David Beckham has a strange marriage, living together for 25 years and somehow it lasts

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David Beckham and Victoria are a couple who are very famous to audiences around the world. They are about to celebrate their 25th year of living together, but until now, the two still do not understand why they have been able to stay strong until now.

In a recent interview, David Beckham (49 years old) admitted that he and his wife sometimes look back on their marriage and feel surprised. After all the ups and downs that have gone through, David feels grateful that the two still live happily together and are about to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary.

David Beckham has a strange marriage, living together for 25 years and somehow it lasts - Photo 1

David confided: "We have a wonderful family, impressive business activities, a happy, joyful life. We have been together for many years and of course there are ups and downs, everyone is like this. So, in the end, we're so lucky to still have each other after all we've been through."

David and his wife - fashion designer Victoria Beckham (50 years old) - met each other and started dating when they were 21-22 years old. They got married when they were 23-24 years old, after welcoming their first son.

David Beckham has a strange marriage, living together for 25 years and somehow it lasts - Photo 2

Looking back on the journey he has gone through, David affirms that he is very happy and satisfied in life. David considers himself lucky to have had a successful playing career, married Victoria and they had children at a young age.

"I always want to have a wife and children to accompany me in my career. Luckily, I have 3 sons who have always been by my side to witness important moments in my playing career. For me, that is very important. important," David said.

The former player also mentioned the documentary Beckham (2023). The film depicts in detail David's football career and marriage to Victoria. David's suspicion of a.dultery is also mentioned in the film. David said he wanted to make a documentary looking back at his entire life and career, so that his children and grandchildren could watch it again.

David Beckham has a strange marriage, living together for 25 years and somehow it lasts - Photo 3

"The film is like a review of my playing career, more than that, it is a letter that I want to send to my family. My family has always been a great support for me throughout my journey. career, as well as in all good and difficult times in life.

I will only make a documentary about myself, so the film will cover all aspects," David shared.

Victoria also admitted in a recent interview that she used to smile very little. The media and the public even assume that she is a cold and arrogant person. However, when she turned 50 in April, Victoria realized that she had changed in a positive direction. She is more stable, balanced, and comfortable in life.

David Beckham has a strange marriage, living together for 25 years and somehow it lasts - Photo 4

Previously, Victoria was pressured by her husband's great reputation, as well as the frequent attention that the media and the public paid to her family. "I looked back at photos of myself and noticed that as time went on, I looked happier and more natural. Before, I often kept a cold face, just because I often felt worried and insecure. People commented that I looked gloomy and cold, but in reality I was very miserable inside," Victoria confided.

David Beckham has a strange marriage, living together for 25 years and somehow it lasts - Photo 5

Beckham admitted that their marriage was not always easy, but they always had each other in the difficult moments. He expressed his happiness when he met Victoria in his twenties, built a family together and had wonderful children.

For Beckham, having his children by his side and witnessing his playing career is extremely meaningful. He feels lucky that his three grown children have accompanied him throughout his career journey.

David Beckham has a strange marriage, living together for 25 years and somehow it lasts - Photo 6

Even though they went through many marital turbulences, the couple still stood by each other and gave each other sweet words of love. Recently, Victoria sent emotional birthday wishes to her husband, affirming her love and respect for him.

David Beckham has a strange marriage, living together for 25 years and somehow it lasts - Photo 7

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