Duong Mich was "embarrassed" when attending Cannes, netizens "turned around" to flatter Trieu Le Dinh

Quỳnh QuỳnhMay 29, 2024 at 16:26

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Trieu Le Dinh once suffered many detractors when she refused the opportunity to appear at Cannes with the stars of the movie Tuong Vien Long. However, after Duong Mich caused a lot of controversy, people "turned around" to praise Trieu Le Dinh for this wisdom.

On May 25 (Vietnam time), the film crew Tuong Vien Long was present at the red carpet of the 2024 Cannes Film Festival to promote the upcoming film. Appearing at this international event, in addition to director Tran Kha Tan and female lead Zhang Ziyi, the remaining cast also participated such as Duong Mich, Ly Hien, Loi Giai Am, Thu Sa, Vuong Truyen Quan, Dai Bang . Previously, Trieu Le Dinh announced her absence due to her busy filming schedule in Nhan Gian.

Duong Mich was embarrassed when attending Cannes, netizens turned around to flatter Trieu Le Dinh - Photo 1

However, after the trip, Duong Mich received many criticisms and was not effective. According to QQ, Duong Mich's condition in Cannes is not good. She appeared unnatural, lost, and exhausted even when walking on the red carpet. Besides, Duong Mich is an unknown star to the organizers of the Cannes Film Festival, while Zhang Ziyi was warmly welcomed. The organizers even cleared the red carpet so Zhang Ziyi could pose alone for 3 minutes.

Duong Mich was embarrassed when attending Cannes, netizens turned around to flatter Trieu Le Dinh - Photo 2

According to QQ, Duong Mich's decision to go to Cannes was a mistake. The actress has no international influence so she can only rely on the reputation of her seniors. Meanwhile, the actress had to put aside the unfinished filming of the Ten Thousand Life project just to go to France to be the background for Zhang Ziyi to shine.

In addition, Duong Mich was also criticized for choosing a different outfit compared to the rest of the film crew. Duong Mich wore a silver Loewe dress, while the others wore dark tones. This made Duong Mich suddenly stand out when the film crew took photos together. Duong Mich's actions were considered lacking in sophistication, attracting attention to get more attention for himself.

Duong Mich was embarrassed when attending Cannes, netizens turned around to flatter Trieu Le Dinh - Photo 3

In some moments, Duong Mich also revealed indiscreet scenes in front of the media. Specifically, because her bust was "oversized", when Duong Mich wasn't paying attention, the collar was pulled down, r.evealing a part of her breasts. This moment caused Duong Mich to lose points in the eyes of the public. The reason is that the dress betrays its owner when the b.ody does not hug the b.ody tightly.

Duong Mich was embarrassed when attending Cannes, netizens turned around to flatter Trieu Le Dinh - Photo 4

On May 27, there continued to be a h.ot keyword "Duong Mich proactively yielded to Zhang Ziyi" which also ranked top 1 in the discussion topic rankings. The audience believes that Truong Tu Di is an internationally influential star, favored by the Cannes organizers, so there is no need for Duong Mich to let her shine.

From here, people began to "call" Trieu Le Dinh and there was a comparison between the two beauties. Remember when Trieu Le Dinh refused the opportunity to walk on the red carpet of the international film festival for the first time, many people laughed at the star Du Phuong Hanh. Some media sites believe that Trieu Le Dinh is poor at English, has a poor temperament, lacks confidence and is not strong enough to enter the international market. But in the end, this was her wise choice.

Duong Mich was embarrassed when attending Cannes, netizens turned around to flatter Trieu Le Dinh - Photo 5

Because she did not go to Cannes, Trieu Le Dinh did not have to suffer the embarrassment of being in the background like Duong Mich. She also avoided the situation of being compared to her rival. "With her acting and career development trends, Trieu Le Dinh has the opportunity to go to the Cannes red carpet with the work she stars in without having to beat others. This is Tieu Trieu's self-respect." , QQ wrote.

Duong Mich was embarrassed when attending Cannes, netizens turned around to flatter Trieu Le Dinh - Photo 6

Besides, the source also praised Trieu Le Dinh as a star who r.emains calm in the face of frivolous temptations and always focuses on acting. Meanwhile, Duong Mich was criticized for being passionate about the red carpet, liking to s.how o.ff her beauty but not paying attention to improving her acting, causing 3 consecutive failed works.

Duong Mich was embarrassed when attending Cannes, netizens turned around to flatter Trieu Le Dinh - Photo 7

According to QQ, it can be seen that Duong Mich wants to aim for the image of a multi-talented entertainer, but has ruined her acting. And Trieu Le Dinh proves herself through excellent roles, thanks to which she is developing better than her opponents.

Duong Mich was embarrassed when attending Cannes, netizens turned around to flatter Trieu Le Dinh - Photo 8

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