transferred to 1 bisexual beauty - Photo 5

Many argue that the root cause of this problem stems from Nawat's anger at the inappropriate behavior of Nikki De Moura, the reigning Miss Grand Philippines. He shared some of the reasons why Miss Grand Philippines is not in the Top 20 of Miss Grand International 2023 such as: "Typical side activities such as Grand Voice she did not participate because she thought she was not a singer, she was annoyed with me, She also refused to go on stage in unison."

Mr. Nawat messed to USA, withdrew copyright, transferred to 1 bisexual beauty - Photo 6

In addition, it has been suggested that Mr. Nawat also "pinned" Filipino fans for insulting his pageant over the years.

Mr. Nawat messed to USA, withdrew copyright, transferred to 1 bisexual beauty - Photo 7

Even after the final, Mary Jean Latimosa – former Miss Universe Philippnes 2014 bluntly declared on television: "Miss Grand International and Miss Grand Philippines are the two worst pageants" and Filipino fans shared the clip as a source of pride.

Mr. Nawat messed to USA, withdrew copyright, transferred to 1 bisexual beauty - Photo 8

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