'Queen of Thi Phi' Diep Tuyen appeared with a deformed face, suspicious of 'damning and rebuilding'

Yang MiJun 17, 2022 at 08:57

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Once possessing the "unique" beauty of the Hong Kong entertainment industry as well as intelligence and high education, now the pure beauty of the g.irl "Dang Le Quan" Diep Tuyen is gone.

When it comes to Diep Tuyen, everyone's mind will be for this former TVB flower with winged words like "beautiful, smart and capable". After all, the look of a strong woman is unique in the entertainment industry, Diep Tuyen's appearance is very suitable for modern aesthetics.

At the age of 18, with the support of her stepmother, Diep Tuyen participated in the Miss Overseas Chinese contest in New York - the largest Chinese beauty contest in the US and won the second runner-up prize. In 1999, she represented New York State participated in Miss Overseas Chinese International, her beauty was not outstanding, but her intelligence and confidence helped Diep Tuyen become Miss, and won the "classical beauty contestant".

'Queen of Thi Phi' Diep Tuyen appeared with a deformed face, suspicious of 'damning and rebuilding' - Photo 1

After that, Diep Tuyen was signed by TVB and starred in many classic, popular and popular movies and TV shows. Her first role must be the role of Ha Hy in "Street Stories".

During those years, every role of Diep Tuyen went deep into people's hearts. Lien Hoa in "Dat Ky Tru Vuong", Manh Le Quan in "Reincarnation", Le Thang Nam in "Van Hai jade palace"... all won the hearts of the audience. As a result, popularity also increased.

At that time, the actress was one of the flowers chosen by TVB to focus on promoting. Capturing Diep Tuyen's own personality, TVB assigned her to take on personality roles. Diep Tuyen is considered a young face that TVB hopes to inherit the seniors.

'Queen of Thi Phi' Diep Tuyen appeared with a deformed face, suspicious of 'damning and rebuilding' - Photo 2

Although she is not the beautiful "First Beauty" that touches people's hearts, it is true that she exudes a classic beauty in ancient costumes. Feeling very light and comfortable. Diep Tuyen's beauty and wisdom are generally envious.

Talented enough to meet, but all these years of activity in the entertainment industry, Diep Tuyen many times caused public controversy because of inappropriate words and deeds, and was called a "straight" beauty by everyone. , poor EQ". But this may be related to her childhood experience.

'Queen of Thi Phi' Diep Tuyen appeared with a deformed face, suspicious of 'damning and rebuilding' - Photo 3

When searching for Diep Tuyen's name, there will be a series of articles accusing her of: "Letting a dog bite a colleague. Needs more than 20 stitches"; "Maid asking for salary", "Forbidden to leave the country because of insulting the enemy"... However, Diep Tuyen did not pay much attention and continued to live happily and normally.

Not stopping there, Diep Tuyen also repeatedly mocked Zhang Ziyi when she "saw the horns" in the movie Thuong Duong Phu "insulting the viewer". Or, when Ngo Dich Pham was arrested, Diep Tuyen used his Weibo account to publicly comment below the post about Ngo Diep's scandal, saying: "In the future, let's see who dares to apply the implicit rule."

'Queen of Thi Phi' Diep Tuyen appeared with a deformed face, suspicious of 'damning and rebuilding' - Photo 4

Recently, 42-year-old actress Diep Tuyen once again caught everyone's attention and talked about not knowing what was going on because of a vlog.

In the video, Diep Tuyen wears a vibrant orange t-shirt, with thick black hair naturally flowing freely, combined with short earrings, adding to the intelligence of Dang Le Quan.

'Queen of Thi Phi' Diep Tuyen appeared with a deformed face, suspicious of 'damning and rebuilding' - Photo 5

Although Diep Tuyen's appearance after passing middle age is very beautiful, many people pointed out that: Diep Tuyen's entire face now looks a lot different from when he first debuted. like she had undergone too much plastic surgery.

'Queen of Thi Phi' Diep Tuyen appeared with a deformed face, suspicious of 'damning and rebuilding' - Photo 6

First of all, when she was young, her facial features were very soft, her eyes were not big but very flexible, at that time her monolids were also very natural. looks like a classic beauty, very suitable for acting in historical movies.

Currently, Diep Tuyen's monolid eyes have become significantly wider, and her face has also become much sharper than before. The most important thing is that when Diep Tuyen talks, her lips are disproportionate, the whole face is very stiff, so it is possible that she has had a lot of plastic surgery.

'Queen of Thi Phi' Diep Tuyen appeared with a deformed face, suspicious of 'damning and rebuilding' - Photo 7

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