A rare "triangle" love story: Two siblings marry the same wife and have never been jealous

Thiên DiMay 30, 2024 at 16:23

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Visit Hong Kim commune (A Luoi, Thua Thien - Hue) and ask about Mr. Ho Van Tuol (born 1943), who everyone knows. From the elderly to children, everyone can tell about his family's situation because it is very rare and special.

Mr. Tuol and Mr. Tua (born 1947), his younger brother, married the same wife but lived extremely happily and harmoniously. Currently, Mr. Tuol's family lives in the forest, raising cows and chickens. A daughter-in-law of Mr. Tuol said that her husband's parents gave birth to 10 children: 5 boys - 5 girls, and more than 2 dozen grandchildren.

"I've been a daughter-in-law for many years, but I've never seen my parents raise their voices or argue. They live happily, always telling us to set an example for our children and grandchildren to follow. We call Tuol's father big dad and Tua's dad Dad is small because they are all b.lood and flesh of the two dads," said the daughter-in-law.

A rare triangle love story: Two siblings marry the same wife and have never been jealous - Photo 1

When she was a g.irl, Mrs. Can Y was the most beautiful in the area, secretly loved by boys in neighboring villages but never loved anyone. When the war against America was at its peak, she joined the local guerrilla force, transporting food supplies to the soldiers.

Days and months of going through the forest and streams on duty, Ms. Can Y met, fell in love and became acquainted with a soldier named Tuol. But before the two could fully feel the happiness of husband and wife, he had to go to the battlefield. She stayed at home and waited patiently for her husband to return.

A rare triangle love story: Two siblings marry the same wife and have never been jealous - Photo 2

At that time, Mr. Tua was a teacher working in the locality, living in the same house as his sister-in-law Can Y. He had always admired his sister-in-law's beauty and gentle personality. Therefore, although he was handsome and talented, he was noticed by many Pa Co girls but decided to ignore him.

"I heard my parents say that at that time, my dad was in the army for a few years without a word, no news at all. Mom sent a letter but got no response. So everyone in the family thought my dad was dead. died on the battlefield," Mr. Tuol's daughter-in-law said.

Mr. Tua said that after thinking his brother had passed away, he and his sister-in-law developed a relationship. A few years later, Mr. Tuol returned from the battlefield and found out that he was not angry or jealous. On the contrary, he nurtured his younger brother's love

"He took me to his wife's house to ask her family to let me eat some sticky rice to officially become Can Y's wife. Unexpectedly, my wife's parents agreed to let me eat some sticky rice, recognizing me as their second son-in-law." , Mr. Tua recalled.

A rare triangle love story: Two siblings marry the same wife and have never been jealous - Photo 3

According to Mr. Tuol, this "love triangle" story is actually not as simple as it is now told. Because their story caused a stir in the whole region, no one agreed because this was a violation of morality and ethics.

"When Can Y gave birth to her first c.hild, the village elders had a meeting to discuss our matter. Many people believe that for a long time the Pa Co people still accept a man marrying two wives or a woman marrying two husbands, but There is no such thing as marrying two siblings while both are still alive.

Some people spoke up to defend us. They said that my younger brother was in love with my wife and could not be separated, but had to be punished accordingly. And the punishment was that my brother surrendered a pig and a goat to worship Giang and the gods so that the gods would not find him guilty, so that the villagers could eat those animals," the 80-year-old man confided.

So the three people started a unique married life. Not long after the country was unified, Mr. Tuol returned to his hometown to make a living on the fields, while Mr. Tua continued his career as a teacher.

Ms. Can Y continued to give birth to 9 children, who grew up normally and healthy. But she herself could not know which of the 10 children she gave birth to was Mr. Tuol's and who was Mr. Tua's. "Being the common wife of these two men, I have never seen any conflict or argument between the two of them. They always behave properly, you listen to me, I love you," Ms. Can Y shared. shall.

A rare triangle love story: Two siblings marry the same wife and have never been jealous - Photo 4

That made the people in the village feel surprised. They couldn't believe that two men sharing the same wife could "guarantee" each other such harmony.

"Now at an age that is close to the end of the world, I know that without the love and support of brothers and sisters, this big family would have been broken a long time ago. Moreover, my wife is also delicate and always loves us. I am fair, not biased towards anyone. That's why we have lived happily until now," Mr. Tuol said.

When it comes to whether they regret "sharing a wife" or not, Mr. Tuol and Mr. Tua both feel that if they could turn back time, they would not do so. "It was a mistake, but it happened anyway, it can't be fixed. That's why I always teach my children absolutely not to repeat their parents' past," Mr. Tua said honestly.

A rare triangle love story: Two siblings marry the same wife and have never been jealous - Photo 5

Hong Kim commune leader said in Lao Dong that everyone in the locality knows that Mr. Tuol and his brothers married the same wife, this is the first and only case in A Luoi district. Above all, this is a historical story, everyone should tell it to know and learn lessons, not judge right or wrong.

A rare triangle love story: Two siblings marry the same wife and have never been jealous - Photo 6

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