David Beckham publicly announced his affair, wife Victoria cried in pain

Gia NhiMay 19, 2024 at 10:07

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Former football player David Beckham recently made a big splash when he revealed all the rumors of his affair and cheating on his wife Victoria to the public. He admitted his past mistakes and faced them frankly, making the audience both shocked and sympathetic.

On the Good Morning America program, David Beckham said the reason for making the documentary recording the entire process of him from a young man who loved playing football, then became a football superstar and the process of conquering Victoria. Among them, the episode where Beckham publicly announced his a.dultery attracted the most attention.

David Beckham publicly announced his affair, wife Victoria cried in pain - Photo 1

According to Beckham, making the series aims to combine all aspects of life and career to become a "love letter" to the family. "The only reason for me to make a documentary is my love for football, and more importantly, my family. They have supported me all my life. I put everything into the film and consider it a treasure." archive, a literal love letter," Beckham said.

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The former British player added that he was worried about making the documentary. The film clearly outlines Beckham's personality, love life, career, including his affair. "I will make it clear once so everyone can fully understand me," Beckham added.

Even though he was worried, Beckham was still determined to make the film so that the public could better understand his true self. The success of the film with millions of views on Netflix has proven the appeal of Beckham's life story, from the early days of his career until becoming the owner of a football club in the US.

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Previously, in a conversation on the SmartLess podcast, David Beckham shared his feelings after watching a documentary about his life. Together, he and Victoria looked back on a 27-year journey full of ups and downs, from the first days they met as young stars until they built a happy family and successful careers together.

Beckham admitted that their marriage wasn't always easy, but they always had each other in the difficult moments. He expressed his happiness when he met Victoria in his twenties, built a family together and had wonderful children.

David Beckham publicly announced his affair, wife Victoria cried in pain - Photo 4

For Beckham, having his children by his side and witnessing his playing career is extremely meaningful. He feels lucky that his three grown children have accompanied him throughout his career journey.

Victoria spoke out for the first time about the pain of her husband's affair with Rebecca Loos. During the episode, the designer cried and said it was his most difficult time. For many years she faced and had difficulty feeling complete with her husband.

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"We felt like we were no longer together. When I followed my husband to Spain, I no longer felt connected to him. I couldn't even speak, how difficult it was. I just felt it all. The world is against me," Victoria said.

As for Beckham, he confided: "Honestly, I don't know how we got through it. Victoria is everything to me, and seeing her hurt was really difficult. But We fought for each other, fought for our families."

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Even though they went through many marital turbulences, the couple still stood by each other and gave each other sweet words of love. Recently, Victoria sent emotional birthday wishes to her husband, affirming her love and respect for him.

Over the past 20 years, David and his wife avoided mentioning the old scandal. Therefore, when the two mentioned the shocking scandal in the documentary "Beckham", the audience paid more attention to this secret story than to the former player's glorious career.

David Beckham publicly announced his affair, wife Victoria cried in pain - Photo 7

There is an opinion that David Beckham and his wife intentionally repeat noisy private lives to attract views and create discussions on social networks. They only talked about how they overcame the incident but did not mention the g.irl who accused David Beckham of having an affair in the past.

David Beckham publicly announced his affair, wife Victoria cried in pain - Photo 8

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