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Jiang Boi Dao: Beautiful woman overwhelms Bai Loc, once collaborated with 3 Hong Kong Emperor Photos

Phi Yến08:02:49 07/04/2024
Jiang Boi Dao is considered a courageous and level-headed person compared to his peers, and can freely promote his strengths through each role. Typically, the supporting female role in Di Ai Vi Enterprise.

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Zhao Lu Zi was far ahead of Bai Lu on the movie track, and Yu Shuhan also had to be "wary"

Phi Yến15:32:30 06/03/2024
The year 2023 ends with many extremely attractive adaptations such as: Chang Yue Jinming, Di Ai Vi Doanh, "Can't Hide" ... So which is the best-selling original work.

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Trieu Lo Tu watched helplessly as Bach Loc took the spotlight and was "outed" by his ex-lover.

Phi Yến14:27:44 15/01/2024
At the Weibo Festival, Trieu Lo Tu was seen standing next to Bach Loc and famous Cbiz stars. The moment her on-screen love walked side by side with her seniors on the red carpet caused a stir on the internet.

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The criticized Ai Wei still "beats" Liu Yifei's film, Yang Yang

Hoa Tuyết18:42:56 02/01/2024
Although it was criticized from the time it aired until the end of the air, Bai Lu and Wang He's Yiwei still earned impressive achievements, far ahead of Liu Yifei and Yang Yang.

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Bach Loc and Trieu Lo Tu have contributed to "helping" the quality of Chinese films to decrease

Phi Đức20:56:02 30/12/2023
Sina page just had a post summarizing the year of the Chinese film industry. The article analyzes the reasons why many television works are released but do not resonate, creating a lot of controversy about acting.

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Truong Nguyet Tan Minh achieved great results, Bach Loc - La Van Hi had a good season again

Phi Yến13:36:15 30/12/2023
Before the new year, Bach Loc and La Van Hi received the happiest news when Truong Nguyet Tan Minh achieved a new achievement. This makes fans feel comforted after the failure of Di Ai Vi Doanh.

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Dan Kien Thu "defeated" Vuong Hac De easily, the new movie is still controversial for one reason

Tuyết Ngọc11:24:59 25/12/2023
Even though the last episode was considered unsatisfactory to viewers, I Miss You Very Much, starring Dan Kien Thu, still defeated both Bach Loc's Di Ai Vi Doanh and La Van Hi's film.

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Quoc Truong recreates the character Thoi Yen, but is called "The Weather" "The Weather" by the online community.

Mẫn Nhi20:23:24 20/12/2023
The fever of Di Ai Vi Doanh and especially the character Thoi Yen played by Vuong Hac De still hasn't stopped being h.ot even though the movie ended a while ago. Topics surrounding the movie are still discussed enthusiastically by netizens on social networking forums.

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Bach Loc's "beating" with Cuc Tinh Y had a negative reaction, and even exposed a sensitive photo of Truong Lang Hach.

Phượng Vũ09:38:56 13/12/2023
Notice that recently, Bach Loc has changed his makeup style, especially his eyebrows. Worth mentioning, many people think that the little flower g.irl is trying to imitate Cuc Tinh Y's eyebrow style.

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Truong Lang Hach paid a high price for denying his relationship with Bach Loc, Vuong Tinh Viet had another chance

Nguyễn Tuyết09:32:31 09/12/2023
Deciding to break up with Bach Loc, Truong Lang Hach suffered the first s.hock of his life. From the incident, it can be seen that the person who has a lot of love for the little flower g.irl is Vuong Tinh Viet, not the handsome man named Truong.

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Bai Lu made a controversial statement, and the low EQ itself had already harmed Yang Zi

Nguyễn Tuyết15:38:40 06/12/2023
Borrowing the verse of the famous author, Bai Loc accidentally became the center of controversy in the past hours. She was even stoned by a section of netizens for making arrogant statements.

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Liu Ta Ning: Horizontal hands encroaching on the acting field, possessing a beautiful physique, "overwhelming" even Bai Loc

Hướng Dương18:56:11 04/12/2023
Liu Shining debuted as an idol, but her acting brought her closer to the audience. The beauty of the little flower is also said to overwhelm Bai Loc when the pair worked together 2 times.

