Bach Loc decided to love Vuong Hac De to the end but was prevented by Duong Duong's rumored love

Nguyễn Thị Ngọc Tuyết Jul 31, 2023 at 11:18

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Besides the information that Bach Loc continued to hold hands with Vuong Hac De in the movie Tu Cam, recently there were rumors that the actress was about to lose an important role to Vuong So Nhien's junior.

Specifically, on social networks is spreading information that Bach Loc will take on the female lead role in a new work called "Tu Cam". Notably, with this work, Bach Loc will continue to pair up with Vuong Hac De after "Di Ai Vi Doanh". This information was immediately enthusiastically supported by the film-loving community, because this is the project marking the second time the talented couple has worked together.

Bach Loc decided to love Vuong Hac De to the end but was prevented by Duong Duongs rumored love - Photo 1

However, not long ago, the information page of "Tu Cam" on Douban suddenly updated the film information with the appearance of Vuong Hac Di and Vuong Chu Ran. Thus, it was not long before the people "collapsed" when they heard that Bach Loc would be replaced by Duong Duong's rumored lover for the female lead role.

Bach Loc decided to love Vuong Hac De to the end but was prevented by Duong Duongs rumored love - Photo 2

Right after that, a lot of conflicting opinions continuously broke out. One person said that Bach Loc is the most sought-after name today, there is no reason to be replaced by an emerging actor. Moreover, Vuong Chu Ran just admitted defeat in "Smoke and Fire of My Human World" with extremely bad performance.

They even believe that Duong Duong's rumored love is ready to spend m.oney to negotiate to buy this role from Bach Loc, and at the same time disparage the actress's acting after the "pathetic" ending. .

Bach Loc decided to love Vuong Hac De to the end but was prevented by Duong Duongs rumored love - Photo 3

Besides, there are also people who think that the two actors can reunite in a short time is unlikely. That's why the producer had to choose another female actress to replace Bach Loc's position. This is completely normal and completely understandable.

Moreover, Bach Loc currently has a lot of other projects of her own, according to Vu Chinh once said, she has more than 50 movie scripts waiting to accept. Therefore, the audience sympathized and expressed hope that Vuong Hac Di and Vuong Chu Nhien could form a new good couple for the Chinese small screen.

Bach Loc decided to love Vuong Hac De to the end but was prevented by Duong Duongs rumored love - Photo 4

At another development, the movie Ninh Anh Nhu Mong starring Bach Loc and Truong Lang Hac is highly anticipated by the audience. Because Ninh An Nhu Mong is considered a key project in 2023 of Bach Loc.

This project is expected to help her maintain her reputation after the success of the blockbuster "Truong Nguyet Tan Minh". However, the majority of the audience is extremely insecure and anxious because Ninh An Nhu Mong constantly postpones the show even though it has teased many popular scenes.

Bach Loc decided to love Vuong Hac De to the end but was prevented by Duong Duongs rumored love - Photo 5

Dreamlike Ninh An is adapted from the love novel Kun Ninh by author Thoi Kinh. The film revolves around the ups and downs of the life of Khuong Tuyet Ninh (Bach Loc) and the predestined relationships with 3 men with different identities and positions in the court.

Previously, the film was intended to air on the evening of May 19, but suddenly announced the postponement, about 2 hours before the broadcast time, making the audience extremely disappointed. The reason given by the crew was a technical problem. However, this reason is not really reasonable. Because before that, Chau Tuan Vy was caught in a speech scandal, so the audience thought that this was the main reason why the work was infected.

Bach Loc decided to love Vuong Hac De to the end but was prevented by Duong Duongs rumored love - Photo 6

Until now, the summer is coming to an end, Ninh An Nhu Mong has not shown any signs of being broadcast. Meanwhile, the number of pre-orders on the online broadcasting platform is about to hit the 6 million mark. This achievement shows that the audience is very excited about Bach Loc's work.

No matter how much they expect, many netizens also think that Ninh An Nhu Mong will not have the opportunity to air this summer. One of the reasons for the delay is because the film crew has no intention of directly confronting a series of key works of other platforms such as "An Lac Truyen" starring Dilraba Dilra or "Truong Tuong Tuong". Tu" is played by Duong Tu.

Bach Loc decided to love Vuong Hac De to the end but was prevented by Duong Duongs rumored love - Photo 7

In addition, there are also viewers who think that the real reason why Ninh An Nhu Mong has postponed is because it has not been censored by the Bureau, because the film censorship process in China has been quite strict in recent times. Not only required the crew to cut the number of episodes to not exceed 40, but also a lot of other regulations.

Bach Loc decided to love Vuong Hac De to the end but was prevented by Duong Duongs rumored love - Photo 8

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