Liu Xiangjiang was excluded from "Sister Beautiful Pedal Wind", still surprisingly optimistic

Nguyễn TuyếtJan 08, 2024 at 15:10

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With continuous efforts during the participation, Luu Huong Giang still had to stop at "Sister Beautiful Pedal Wind". Although she has regrets, the past journey has left her with many good memories.

At the end of Round 4, Luu Huong Giang was 1 of 3 "Beautiful Sister" who had to leave because she had lower votes than the rest of the team. This result made the whole team regret, especially Phuong Vy burst into tears when she had to part with her sister who had been attached to the program since the beginning of the program.

Liu Xiangjiang was excluded from Sister Beautiful Pedal Wind, still surprisingly optimistic - Photo 1

Recently, on her personal page, the singer shared about being eliminated before the final. Specifically, she wrote: "Perhaps in this life the difficulties will never go away and instead of constantly talking about the difficulties, I change my perspective on things to calmly accept everything that happens. Thanks to that, I'm not too excited about what I love and I'm not too pessimistic about what doesn't go wrong."

Luu Huong Giang also added that participating in "Sister Beautiful Pedal the Wind Turning the Wave" helps me balance all aspects, making life last year more fresh, vivid and colorful.

Liu Xiangjiang was excluded from Sister Beautiful Pedal Wind, still surprisingly optimistic - Photo 2

The singer also joked that when she left the house, she entered the competition with the wrong "left foot", so right from the solo round to the rounds, the scores and results were like teasing her. However, the journey at the show "Beautiful Sister" she gained more than lost.

"In return, I feel like I've gained a lot on this journey. There are many new viewers who love to follow and support me. Being able to live with one's true self, one is inherently afraid of competition, competition and is used to living in his own world. Be free to create, transform, soar with music.

Liu Xiangjiang was excluded from Sister Beautiful Pedal Wind, still surprisingly optimistic - Photo 3

There are many lessons when living and working with a team full of outstanding and colorful women. People keep saying that showbiz is complicated, but maybe that's everyone's lens and perspective. Up to now, I feel very lucky to do this job, to use my talents to beautify my life and bring music to heal myself and those around me," said the singer originally from Nam Dinh.

Although Liu Xiangjiang was quite regretful, he still had to send farewell to the audience: "If I say no regret, it may not be right for me, but the beginning and end of each journey is a charm. Thank you to everyone who has supported me along the way.

Liu Xiangjiang was excluded from Sister Beautiful Pedal Wind, still surprisingly optimistic - Photo 4

This journey is over, but I hope everyone will support me in my next journey with music, with a different version of Liu Xiangjiang than in previous years."

Previously, mother 2 confided in Phuong Vy, she encountered many disturbances that led to her dismay during the training days for Round 4. "When we have families, our sisters spend several years not being active, instead spending time on more internal purposes.

Liu Xiangjiang was excluded from Sister Beautiful Pedal Wind, still surprisingly optimistic - Photo 5

However, what we still have in common is our love for music, for our craft. When she entered the show, she felt like she was reliving her twenties. But in the process, she encountered many personal problems that caused her health and spirit to deteriorate. I'm also an optimistic, positive thinker, but at these stages, there's really nothing to say," she said.

Liu Xiangjiang was excluded from Sister Beautiful Pedal Wind, still surprisingly optimistic - Photo 6

In the moment of farewell to the "Beautiful Sisters", the singer born in 1983 expressed: "I'm not sad, I just regret the good times. I just hope my performances or those beautiful moments will remain forever in the hearts of my colleagues as well as the audience. That's the biggest prize for me."

Not long ago, diva My Linh confirmed that Ho Hoai Anh and Liu Xiangjiang had broken up after many events. Now, the couple become two friends, accompanying each other in raising children.

Liu Xiangjiang was excluded from Sister Beautiful Pedal Wind, still surprisingly optimistic - Photo 7

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