Duong Nghi Dinh: Once a famous folk music prodigy, now he almost doesn't recognize him

JLOMay 26, 2024 at 14:01

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Possessing a pretty face and sweet voice, Duong Nghi Dinh was once fondly called by the audience as a "folk prodigy". However, after that, she suddenly disappeared, making everyone surprised.

Duong Nghi Dinh was born in 2009 in Can Duoc district. The g.irl's maternal grandfather was an actor, music and singing teacher in Long Trach area. Duong Nghi Dinh's father is also passionate about singing, so all three of her sisters pursue art. While the second sister has a talent for acting, the third sister is into painting, the "youngest sister" Nghi Dinh showed her singing talent from a very young age.

Duong Nghi Dinh: Once a famous folk music prodigy, now he almost doesnt recognize him - Photo 1

When she was a c.hild, when she saw that Duong Nghi Dinh had a talent for singing, her family created conditions for her daughter to develop this ability. Thanks to that, the g.irl with a sweet and inspiring voice, Duong Nghi Dinh, appeared on the stage of c.hild talent shows.

According to Mr. Duong Trong Hien - Duong Nghi Dinh's father, from the age of 4, every time she sang karaoke, she sang in time and was very sweet even though she was not yet literate.

Duong Nghi Dinh: Once a famous folk music prodigy, now he almost doesnt recognize him - Photo 2

In 2017, when he was only 8 years old, Duong Nghi Dinh was accepted into The Voice kid but because he was not old enough, he had to stop. However, in the same year, she participated in 2 contests and both won high prizes: Tiny Talent - Third prize and Runner-up of Future Idol.

Duong Nghi Dinh: Once a famous folk music prodigy, now he almost doesnt recognize him - Photo 3

With a sweet, clear voice, rich emotions, suitable for folk music, Duong Nghi Dinh was nicknamed "folk prodigy" by the audience.

Duong Nghi Dinh's singing is associated with lyrical folk songs and boleros such as: White Mist in Grandma's Countryside, Shattered Shoulder Shirt, Cotton Gourd, Beloved Ha Tien, Crab Noodle Soup, Ru La Gou, Rice Fragrance The South, The sadness of poinciana flowers, Children walking on young grass, Father carrying his c.hild...

Duong Nghi Dinh: Once a famous folk music prodigy, now he almost doesnt recognize him - Photo 4

After two competitions, Duong Nghi Dinh was admired by many audiences, so the show was very expensive. Responding to the audience's love, the family also created two Youtube channels named after her and made many music videos. Even the c.hild singer's Youtube channel has received a Silver button since 2019.

Duong Nghi Dinh: Once a famous folk music prodigy, now he almost doesnt recognize him - Photo 5

Although he has been diligently engaged in artistic activities since then, the name Duong Nghi Dinh is almost "missing" in the media and newspapers. Therefore, many people cannot update the latest information about the "folk prodigy" these days.

Currently, Duong Nghi Dinh is in 9th grade and is still very popular. The l.ittle g.irl with a pretty face like an angel now looks like a young woman.

Duong Nghi Dinh: Once a famous folk music prodigy, now he almost doesnt recognize him - Photo 6

Besides music, Duong Nghi Dinh still studies hard and has continuously achieved good academic results over the years.

Unexpected and impressive return

Recently, Duong Nghi Dinh attracted attention when he reappeared in the show Star Arena. Specifically, the 15-year-old singer was persuaded by Dong Dao to join the team to compete with members of the Quoc Dai team and Nguyen Phi Hung. On stage, the "folk phenomenon" performed the song Bong Buoi Hoa Cau, with a renewed Vong Co part written by Dong Dao. Duong Nghi Dinh's voice received praise from the judges.

Duong Nghi Dinh: Once a famous folk music prodigy, now he almost doesnt recognize him - Photo 7

Dong Dao said Duong Nghi Dinh was her student 8 years ago. At that time, she was only 7 years old and had a pretty face. The female captain confided that she saw an image of herself as a c.hild when watching her students' competitions. "Since then, I have always been satisfied with Nghi Dinh. After many years, she has just returned to the stage to participate in a program like this," the female artist expressed.

Quoc Dai was surprised because he did not recognize the "folk song phenomenon" because Duong Nghi Dinh is now a young woman. "Ms. Dong Dao chose a very suitable song, making me fascinated by your performance. This is probably a fierce warrior," he expressed. Meanwhile, Duong Hong Loan affirmed: "This song is very difficult to sing, but I sing it very smoothly and it sounds melodious. And surely Duong Nghi Dinh will continue to develop even more tomorrow."

Duong Nghi Dinh: Once a famous folk music prodigy, now he almost doesnt recognize him - Photo 8

Nguyen Phi Hung shares the same opinion because he sees the 15-year-old singer's brilliance on stage. The male captain believes that juniors will develop more when pursuing their strength in folk music. Meanwhile, famous singer Thai Chau commented: "I'm just now getting to know you. Your voice is very smooth and inspiring. Musician Bac Son often causes difficulties for singers. Singers must be resilient and sing. After many years, I have been exposed to many genres of music to meet Bac Son's requirements.

Duong Nghi Dinh: Once a famous folk music prodigy, now he almost doesnt recognize him - Photo 9

With an impressive return after 7 years, Duong Nghi Dinh received the support of the judges. Famous singers Thai Chau and Duong Hong Loan rated the 15-year-old g.irl as having an outstanding performance in the first competition night of the Star Arena.

Duong Nghi Dinh: Once a famous folk music prodigy, now he almost doesnt recognize him - Photo 10

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