My Linh posted a photo with Uyen Linh, suddenly said 1 sentence that made Kpop fans "run out of words"

Phi YếnFeb 11, 2024 at 11:24

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After the program "Beautiful Sister Pedal Wind", many people said that My Linh is true to the standard "Dare to be brilliant" with new things. Some people even wonder if they call her a diva, dancer or Tiktoker.

Watching "Sister Beautiful Pedal the Wind Turning the Wave", the audience got to know a brand new My Linh diva. At the age of 49, the singer "dared to be brilliant", tried her dance before and took on the role of "meme saint" with a series of viral moments all over social media.

My Linh posted a photo with Uyen Linh, suddenly said 1 sentence that made Kpop fans run out of words - Photo 1

With a progressive spirit, vocalist Huong Ngoc Lan is willing to learn new things, including the Gen Z language. After being "opened" by her daughter My Anh the phrase "meme", recently, the diva made netizens excited with a new term - OTP.

Specifically, under the post with Uyen Linh, a viewer left a funny comment "I am fake, OTP I am real". For young people, the phrase "OTP" is no longer strange, but at My Linh's age, it is different. When listening, the diva immediately asked "Is OTP a bank verification code?" causing fans to laugh.

My Linh posted a photo with Uyen Linh, suddenly said 1 sentence that made Kpop fans run out of words - Photo 2

My Linh posted a photo with Uyen Linh, suddenly said 1 sentence that made Kpop fans run out of words - Photo 3

In response to the reaction of the "mother of 2 children", the owner of the above comment explained "OTP" in Gen Z language for her to understand (OTP stands for One True Pairing - a pair of heavenly births often used by Kpop fans to call idol couples paired, "pushing the boat").

Enlightened with a new phrase, My Linh showed interest and confusion "... One True Pairing. A pair of "pretty" heavens. So the diva's treasure of "understanding daughters" has a new equally interesting phrase.

My Linh posted a photo with Uyen Linh, suddenly said 1 sentence that made Kpop fans run out of words - Photo 4

In the true sense of the new generation "meme saint", only interactive comments, My Linh once again went viral. Her youthful and equally lovely dialogue spreads a lot of positive energy, especially an open spirit, not afraid to be new, not afraid to try. Fans, the diva is a true inspirational role model.

At the present time, when it comes to the most playable "Beautiful Sister", fans will immediately "jump the number" diva My Linh. With the spirit of not being afraid to challenge new things, the singer many times amazed the public with her boldness.

My Linh posted a photo with Uyen Linh, suddenly said 1 sentence that made Kpop fans run out of words - Photo 5

Typically, on the stage of WeChoice Awards, My Linh and her close group "Beautiful Sister" brought a burning performance like Coachella. Worth mentioning, in this performance, she takes on the role of main dancer that makes people "stand still".

It can be said that since participating in "Sister Beautiful Pedal Wind Turning Waves", the Short Hair vocalist has truly become a "traffic" name, everything is viral. Not only is she a new generation "meme saint", main dancer U50, she has recently tried her hand at a new role, which is a professional TikToker.

My Linh posted a photo with Uyen Linh, suddenly said 1 sentence that made Kpop fans run out of words - Photo 6

Accordingly, My Linh has captured the spotlight with a super beautiful visual transformation screen to celebrate Tet. Her radiant, confident attitude and superstar temperament help the singer shine brightly in every frame.

The transformation video of the "mother of 2 children" immediately earned a rain of compliments, the audience was extremely excited by this new image. Besides, the diva's TikTok channel has also attracted tens of thousands of followers, no less than any young star. Here, she often shares her favorite moments of practice, life and music with everyone.

My Linh posted a photo with Uyen Linh, suddenly said 1 sentence that made Kpop fans run out of words - Photo 7

For the first time in more than 30 years of artistic activity, audiences can see the Short Hair icon in so many aspects. The company of My Anh daughter also helps My Linh "rejuvenate". She is in constant contact and is not afraid to learn interesting things of young people.

Thanks to the program "Sister Beautiful Pedal Wind", My Linh has the opportunity to connect and interact with more audiences in Gen Z. The interactions, Q&A fans about slang phrases such as "meme", "mukbang", "gank" or "OTP" of the mother of 2 children have all become extremely h.ot topics on social media.

With the spirit of "daring to be brilliant", the diva is increasingly loved by the audience because of her friendly personality, open thinking. She is likened to the ageless "Beautiful Sister" because the youthfulness in the soul has no limits.

My Linh posted a photo with Uyen Linh, suddenly said 1 sentence that made Kpop fans run out of words - Photo 8

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