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Mr. Nawat "turned around" and sent a representative to Miss Eco International, netizens criticized him for being mean

Nguyễn Kim13:44:28 20/04/2024
Recently, Mr. Nawat has made a decision that has raised many controversial opinions. This move went against his previous statement, causing many beauty fans to criticize.

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Was Mr. Nawat preparing the way for the new Miss Grand Thailand to be crowned because she is rich?

Snow16:55:16 10/04/2024
After the coronation, the beauty of the new Miss Grand Thailand 2024 - Malin Chara-anan continues to cause controversy on social networks. Some people even said that Mr. Nawat let her win because he was rich even though he was only 1.65 m tall.

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Mr. Nawat forced the new Thai MG to sign a slave contract like Engfa, the fans were angry: Just greedy

Minh Lợi19:53:01 13/03/2024
On March 11, in a post on his personal page, Mr. Nawat - Chairman of the Miss Grand Thailand contest confirmed that the new Miss 2024 will have to sign a working contract with the organizing committee for 7 years, causing many surprised person.

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Miss Grand Thai 2024 is becoming more and more ridiculous, the audience can no longer accept it

Minh Phúc13:43:39 13/03/2024
Even though it is just the start-up phase of the Miss Grand Thailand 2024 contest, the beauty-loving community is no longer as interested in the contest as before, and is even very fed up with the ridiculous games and degrading of women. female.

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Miss Grand Thailand organizes online sales contest: There is no ridiculousness, only more ridiculous

Trường Nguyễn10:44:19 08/03/2024
Instead of having meaningful activities, Miss Grand Thailand organizes online sales contestants with each other. This incident has been badly criticized by the beauty fan community, fed up with ridiculous tricks like no other.

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Miss Peace Thailand was booed violently for taking photos of "saving cloth", showing off her flesh

Châu Anh13:43:12 09/01/2024
Miss Peace Thailand Thaweeporn PhingChamrat is noted not only for her beauty but also for her s.exy and seductive dress style. Recently, the beauty caused a lot of controversy when she made a photo series showing off her b.ody on the occasion of the New Year.

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Mr. Nawat led his "darling" into the richest in Thai showbiz, surprising 11th

Phi Yến16:56:04 08/01/2024
More than 1 decade of bringing the Miss Grand International contest to glory, Mr. Nawat has officially put his name on the list of the richest people in the entertainment industry of the golden pagoda; His pet daughter was also present.

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Mr. Nawat "messed" to USA, withdrew copyright, transferred to 1 bisexual beauty

JLO17:15:43 06/01/2024
Mr Nawat recently announced the withdrawal of Miss Grand USA's Miss Grand International rights, while also transferring it to beauty Rachel Slawson, representing Ireland at the Miss Peace International 2023 pageant.

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Miss Grand officially banned the Philippines from the competition, stopped selling copyrights, fans were shocked

Phúc Sen11:41:51 03/01/2024
The international beauty fan community is simultaneously bewildered and deeply shocked by the news that the Miss Grand International organization officially withdrew the copyright of Miss Grand Philippines, stopped selling and banned this beauty powerhouse from sending contestants.

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Mr. Nawat reunites with Le Hoang Phuong, his "favorite daughter" who is the number 1 favorite, overwhelming Tan MGI.

Quỳnh Quỳnh12:08:22 12/11/2023
After arriving in Thailand, Le Hoang Phuong joined the top 10 MGI 2023 to participate in events to promote the competition as well as start accepting jobs. Until recently, the queen met Mr. Nawat - the contest chairman and Ms. Teresa again.

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Mr. Nawat has a new "pet daughter" amid Thuy Tien's involvement with the "pimp", favoring the unthinkable

Kim Lâm17:00:13 06/11/2023
After unfollowing Miss Thuy Tien causing a stir for some time on social media, Nawat recently clicked to follow a new Miss Vietnam. In particular, this beauty has been praised by the President of Miss Grand before.

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An enraged Nawat revealed the Philippines' offer to spend m.oney on the tournament at MGI 2023

Nhật Hân14:59:12 04/11/2023
The denunciation between Aunt Nawat and the Filipinos has not ended, recently, to prove her rage. The president of Miss Grand did not hesitate to e.xpose the fact that the Philippine representative had made an offer to buy the a.ward.

