Thuy Nga made Li Hai shed b.lood, 1 star had to gag, Minh Nhi "prostrated" begging

Uyển ĐìnhApr 09, 2024 at 15:02

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Thuy Nga's sharing of memorable memories with Ly Hai in the West attracted a lot of attention from netizens. Thuy Nga's painful "acne surgery" made Li Hai only know how to scream and lose his voice, Minh Nhi also had to "blush".

In a recent livestream with Truong Minh Cuong – actor of F.lip F.ace 7, Thuy Nga recounted how she had to "have a pimple" on Ly Hai's hip during a tour in Europe many years ago. As the comedian described, the senior "floated an abscess the size of a cup."

Thuy Nga made Li Hai shed b.lood, 1 star had to gag, Minh Nhi prostrated begging - Photo 1

She said, "I wasn't famous at that time, I toured Europe with Li Hai. Near the day of his return, Mr. Li Hai had an abscess on his buttocks, a whole abscess the size of a cup, and it was extremely painful.

It was on holiday, so the hospital did not accept surgery because the doctor was not working. If you insist on going to the hospital for urgent surgery, you will be cut up to 4000 Euros. At that time, Li Hai's European tour must have been a few hundred Euros, but the surgery cost 4000 Euros, the m.oney would not pay."

Thuy Nga made Li Hai shed b.lood, 1 star had to gag, Minh Nhi prostrated begging - Photo 2

Therefore, Thuy Nga decided to use a razor knife, using more self-mixed salt water to perform the operation. "In fact, I dared to operate on Mr. Li Hai's abscess because my mother was a doctor who used to work in the clinic, so I also knew about how to operate an abscess.

Besides, I am very gritty, not afraid of anything. However, after the operation, I did not receive any remuneration or hug from Mr. Ly Hai, and people were rumored to be paired with him in Vietnam," Thuy Nga said in the livestream clip.

Thuy Nga made Li Hai shed b.lood, 1 star had to gag, Minh Nhi prostrated begging - Photo 3

Singer Fang Qing was also standing nearby listening to Li Hai shouting as he rushed over to shoot Li Hai's face, covering Li Hai's mouth so that the actor wouldn't yell anymore. Thuy Nga recounted the achievement: "Mr. Minh Nhi also accompanied me at that time. He said to me, 'Russia, I bow to you, you can't give birth to the second Li Hai, so don't touch him, what's wrong?'

At that time, if I did not volunteer to operate on that abscess, Li Hai could not sing. He was in pain and had a very high fever... When you're done, squeeze it all out and clean it with salt water."

Thuy Nga made Li Hai shed b.lood, 1 star had to gag, Minh Nhi prostrated begging - Photo 4

Previously, Minh Nhi revealed about this story: "Me, Ung Hoang Phuc, Ho Quynh Huong, Ly Hai, Thuy Nga,... to Europe. At that time, Li Hai had an abscess, operated on 3 times, but still did not go away. Li Hai couldn't walk, but he still had to sing. After that, Thuy Nga closed the door and operated on Li Hai, only to see Li Hai screaming like a pregnant woman giving birth."

According to Thuy Nga, from that day on, Li Hai met her every time he said thank you. Because of that, he did not have to go to the doctor. Whereas before, Li Hai had to go to the doctor once a year to inject an abscess.

Not only Ly Hai, Thuy Nga also had an "acne surgery" for comedian Quoc Thuan's wife while in the US. When it was too painful, Quoc Thuan's wife put a towel in her mouth and bit it tightly. According to Thuy Nga, Quoc Thuan's wife has gone through two births, so this pain means nothing.

Thuy Nga made Li Hai shed b.lood, 1 star had to gag, Minh Nhi prostrated begging - Photo 5

Ly Hai (born 1968) is a Vietnamese singer, actor, director, screenwriter and film producer. Before encroaching on acting, he was known for songs such as Lifetime With You, When the Man Cried,... After that, he switched directions to directing, starting F.lip F.ace - a series of blockbuster action films with a personal touch.

Currently, Li Hai is returning with the upcoming film project Flip 7 on April 30. Following the success of previous films, many viewers expect that this time Li Hai will soon reap a hundred billion.

Thuy Nga made Li Hai shed b.lood, 1 star had to gag, Minh Nhi prostrated begging - Photo 6

Thuy Nga is a familiar name to the audience thanks to her humorous, childish acting on stage. Referring to this actor, the audience will immediately think of a Thuy Nga who specializes in the roles of playful and childish old women.

Thuy Nga made Li Hai shed b.lood, 1 star had to gag, Minh Nhi prostrated begging - Photo 7

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