Lisa (BLACKPINK) achieved a "huge" achievement: trillion income - surpassing Kylian Mbappé, David Beckham

Hàn DiAug 25, 2023 at 07:34

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Recently, the popular Korean group - Blackpink has always received great attention from audiences around the world. Recently, the youngest brother of the group - Lisa has "stunned" as the only K-pop idol - appeared in the list of top 100 global celebrities.

Specifically, on August 22, according to Allkpop report, the media platform Hopper HQ has officially announced the list: Top 100 most popular characters globally. In it, Lisa made a big surprise by surpassing many cult names to rank at 26th place. More specifically, the youngest BLACKPINK brother is also the only Kpop idol on this list. The above information made Korean fans excited, mixed with pride.

Lisa (BLACKPINK) achieved a huge achievement: trillion income - surpassing Kylian Mbappé, David Beckham - Photo 1

According to Allkpop, the ranking on the list above is evaluated based on many factors, including the popularity of that star, field of activity, number of followers, and the value of each post on social media platforms. Therefore, even the fact that stars own a high number of followers, it is not an advantage that can help them set foot in this ranking.

Lisa excelled at number 26 on the list of the 100 most popular personalities globally. She stands above Dua Lipa, football superstar Kylian Mbappé, David Beckham, famous actress Emma Watson or "spiderman" Tom Holland ...

Lisa (BLACKPINK) achieved a huge achievement: trillion income - surpassing Kylian Mbappé, David Beckham - Photo 2

Based on Hopper HQ's assessment, with over 95.8 million followers on social media – at the time of announcing the list, Lisa was earning around $575,000 per post. In particular, the extremely high interaction rate on each post of the Thai-born singer also fully corresponds to the wide number of followers and continuously increasing.

Lisa is not only adored by fans for her impressive visuals and outstanding talent; The youngest BLACKPINK brother is also one of the top fashion icons and an inspiration for young people.

It can be seen that Lisa's influence is not only limited to the entertainment industry but also spreads to popular social networking platforms around the world. This may explain why Lisa is the only K-pop artist to appear on Hopper HQ's compilation list.

Lisa (BLACKPINK) achieved a huge achievement: trillion income - surpassing Kylian Mbappé, David Beckham - Photo 3

So far, the number of followers on Lisa's profile has reached 97 million. In addition, in February this year, despite having less than 90 million followers, the heat in many fields brought her into the Top 3 most influential female stars on Instagram. Accordingly, Lisa is officially ranked "in the same tray" with 3 other powerful names: Selena Gomez, Beyoncé and Rihanna.

In addition to her famous career, in recent days, the public has been constantly abuzz with the dating evidence of the singer - Lisa and businessman Frédéric Arnault - the son of the second richest billionaire in the world - Bernard Arnault.

Lisa (BLACKPINK) achieved a huge achievement: trillion income - surpassing Kylian Mbappé, David Beckham - Photo 4

In the latest development, on the morning of August 14, the online community continued to be abuzz with 1 suspicious detail from the rumored couple Lisa - Frédéric Arnault. Specifically, the youngest Blackpink brother posted a photo enjoying her trip, everything was very normal until she suddenly deleted this photo after just a few hours of posting.

Not long after, the "saint" enlarged the photo and discovered that the yacht appearing in the photo posted by the Blackpink beauty is the yacht of the Frédéric Arnault family. From here, the suspicion that the youngest brother Hei Huong has just enjoyed a rumored boyfriend's family to enjoy a luxurious and luxurious trip is increasingly strengthened.

Lisa (BLACKPINK) achieved a huge achievement: trillion income - surpassing Kylian Mbappé, David Beckham - Photo 5

Many netizens thought that she did not want to go public with dating, so she quickly deleted the photo - perhaps at first, Lisa did not notice the unusual highlight of the photo.

This isn't the first time Lisa has been questioned about dating Frédéric Arnault. Earlier, a netizen accidentally captured the moment Lisa allegedly rested her head on Frédéric Arnault's shoulder while the two went out for coffee in Paris, France.

It is known that Frédéric Arnault was born in 1995, 2 years older than Lisa. He is the son of French luxury group LVMH boss Bernard Arnault by his second wife, pianist Hélène Mercier (married in 1991).

Lisa (BLACKPINK) achieved a huge achievement: trillion income - surpassing Kylian Mbappé, David Beckham - Photo 6

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