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Nawat speaks out for "justice" for MGI after being mocked by Miss Philippines by bringing down MU

Huỳnh Phúc10:06:03 03/11/2023
The drama between the Miss Grand organization and Miss Philippines reached a c.limax when Mr. Nawat, MGI President, recently spoke out for respect for this pageant, but he deposed another pageant that made netizens sore.

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Le Hoang Phuong caused controversy when she wore the Miss Grand 4th runner-up crown because she made a hard-to-ignore mistake

Gia Linh16:03:12 31/10/2023
During the recent meeting between the top 5 Miss Grand International, 4th runner-up Le Hoang Phuong suddenly received many mixed opinions from the online community, this is considered a big minus point from the beauty.

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Mr. Nawat spent more than 24 billion VND to "ban" the Philippine representative for daring to refuse the post-MGI 2023 invitation.

Gia Linh16:06:10 30/10/2023
Miss Grand International has ended, the final result is considered extremely worthy. However, there are still many regrets that cannot be hidden, including the case of the beautiful Miss Grand Philippines.

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Mr. Nawat 'turned face' to Vietnamese fans, stating the reason why Le Hoang Phuong is in the top 5, how is he different from Thien An?

Thanh Phúc15:49:56 27/10/2023
President of Miss Grand International - Mr. Nawat just had interesting shares surrounding Le Hoang Phuong's top 5 achievements. State directly the reason why the Vietnamese representative reached the top of the competition. People began to look back at the past and made shocking comments about Thien An.

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Organizer Miss Grand Indonesia is "sick" about being out of the top, talking about Le Hoang Phuong: "Like some women selling vegetables at the market"

Bảo Tiên15:23:29 27/10/2023
The journey of Miss Grand International 2023 has ended, but the residue from the competition still lingers. Accordingly, the director of Miss Grand Indonesia angered beauty fans by making a disparaging statement about the Vietnamese representative.

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Mr. Nawat made MGI no different from "winning the village", now regaining its position thanks to one thing related to Vietnam

Gia Linh09:57:20 25/10/2023
After the previous noise, President Nawat, whether accidentally or intentionally, caused the competition's reputation to decrease significantly. However, MGI suddenly regained its original position, even slightly better than many common competitions.

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Mr. Nawat and the reigning Miss Grand International "stole" the contestants and received the grand prize in the semi-finals

An Nhi09:29:59 24/10/2023
The semi-final night of the Miss Grand International contest ended with eye-catching performances from the contestants. However, the part of stealing the spotlight from Mr. Nawat and the reigning Miss Grand International is what netizens are talking about.

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Hoa - Miss Universe runner-up publicly spoke ill of Mr. Nawat, who deposed Miss Grand, is still supported, why?

Minh Lợi18:35:29 22/10/2023
Openly criticized rivals Miss Grand and Mr. Nawat but why is the action of Hoa - Miss Universe runner-up - Miss Universe series so wholeheartedly supported by the audience? The reason why?

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Thuy Tien responded to Mr. Nawat: "There is no responsibility to appear" when continuously absent from MGI 2023?

Huỳnh Phúc09:58:08 20/10/2023
Having made the online community confused by continuously being absent from the Miss Grand 2023 opening ceremonies to the point that both Mr. Nawat and Ms. Teresa simultaneously unfollowed her, Thuy Tien recently spoke up about the previous noise. .

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Mr. Nawat "favors" Le Hoang Phuong at MGI because he wants to "take advantage" of Vietnamese fans to help himself become famous?

Huỳnh Phúc13:57:13 19/10/2023
Regarding the framework of the Miss Grand International 2023 contest, Mr. Nawat's recent actions are currently causing controversy. Before that, home fans gradually had sympathy for the Chairman because of his favor towards Hoang Phuong.

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Le Hoang Phuong walked in Phuong Nhi's "wrong tracks", clearly r.evealing "knowledge gaps" in front of Mr. Nawat

Bảo Tiên07:38:20 18/10/2023
Accordingly, while participating in the interview with Mr. Nawat and Ms. Teresa, despite being favored, Hoang Phuong's extremely basic mistake caused the Vietnamese representative to receive a bitter result immediately afterward.

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Thuy Tien officially "lost power", Ms. Teresa - Mr. Nawat publicly "resigned" after the "happy handshake"

Gia Hoàng09:42:26 16/10/2023
The previous laughing scene between Thuy Tien and the President - Vice President of the Miss Grand organization made netizens believe that all animosity had been resolved. However, the recent move of Thuy Tien's adoptive parents has confirmed the opposite.

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