David Beckham "beats" his eldest son Brooklyn, his b.ody "moderation" makes fans gush

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David Beckham's elegant appearance and healthy physique are always what people talk about about this famous male player. Recently, the image of him doing push-ups shirtless made everyone admire his cool appearance even though he is over 50 years old.

Even though he has entered the U50 threshold, David Beckham still possesses a stylish appearance and physique like a "male god". Notably, the father of four always stands out with his elegant appearance, solid physique hidden behind suits that fit every centimeter.

In some previous photos shared on social networks, the British player still has six-pack abs. He has a habit of jogging every day and often goes to the gym and cycles.

David Beckham beats his eldest son Brooklyn, his b.ody moderation makes fans gush - Photo 1

Recently, the 48-year-old former football player showed off his true form by showing off his muscular physique with tattoos all over his b.ody. He stripped shirtless, did push-ups, and sometimes even looked up and grinned at the camera, making people excited. Below the video, David captioned: "998, 999, 1000".

David Beckham beats his eldest son Brooklyn, his b.ody moderation makes fans gush - Photo 2

David Beckham beats his eldest son Brooklyn, his b.ody moderation makes fans gush - Photo 3

Immediately after the video was posted, many fans left comments admiring his attractive figure. Some people even joke that this b.ody can warm them on cold days.

The clip was uploaded after son Brooklyn, 24, shared about his routine at the gym doing a series of chest crunches with personal trainer Chase Weber. It seems like David doesn't give up on Brooklyn, whatever his older son does, he can do better.

David Beckham beats his eldest son Brooklyn, his b.ody moderation makes fans gush - Photo 4

David Beckham beats his eldest son Brooklyn, his b.ody moderation makes fans gush - Photo 5

It's been reported that Brooklyn is trying to launch his own "Brand Beckham" to escape the success of his famous parents. Previously, Brooklyn established a company in California called Peltz Beckham - taken from the last names of him and his wife Nicola Peltz.

Peltz Beckham LLC attorneys have filed a series of trademark applications for Cloud 23 at the U.S. Patent Office to cover everything from kitchen knives and cutlery to hats, T-shirts and sweatshirts, as well as sauces, alcohol (including spirits and beer)...

David Beckham beats his eldest son Brooklyn, his b.ody moderation makes fans gush - Photo 6

The Becks' oldest son, Brooklyn, is currently cooperating with a company to open a seasonal restaurant in London, selling during a fixed time frame on January 25 and January 26. According to British media, dishes cooked by Brooklyn can be purchased from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. The strictly limited menu includes five options, including "Peggy's English breakfast" and 12-hour slow-cooked Italian pasta, priced from £10. On his personal page, the Beckham family excitedly introduced the collaboration project with Uber Eats and showed off his cooking skills for two dishes.

David Beckham beats his eldest son Brooklyn, his b.ody moderation makes fans gush - Photo 7

The eldest son of the Becks family has been pursuing his passion for cooking for several years now, constantly posting videos showing off his skills in the kitchen. The b.oy born in 1999 is often criticized for bad cooking, undercooked food or incorrect recipes. Brooklyn ignored the criticism and continued on the path to becoming a professional chef. He is also a model and used to be a photographer but his career was not very prominent. After marrying his wife, the daughter of American billionaire Nelson Peltz, Brooklyn was even more criticized as "incompetent". But the Beckham family still makes m.oney as a prospective chef.

David Beckham beats his eldest son Brooklyn, his b.ody moderation makes fans gush - Photo 8

As the eldest son of former midfielder David Beckham and former pop singer Victoria Beckham, Brooklyn and his siblings receive attention and are under a lot of pressure because of their parents' great reputation. He and his two younger brothers were guided in the same path as their father, but only Romeo followed in his career as a football player. Brooklyn and his brother Cruz each go their own way. The Beckhams also respect their children's career choices.

David Beckham beats his eldest son Brooklyn, his b.ody moderation makes fans gush - Photo 9

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