David Beckham: Lived together for 24 years but never seen this from his wife!

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Victoria and David Beckham have been married for 24 years; Their long marriage made many people admire. The couple's private life also has many interesting things.

Recently, Victoria also revealed to fans that she never lets her husband see her without doing this. Accordingly, despite having a happy marriage for more than 2 decades, Victoria still avoids showing her husband her real eyebrows.

After years of over-plucking, Victoria's eyebrows now have only a few sparse strands left, so she feels extremely self-conscious.

David Beckham: Lived together for 24 years but never seen this from his wife! - Photo 1

In a rare video on Instagram, Victoria Beckham revealed: "This is the first time I let others see my natural eyebrows. Even my husband has never seen me without eyebrows."

Remembering the beautiful 90s, thin eyebrows were a big trend, it's no surprise that superstar Posh Spice also quickly joined the trend. And to achieve the desired look, Victoria was forced to pluck her eyebrows regularly.

David Beckham: Lived together for 24 years but never seen this from his wife! - Photo 2

"Over the years, my eyebrow has been plucked so much that if you saw it in its natural state, you would freak out," she says.

While applying makeup, Victoria confided: "I want to show you how thin my eyebrows are, there are a lot of hairs missing. Right now my eyebrows have nothing so I have to add more carefully. kidney".

David Beckham: Lived together for 24 years but never seen this from his wife! - Photo 3

Although very self-conscious about her eyebrows, Victoria is still satisfied with her current appearance. She learns how to apply makeup to suit the age of 49. She likes the current mature look and feels that both her personal and professional life are very fulfilling. Victoria loves the aging process and doesn't want to go back in time to 25.

David Beckham: Lived together for 24 years but never seen this from his wife! - Photo 4

It can be said that the strong marriage for nearly 2 decades of the famous couple David and Victoria Beckham is a symbol of happiness and fullness that many people admire.

However, throughout the years, the Beckhams have often faced rumors of confusion, even to the point of divorce. Many newspapers sometimes publish information about the couple's separation, however, then David Beckham shared family photos together to confirm that the information is not true.

Before that, Beckham once shared: "Marriage is not easy. To be together, it is completely difficult."

"It's a little complicated. Sometimes it's the little things that make a big difference. I'm always aware of that when I'm with my kids," Beckham added.

David Beckham: Lived together for 24 years but never seen this from his wife! - Photo 5

Victoria Beckham once shared that she and her husband have learned to ignore the nonsense in the face of "false" information about their married life.

Victoria got married to David Beckham in 1999. Along with a marriage that lasted for nearly 25 years, many people still question whether their relationship is right or wrong.

David Beckham: Lived together for 24 years but never seen this from his wife! - Photo 6

Victoria once gave winging words to David Beckham, praising him for being the ideal husband: "When I get home, I try to put down my phone to spend time with the kids, for David. I am supported by a wonderful husband. absolutely. We always split the roles equally. When I went to work he was the one who took the kids to school and took care of the cooking," Victoria shared.

"People are often curious about our relationship over the past 20 years. David and I always ignore the nonsense and return to normal life. However, there are many things that have a big influence. to the people around us and that's really unfair," Victoria said.

David Beckham: Lived together for 24 years but never seen this from his wife! - Photo 7

"We both realized that the combination of two people is stronger than an individual. That is the strength of a family. With all 6 members of the family, I think that's it. will be stronger than ever. We always value family and that's key," added Victoria.

David Beckham: Lived together for 24 years but never seen this from his wife! - Photo 8

It can be said that Victoria is the woman behind the success of David Beckham. Her appearance was a turning point in his life, putting David on the right track and becoming one of the most prestigious names in world football.

David Beckham: Lived together for 24 years but never seen this from his wife! - Photo 9

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