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Bai Luo walked away from Zhang Ling Heng clearly, still losing to Luo Yunxi at this point!

Nguyễn Tuyết16:55:55 02/12/2023
After being wiped off by Zhang Lingxing, Bai Lu suddenly enjoyed great benefits. However, Xiao Hua still let Luo Yunxi surpass mercilessly.

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Zhang Ling Hao "flipped over", dusted off relations with Bai Luo, and Ning An Fan's fan was aroused

Nguyễn Tuyết09:57:34 02/12/2023
The online community, especially fans of Ninh An Nhu Dream, has just been stirred by the incident of Zhang Ling Hao directly denying his feelings for Bai Loc; When acting intimately is also extremely awkward.

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Chau Kha Vu: The "rookie" of the Chinese screen was once questioned about dating Duong Mich and being intimate with Bach Loc

Bình Minh18:53:25 29/11/2023
Chau Kha Vu debuted to the public as an actor, singer and dancer. The handsome man Cbiz has only been active since 2019, so the number of people who know his name is not too many.

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Bach Loc could not "control" one thing in movies that made people angry

Thanh Thanh14:52:21 22/11/2023
In the recently aired project Di Ai Vi Doanh, the acting of female lead Bach Loc was a controversial topic. Accordingly, she could not control one thing on screen that made people angry.

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Bach Loc carelessly dated Chau Kha Vu, despite being severely ostracized

Hoa Tuyết09:36:31 22/11/2023
Recently, the online community was stirred by the news that Bach Loc was in love with a man 8 years younger than him. The other person is said to have the same appearance as La Van Hi and Truong Lang Hach.

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Bach Loc's separation from La Van Hi is stormy, constantly "touched" by co-stars, fans ask to break up with boyfriend

Tuyết Ngọc10:40:00 20/11/2023
The online community asked Bach Loc to reunite with La Van Hi because her new boyfriend was caught up in controversy. Many opinions say that even though the handsome La man has a slightly thin b.ody, he still has advantages that surpass the other person.

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Bach Loc "carried" Truong Lang Hach too much and immediately received the bitter result of being turned away by Vuong Hac De's fans.

Hướng Dương07:06:37 10/11/2023
Currently, Bach Loc is a rare flower g.irl with two film projects airing at the same time; In the historical set she collaborated with rumored boyfriend Truong Lang Hach and in the modern set she was paired with handsome man Vuong Hac De.

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Bai Lu was criticized for "plastering" all the brands on his b.ody as usual, and he suddenly shouted Yang Mu's name

Hoa Tuyết10:36:42 07/11/2023
Di Ai Wei, starring Bai Loc and Wang He, has just aired, and immediately entered the h.ot search platforms. Another film by the 29-year-old actress is also coming to audiences.

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Bai Loc publicized the "wedding photo" with the male god who was 4 years younger, netizens massively criticized "the bride as the groom's sister"?

Tiểu Trúc17:22:49 06/11/2023
Recently, social media was abuzz with the moment Bai Loc publicized her wedding photo with a male god 4 years younger. However, many viewers massively criticized the bride Bai Loc for looking like the groom's sister.

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Bai Lu was in turmoil because Wang Hede, opposed to "love", could ruin his career?

Đào Thị09:42:55 02/11/2023
Wang Heiwei and Bai Lu have announced the official broadcast schedule. However, the project received mixed reviews on the eve of its release to the audience just because of the heroine Bach Loc.

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Bai Lu plotted to usurp the throne of Yangtze, becoming the elected female star to merge with Luo Yunxi

Bình Minh08:12:10 01/11/2023
Having lost his primetime slot, Bai Lu was officially put in a difficult position if he wanted to confront Yangtze with Yin Aiwei. Many people think that the chances of Xiao Hua 95 surpassing the senior are quite low.

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Vuong Hac De was "caught" going back and forth with Bach Loc during an action, netizens couldn't sit still.

Gia Linh13:22:40 22/10/2023
No longer hiding it, Vuong Hac De was recently caught by netizens being in love with senior Bach Loc, making fans of both families excited. Even though he didn't speak up, the day of returning home is not far away.

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