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Jennie suddenly stopped performing in the middle of the night, put it in the chicken wings, met a big change after the sensitive clip?

Gia07:22:23 12/06/2023
During the concert in Australia, Jennie showed signs of instability. The female singer then left 3 members on the stage and I put it in the wings. The audience present was extremely confused, not knowing what was going on with Jennie.

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V was angry when Jennie was exposed to offensive clips, publicly bashing her girlfriend, the love story "turned off"?

Min11:10:13 06/06/2023
Some images of Jennie (Blackpink) in the movie "The Idol" were boldly criticized. Many viewers were shocked by the "violent" scenes of female idols with two male dancers. Rumored boyfriend V (BTS) is said to have spoken out about Jennie's offensive image receiving much...

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Johnny Depp's rebellious daughter: Dropped out of school early, 23 years old, loves both boys and girls, partying all night

T.T17:01:49 05/06/2023
Lily Rose Depp, the daughter of actor Johnny Depp and supermodel Vanessa Paradis, is a s.exy, rebellious g.irl at the age of 23. After experiencing many love affairs with "pretty boys", she is currently in a relationship. Homosexuality with female rapper 070 Shake. Last May...

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Johnny Depp's daughter "crushed" Jennie, the marriage of her biological father and Amber Heard was exposed in the new movie

Minh Lợi11:15:20 20/04/2023
People reported that Lily-Rose Depp played the female pop singer with a rebellious lifestyle in The Idol. The images revealed in the new teaser can't help but make the audience shudder with the boldness and hidden corners of the music industry. According to The Idol's synopsis...

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